What the 2024 French Open Will Look Like for Tennis Fans Worldwide

Slowly but surely the winter is gone and the spring has arrived. With the arrival of spring, the freedom of the people was felt, which appeared with the first spring sun. Spring is a time when we all slowly leave our homes and join the beautiful weather outside. Also, spring is the time of year that slowly brings back the activities and events that are organized outdoors. Slowly under new rules, in new conditions, and with a request for distance, outdoor events such as music concerts, performances, events, but also sports competitions return. Sports competitions are especially long-awaited by all people.

Sport is the thing that was most missed at the beginning of the pandemic as they were canceled for two months but then slowly began to return. Sport today is the most sought-after thing that people need, which shows the joy of the newly announced events that will be organized in the coming months. One of them is the Roland Garros tennis tournament in Paris known as the French Open. It is one of the many tennis tournaments that is held every year as the temperatures rise. It has existed for 130 years, and it did not last only during the First and Second World Wars. It is held in several open tennis arenas in Paris on two types of courts – sandy court and clay court.

This big competition was postponed for the first time last year, ie moved from the spring period in May to the autumn term which was scheduled for the end of September and the beginning of October when it was held under new rules. This year, this prestigious tennis tournament returns to its standard date, which is reserved for late spring, ie the middle of May, when the world’s most famous tennis stars will parade on the courts in Paris, who will have to fight to win the title of This year’s Roland Garros – French Open 2024. But what will it look like this year for tennis fans around the world? How will this competition be organized? Will it look different from the tournaments held in previous years? We bring you the answers to these and many other questions in this article. We have come up with answers that we are sure will keep your attention, and to get to them you only need to sit comfortably in your home and not read to the end of the article to get to what we have prepared for you.

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Second French Open pandemic tournament

Source: wbal.com

Оperating in a pandemic is not easy at all, and we have seen that in the past year. In the past 365 days, we have seen how difficult it is to live in conditions different from those that were normal until the beginning of 2024. From the second quarter of 2024 onwards, the planet lives under new rules, and those rules have been transferred to every sphere of life, even in sports and in the organization of sports competitions around the world. According to the situation with the new unknown virus, the organization of big tennis tournaments around the world has started, including the tournament in Paris. Its 2024 edition was originally scheduled for May, but due to the situation, it was initially canceled and then rescheduled for the second part of the year, ie for the last week of September and the first week of October. The tournament was held under special protocols that propose quarantine for players, reduced contacts by 90%, constant wearing of masks that is mandatory for all who are part of the team organizing the tournament and many other measures without which the tournament would not have been possible. . Since the French organizers realized that this concept could be successful, they decided to leave this year’s edition in their standard term in May and organize the championship again this year in the same way as last year, and even better than last year. What is the improvement? The improvement is in the mandatory quarantine for all players upon entering the country and mandatory tests, which we will talk about below.

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Mandatory quarantine and testing for tennis players

Source: tennisconnected.com

What we all want is to see this year’s edition of Roland Garros in about the same edition as the one we saw two years ago when everything was fine. When we say in approximately the same edition we mean that all matches are played according to the prescribed rules according to the situation so that we can get the winner of this year’s edition. Competitions are what we all look forward to and look forward to. Tennis fans have high expectations for the best tennis players to play at this year’s edition according to newbettingsites.uk, who are already slowly preparing for the match that will take place in May. But the most important thing in the whole situation is for the tennis players to be good, and for everything to be fine with them, it is necessary to implement concrete measures. The measures that the organizer is tightening this year are mandatory quarantine, maximum protection in the movements of the players, and frequent occasional tests to monitor the condition of the players. With these measures, the organizers hope to keep the situation under control to keep the tournament smooth and to have the winners of the men’s and women’s finals who will lift the trophies at the final ceremony.

The presence of the audience is at stake

Source: eurosport.co.uk

Driven by experiences with other events that have been organized around the world or in France, the organizers of the competition are ready to organize with two scenarios. For a start, the presence of the audience is possible only if there is currently a large number of people vaccinated in France, only if the situation with the virus is under control and if those who attend (if they are from other countries) are vaccinated, but this is still just a plan. The second scenario is to hold the match with empty stands for the greatest possible safety of the competitors and the organizing team. Good thing there are websites like IPTLWorld that provide updated news to tennis fans worldwide.

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All we have to do is wait for May to come and wait for the match to start, and until then what remains is to believe that the situation will improve, the match will start and end in the best order without anyone being infected. or without any cancellations in order to enjoy a well-prepared match with a great game.