Advantages Of Hand Painted Kitchen You Need To Know About

Upon entering your kitchen space, a person will first notice the color and finishing of cabinets, drawers, and furniture. This makes it important for you to choose the color for the kitchen. The right choice of color will set the mood of a person standing in the kitchen. It also reflects a person’s taste and personality.

Hand-painted kitchens are conventional and can help you add colors and a little bit of sparkle to your space to make it look elegant. It is an incredible method to give your kitchen a refreshed look, just the way you desired.

Advantages Of Hand Painted Kitchen


A refreshed kitchen can easily improve the look of your kitchen and give you a chef-worthy kitchen. Keep reading to know and understand the benefits of hand-painted kitchens.

  1. Budget-friendly: A hand-painted kitchen is a smart option compared to remodeling or replacing. Remodeling or renovating won’t even be necessary. If you are low on budget but want to modify your kitchen, just painting the kitchen cabinets, drawers, or walls will give it a fresh look. Painting your space will give it a wealthy look and is much cheaper than replacing old furniture with new ones.
  1. Personalization: Hand painting can be controlled to flatter or suit any style because it is an adjustable medium. You can choose your favorite hand paint for your kitchen. You can customize hand-paints from pastel to whitewashed colors and add designs, shades, and patterns to make them look more appealing. This will make you look forward to spending time in the kitchen, surrounded by your chosen color.
  1. Adaptable: Choosing the right colors for your kitchen is easy. The right choice of color that matches or goes with kitchen cabinets, drawers, walls, or entryway, as well as the ceiling, should be kept in mind. Make sure the combination colors you choose are such that they complement each other and are adaptable. You can range the color styling from modern minimalist to French provincial. Add tones and accent hues to give more drama to your kitchen.
  1. Low maintenance: Hand paints can easily hide scratches, scuff stamps, or any other marks at home. Hand-painted kitchens are easy to maintain because of their beautifully smooth and matt finish, making them easy to clean and wipe the dirt away. If the kitchen is new, just a coat of paint is enough to give it a fresh and expensive look.
  1. Alter colors: Tiles and wallpapers easily discolor and develop cracks over time. But a hand-painted kitchen has no such limitations. Hand-painted kitchens can be changed and altered again and again. Although paints are durable, you can repaint them for a new and refreshed look. Or maybe you are bored of old simple colors and want to experiment with new colors, shades, or designs for your kitchen, but renovation or remodeling does not offer such options.
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Therefore, when all painting has been finished and dried, it’s time to replace removed doors, drawers, or plinths. You can start by leveling or adjusting any doors and reinstalling or replacing any handles. All masking tape, covers, and films will be taken off to expose your gorgeous new kitchen. The interiors of the cabinets will also be cleaned. As mentioned initially, applying paint to a kitchen is a lengthy procedure that, depending on the size of your kitchen, may take a week or more to finish.

Things To Know Before Hand Painting A Kitchen!


There are several typical blunders people might make while hand painting their kitchen. The largest is diving headfirst with a can of paint and expecting everything to work out perfectly.

Any expert painter will tell you that trying your hands on self-painting a kitchen is a matter of patience, effort, time, and, most importantly, the appropriate supplies. Therefore, before you begin, ensure that you cleaned, removed, and sanded the different kitchen parts before painting them.

Additionally, you must have the right paint for the project, enough time to complete it (often four to seven days), and the patience to wait for them to cure before reinstalling them.

We always advise calling a professional kitchen painter if you are unwilling to take the time necessary to finish the process by taking each stage.

Also with the paing you choose you must select proper kitchen equipment, which will fit nicely with the colors you choose.

Can I Settle For Spray Paint Instead?


It is tough to argue that spray painting kitchens is preferable to hand painting because the two techniques are completely different and yield different outcomes. The length of time required to accomplish each and the resultant appearance are their key differences.

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As the name indicates, spray painting a kitchen involves coating the cabinets and doors in a factory using a spray paint gun. To provide a consistent, seamless finish, the surfaces are uniformly and successively sprayed.

The finish of spray painting is frequently preferred by homeowners who want to give their kitchen a more modern appearance. However, it could appear bland and out of place in a more formal situation.

However, if the surface is damaged, it cannot be repaired in your house and the project is finished a few days sooner than a hand-painted kitchen. The technique normally takes less time. In contrary, the doors and kitchen cabinets used for hand-painting kitchens are usually small since they need to be used by the hand to cover smaller areas, while you can also switch to a roller for bigger ones.

Unlike spray painting, this procedure may be done on-site or in a workshop. The main advantage is that it can be tailored to fit your kitchen, but because it is more sophisticated, it typically takes longer. Furthermore, any touch-ups may be made without bringing a cabinet or its door back to a manufacturing facility or workshop.

Bottom Line

Hand-painted kitchens can help your kitchen be timeless and add a touch of individuality to it. If you are on a budget and think that painting is a cheaper way of refreshing your kitchen, you can contact an expert in kitchen design. They can help you have the kitchen of your dreams. Learn more.