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Those are pictures that I've got from books, magazines and web sites. Some of them  they have been sent to me  from people like James Aupperle, David Mattingly,  David Stipes, or Rocco Gioffre, to whom  I'm deeply thankful.

 I have included some  artists whom started their careers painting with brushes, and actually are painting digitally. Since the appearance of digital FX, the number of digital matte painters is growing in great number.

This is a list of artists, not only matte painters, also scenic artist, model makers, storyboard artist, art directors or stopmotion animators. Some of them with full dedication to the art of matte paintings during  his careers, like Peter Ellenshaw, some others only painted mattes at some moment oh his career, like animator Willis Obrien, or art director and sketch artist Ivor Beddoes.

If you have pictures of matte artists and you want to share it, please send it to me. I will be happy to place it here.

That´s a link to the new and more complete list of traditional matte painters



Matte painting Teams:

 According  to Frank Van der Veer, ASC article, written  at "The ASC Treasury of Visual Effects",  during the golden age of Hollywood there were matte artists in every studio."
Fox , with Fred Sersen at head, led the field in hiring up to a dozen artists at once, including, Emile Kosa Jr., Cliff Silsby, Max DeVegas, Ralph Hammeras, Scotty Welborne, Fitch Fulton, Russ Lawson,
Lee Leblanc, and Von Muldorfer.
At MGM were Warren Newcombe, Henri Hillinck, Howard Fisher and Otto Keichle.
Paramount employed Jan Domela.
At Warner Bross were Chesley Bonestell, Paul Detlefsen, Mario Larrinaga, Jack Shaw, Clyde Hill, and Lou Lichtenfield.
Columbia had Hans Barthalowski, and Jack Larrinaga."

                                   David O´Selznick Matte Department in 1947.
Left to right (front row) machinist Oscar Jarosch, visual effects cameraman Clarence Slifer
his assistant Harold Griggs, matte artist Hans Ledeboer; (back row) matte artist Jack Shaw and 
Spencer Bagdatopoulus, and camera assistant Owen Marsh.

                     Disney  Matte Department during "The Black Hole" 1979
From left to right: David Mattingly, Harrison Ellenshaw, Don Henry (projectionist), 
Deno Ganakas and Ed Sekac (cameraman)


                           I.L.M. Matte Department during "The Empire Strikes Back" 1980.

From left to right: Mike Pangrazio, Craig Barron (cameraman) , Ralph McQuarrie
Harrison Ellenshaw (seated at front) and Neil Krelepa (cameraman)



Some books where you can find matte painting information and pictures, or related to matte artists.

THE INVISIBLE ART. The legends of Movie Matte  Paintings. By Craig Barron and Mark Cotta Vaz.
So far the most complete book about matte paintings.

ELLENSHAW UNDER GLASS. Going For the matte for Disney. By Peter Ellenshaw

THE ART OF CHESLEY BONESTELL.  By Ron Miller and Frederick C. Durant III

THE GARDEN  WITHIN.The art of Peter Ellenshaw.





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