5 Best Snowmobile Ice Scratchers 2024: Tried & Tested

Have you ever smelled the smell of burnt
plastic when descending slope
with less snow?

Well, it’s your slides that are giving up! To protect them from wear and tear and to help them live a better life, your snowmobile needs icebreakers.

What are ice scrapers for snowmobiles, why do you need them and what are the best ice scrapers for your snowmobile?

In this article you will learn all about it.

My personal recommendation

Personally, I recommend the Dura-Flex ice scraper kit from BTL Designs. That’s my first recommendation.

This ice scraper kit works with all snowmobiles equipped with reverse and turning equipment.

It is virtually indestructible and offers unparalleled performance you won’t find in any other ice scraper.

This ice scraper kit has been tested by hundreds of snowmobiles and they are all very satisfied with the performance.

However, this is not the only ice scraper available on the market. But there’s a reason why this product gets so much feedback, and every week more and more snowmobiles put their trust in this kit.

It doesn’t matter if you drive an idiot, a polar cat or a Yamaha, just buy this set of ice scrapers and you’ll never regret your decision.

If you’re still not sure about the quality of this ice scraper kit, take a look at the details and reviews of Btl Designs Ice Scracher and I’m sure you’ll buy it right away.

Comparison of ice scrapers for snowmobiles

  Btl develops the Dura Flexice scraper Wipers for snowmobiles Wipers for Polarissnowmobiles Straight ice scraper Set of flexible ice scrapers
Length 12 Ice cream 17 inches 19 inches 16 inches 16 inches
Tips for ice cream A word of advice Two tips Two tips Two tips Two tips
Weight GBP 1,1 GBP 5,6 GBP 1,4 GBP 2,2 2.3 pounds
Hardware Stainless steel Aluminium Aluminium Fully stainless steel cables and sleeves for lifetime use Galvanized metal cable
Design Pre-assembled for single bolt mounting Replaceable end caps Light Replaceable and affordable carbide scraper pen Improved shrinkage for better retention capacity
Our result 95/100 94/100 92/100 91/100 87/100
Prices See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price.

What are snowplough blades?

Simply put, a scratch on a snowmobile speaks for itself, as the name suggests. You scratch the ice under your sled.

Ice Scraper Snow Shovel

The scraper, which is installed in the rear suspension rails of your snowmobile, has a sharp point on each side that digs into hard snow and ice. This results in
snow dust or loose snow, which is then ejected into the rear suspension.

Instead of the powder or loose snow from the
tunnel that normally goes through the
, we now go through the handmade snow dust from the
that is needed to keep the heat exchangers under the
tunnel cool, and the Hyfax slides under the rails.

Slides protect your rails and are not only much easier but also cheaper than rails, they need to be protected as long as possible to protect the rails.

track operators must install icebreakers to prevent melting of the
below them from the heat generated by the long
slides. At this point, ice scrapers appear in the picture.

Ice scrapers for snowmobiles are available in two versions: a stiff spring and a sprung steel cable. More productive is the construction with a stiff spring, but it also has its own disadvantages. To destroy it, this construction can create a strong pressure on the ice of
, because it is stiff in
and uses a real spring and provides more snow dust. But the advantage is also the curse, because it is hard; the snowmobile can only get up again after these scratches have fallen off, and you have to lift them so that they don’t get stuck in the snow and get stuck.

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Ice scrapers with a
cord spring construction are much easier to use. Just like the
they are made with a single cable, the flexibility is first class and the
can even be held when the snowmobile moves in the opposite direction. This makes it easier for the
operator to remember that the
picks it up every time the snowmobile has to return. They are a good investment for long-term use because the terminal lugs can be replaced by scratches.

Best ice scrapers for snowmobiles in 2024

The best ice scrapers for snowmobiles

Dura-Flex ice scraper kit

The Dura-Flex ice scraper kit comes with carbide tips, which are the highest hardness material achievable. Dura-Flex can be the best solution if you ask some people.

