3 Advantages of Using Potato Diggers

The development of technology is highly important for agriculture since it can provide people with the ability to improve the efficiency of main processes like planting and harvesting. Also, some various products and machines can improve the quality of the soil, which leads to higher production. While there are still many people who rather choose the traditional method of harvesting, that can only be done on smaller farms, while larger areas covered with different plants will require the use of modern machinery. Moreover, the different types of plants will require additional add-ons to the tractor or combine, like the potato digger, which represents a crucial tool for the faster harvesting process of potato fields.

The manufacturers are constantly improving this device by implementing the most recent solutions and advanced technology along with high-quality materials. The most common types of potato diggers are a transporter, lancet, and vibrating digger. If you are interested in a high-quality vibrating potato digger, visit Tehnos. This machine is highly popular in countries that represent the largest producers of potatoes, such as China, Russia, India, Germany, Poland, and more. Also, we have to mention the fact that this plant is one of the most common in all sorts of dishes, and a digger allows farmers to produce large amounts of it and keep a lower price. Here are some of the main advantages of potato diggers.

1. Effectiveness

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The use of technology is crucial for farming since it allows much larger production with the fewer need for labor. The main issue in the past was that it was required to have large groups of people during the harvesting period. However, with the use of machines, only one person can deal with large fields without any problems. Also, it is much easier since it won’t require any physical efforts like it was the case in the past. There is a big advantage related to the prices of fruits and vegetables as well. The producers can keep prices at low levels since they don’t have expenses related to labor. Moreover, you can use the potato digger for other types of vegetables as well, such as onions, and other types that grow underground.

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2. Influence on Prices

The potato is one of the most popular vegetables all across the world and we can see dishes with potatoes in various forms. For example, French fries are popular as an addition to burgers and other fast-food. Also, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, and other recipes are very popular as well. Besides the excellent taste and the ability to combine it with various dishes, the price is also a great reason for such popularity. This plant is easy for planting and doesn’t require so much care as many other types of plants. Moreover, the need for chemicals and other products for improving the size and quality are not required since potatoes typically can grow without additional assistance.
Therefore, farmers can sell it for a cheaper price since they can harvest large amounts of it with minor expenses and still have decent earnings. There are some countries where potato production is highly important for the economy, like Belarus or Poland, which are known for the great production of vegetables. Also, they can position on the market much better with lower prices, which leads to increased export.

3. It Saves Time and Energy

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As we already mentioned, farming was pretty hard in the past since people had to stay in the fields for a whole day. Even when it is not still time for harvesting, they had to monitor the fields to remove the weeds or prevent the wild animals from getting inside. Also, there was a higher chance of having poor quality since there was no way to prevent the insects from eating the crops. The beetles represent the main issue for potato fields, and we have various products today that can prevent those insects from the fields. When it comes to the potato diggers, the main benefit is related to time-saving features. It will be easier to harvest the field and prepare the potato for sale. It can affect the soil as well and make it better for another plantation process.

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The Bottom Line

The industry of agricultural tools and machines is huge today, which is a great thing since we have high competition on the market that affects the prices to be more reasonable. Depending on the size and quality, you can find this machine in a price range of below $1000, and over $30,000 for some bigger models. The best way to determine the best option is to compare it with your tractor and see if it is compatible. Also, you should learn more about the different models and their differences that might affect the harvesting process. For example, the universal model is the cheapest option.

However, it has a much lower efficiency than other types, which means that you will have to check the whole field and collect the remaining potatoes with your hands. On the other hand, investing more money in models like a transporter or vibrating digger is a much better solution since chances to deal with remaining’s are very low.
Moreover, you should choose the size according to your field. There is no need for some big and expensive machinery if you are producing lower amounts. On the other side, trying to save some money by choosing a less expensive solution can affect the time and effort since you will need much more time to finish with harvesting. Also, it will require more fuel, which leads to increased expenses in the end, along with a higher emission of carbon dioxide.
It is essential to use modern tools in farming since they make every process much easier. A lot of people would still think about hard work when they hear about farming. However, most farmers only need to drive vehicles over fields today since there are additional add-ons for both planting and harvesting.

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