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INDEXFX. The Matte painting and VFX Encyclopaedia

 I also have a Blog dedicated mostly to show traditional matte  paintings and other Special Effects from the pre digital era.


Mi name is   Domingo Lizcano . I'm a FX artist working in Madrid and an enthusiastic  fan of those old time tricks.
At this CGI era, I think we shouldn't forget all the great artist which throughout the years,  they have created worlds of fantasy and reality with brushes and paint, wood and plaster and tons on skillful artistry. This web site is focused on matte painting but dedicated to all the artist, artisans and technicians working on the entertainment industry.This page has not profitable intention, but to share information and to pay tribute to all the mentioned
artists.The rights of the photos belong to their legally owners.

I truly believe that sharing information and knowledge  is the basis of human culture so, if you have any comment I will like to hear from you.


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 Contact me at: artinmovies@yahoo.es