These wipers
are pre-assembled and operate immediately after screwing onto the motor vehicle without additional fastening / machining
. It is good to see that these
icebreakers work well with both reversible and non-reversible snowmobiles equipped with

One of the general precautions when using
is to regularly coat it with WD-40 or other
water-repellent lubricant to prevent moisture from rusting on the scratches of

If you store it for a long period of time, it is advisable to store it upright so that it does not get stuck and can be reused in winter.

Users stated that they work on all snowmobiles, including the 1996 Arctic Cat models, and simply need to adapt to the most popular brands such as Ski-Doo, Polaris, Yamaha.

These are the best ice scrapers for snowmobiles and sleds. If you’re considering buying something, you can’t ignore it.

StaCool Ice Scraper Kit

This set of ice scrapers from the brand StaCool, known for its excellent customer service, is the reason why owners of snowmobiles love this brand.

These icebreakers claim that the
increases the lifespan of the Hyfax on hard or frozen snow. In addition, the improved
atomization pattern compared to conventional scratches can provide better cooling of the

Installation of the
‘s is very quick and easy, just take them out of the package and with the right bolts and nuts, the
‘s are easy to screw onto your snowmobile and are equipped with
CNC machined aluminium fixing poles and high quality, high tensile steel scratches.

The StaCool
is complemented by detailed mounting instructions on the back of the
enclosure and all the necessary fasteners.

You can hang them on the rails unless you decide to lower them and use them. Replaceable springs are also available.

RSI scraper for racing handlebars for snow and ice

This set of RSI Racing scrapers is mounted on the rear suspension of your snowmobile. It should be noted that when not in use, they can be loaded very easily onto the upper belt, making them look clean and increasing comfort.

These scratches help throw
snow chunks into the Hyfax area, which increases cooling on hard ice, and
prevents the engine from overheating. Building materials – aluminium billets, springs – spring steel.

These scrapers have a universal size
and should fit all snowmobiles. Keep in mind that the
is perfect for any Yamaha sleigh, but that it may be necessary to adapt the
to the new Polaris models, while the old
‘s should be like screwed parts.

Here RSI has taken some extra steps and included the necessary installation hardware in the package itself. Extra springs are also available.

Arctic Cat New OEM ice scrapers

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If you are looking for an Arctic Cat Crossfire snowmobile, your search ends here.

This Arctic Cat kit provides factory installed replacement parts for the Crossfire XF, ZR, CF and F models 2005-2015 that prevent belt wear when riding hard surface ice sleds. In addition, like all other ice scrapers, they provide optimal irrigation that helps the engine cool down.

The problem with these scratchpairs is that they are
not compatible with the reverse gear and can get damaged if you try
, so caution is definitely advised here.

On some models it may be necessary to drill mounting holes,
, just make sure that the scratches do not come into contact with the wheels or suspension levers of the
tensioner, which may damage the product.

For a complete list of models compatible with this pair of ice scrapers, please visit the Arctic Cat website for part number 5639-897.

Whether you own an Arctic Cat, a Polar Star or a Ski-Doo snowmobile, you can use these ice scrapers with a few minor modifications. But it also depends on the model you have.

RSI Racing SS-1 Snow Blade/As

The RSI Racing SS-1 scrubber drier for snow or ice is specially designed to cool the engine heat on paved roads. This ice or snow scraper is made from aluminum billets and spring steel to give the snowmobile driver total durability and exceptional performance.

Mounted on the snowmobile’s rear suspension, the RSI Racing Ice/Snow Scraper simply drops ice or snow cartridges onto a Hyfax to reduce the increase in engine temperature and ultimately prevent the snowmobile from overheating. It is used universally in all different models of snowmobiles.

When the RSI Racing Ice/Snow Scratcher is not in use, it is mounted on a ceiling rail. Mounting brackets are included in the delivery, but replacement springs are supplied separately.

The advantages of

  • A universal adaptation
  • Aluminium and spring steel construction
  • Including installation material
  • Easy installation


  • Easy to drop, even with a tight seal.
  • A rather narrow track

Outlet 15-6406 Reversible ice scraper

Ottp’s Ice Storm Scraper is made of 316 stainless steel, which is extremely durable and offers amazing performance. The Scratcher is designed to load ice or snow cartridges onto the suspension to keep the engine cool and prevent overheating.

