Mexico's Postage Stamps
2nd. half of
December, 2004
Timbres de Correo de México - Conoce la Filatelia

Mexico's Postage Stamps

Issue of 2004:

Christmas Motives
Christmas Motives
Four new issues of 2004:
*Channel Eleven (45 Years)
*400th Anniversary of the Municipality of General Escobedo, N.L.
*45th Anniversary of the National Commission of Free Textbooks
*Christmas Motives
Changes to the program of issues for 2004. (August 17)
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What happened in the second half of December?
Survey of the year 2002:
50th Anniversary of Mexico City's International Airport
World Cup of Soccer Korea-Japan 2002
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This site is mainly in Spanish for three reasons:

  • The site is originated in Mexico
  • It's about mexican stamps
  • There's little information about stamp collecting (Philately) in this language

I'm not a stamp dealer, this is an informative site, not for profit.

There's the possibility of an english version if enough people ask for it. Meanwhile, I hope that you don't have troubles reaching the information.

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December 19, 2004 
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