The Ottp ice scraper sprays twice as much ice / snow as other traditional scrapers on the market. A unique feature of the Ottp 15-6406 ice scraper is the powerful and highly efficient rotator on the market, which allows reverse movement. The Ottp 15-6406 fits all ski bolts of recent years.

The advantages of

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Reverse operating system
  • Universal approach


  • Not hard enough.
  • The installation requires a lot of work.

Straight line 15-6386 Ice scraper

The Straightline ice scraper is the most affordable and reliable ice scraper on the market in 2024. Only these ice scrapers use real replaceable carbide points. These carbide points are also very affordable and replaceable. Tungsten carbide tips are made of an extremely strong and durable material, officially made to order by Woody’s.

The Staightline Ice Scratcher uses only stainless steel for its production. It is specially designed to be used as a slide when using snowmobiles, but can also be mounted on rails if necessary. The Straightline 16-6386 carbide scraper is available at an affordable price and can also be replaced.

The advantages of

  • Available and exchangeable
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and resistant


  • Lost after prolonged use

How do I install the
ice scraper in my snowmobile?

To install an ice scraper in your snowmobile, we need a pair of ice scrapers – right and left. We also need a quarter-inch drill, which is needed for a smaller drill. And then you need a ⅜ drill and a working drill. So make sure you have a set of snowmobiles at hand.

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The most important thing to pay attention to is where to install a snowmobile. It is somewhat difficult to determine where the scratch should be placed on the rail, as it should not obstruct the suspension, so you should place it at a safe distance from the suspension.

Once you have determined the location, drill a quarter-inch hole on each side with a scraper drill for the front of the scraper. Once the hole has been drilled, drill the scratch and secure it with the base on the other side firmly into the hole so that it does not twist or come out.

Repeat the same on the other hand, and when you are finished with the installation, leave the scratches connected if you are not sledding in the fresh snow.

to be considered before purchase
Ice scrapers

Snowmobile ice scraper

There are a few things to consider when buying ice scrapers for snowmobiles. You can’t just pick a scraper that’s available on the market. Below are a few points to pay attention to.


You should take a look at the most important and important feature, whether it keeps the engine cool on the snow-hard backpack. This prevents the snowmobile engine from overheating while driving.

If the engine overheats, the coolant plays an important role in lowering the temperature. You can read my other article where you can read about coolants in your snowmobile.

It shall improve the service life of Hygfax or solid wrapped sliding snow

The poisonax or gliders are rigid plastic strips that are attached to the underside of the skate rails. Without them, the aluminium rails would be worn out. Drive with a minimum of snow on the road, if you smell the smell of burnt plastic, it’s your Hyfax. The wiper is therefore intended to extend the life of the slides.

High quality spring steel scrapers

It is always advisable to buy spring steel strips. The steel prevents rust, while the spring promotes flexibility. Spring steel snowmobile wipers are super strong and don’t get tangled up in the snow because they are flexible and can move up and down over bumps while spreading a fair amount of snow dust on the flaps. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be lifted and hooked onto the rails like a hard icebreaker when the sled is turning.

Easy installation

It should be easy to install and accompanied by detailed installation instructions so that newcomers can easily install it themselves.

Some ice scrapers come with a mounting kit for your snowmobile. Make sure everything you buy is easy to install on your sled.

on rails

As long as conditions
do not require use, the wipers must be hooked to the rails.
This feature can help prevent scratches without the need for gravel, and
can rest when not in use.

Final word

The ice scrapers are designed so that they can throw a lot of snow and ice chips on the valves if necessary.

I hope you had the best ice scrapers on the snowmobiles today.

stripes not only keep the engine cool, but also muffle the noise in the
tunnel with all the snow. Good ice scrapers make your
sliders durable and let the rider enjoy even flat
tracks without fear of slider wear.

Make sure the
keeps the scratches connected when crossing a gravel or sand road, because the
can throw gravel and dirt evenly in your path. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

Drive safely!