5 Ways an AI Voice Responder can Improve Your Customer Service – 2024 Guide

Since technology is so rapidly advancing and with the development of so many new things that make our life easier, it is no wonder why AI is the thing that will mark our future. It is already rooted in almost every part of not only our business but our life in general.

At some point in our life, we all had to deal with customer service, and that experience had an even higher effect on how we perceive that company. That is why customer service is something of great importance for one company, and if it is excellent, it will attract new customers, but if it is not satisfactory, it can cause some problems. With this in mind, it is pretty clear why so many companies are choosing to go with an AI Voice Responder, as it can improve their customer service. But, in what way?

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Well, we will now further discuss that and see how important AI Voice Responder really is, and for those who want more info or don’t know where to find one, check Replicant AI, and improve your customer service.

1. Respect and understand customer’s feelings

The agents from call centers are usually well trained to recognize the customers’ moods and act accordingly. Not only that, as they also know when and what approach to use in order to help those who are on the other side. Unfortunately, sometimes that is not an easy task, and the agents are only humans, with feelings, personal life, and they have their own problems, which they cannot simply ignore, causing them to be in a bad mood sometimes. Besides that, it is necessary to measure the agents’ performances, but it still doesn’t give an insight into the customers’ side.

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Using AI can help in fixing those problems and give us a better insight into the customers’ experience and how they feel about the service, whether they are satisfied or not. The analysis conducted by AI can go through chats, calls, and emails and show the change of the customers’ attitude. By analyzing sentiment, emotions, and tone and combine them with text analysis, it is possible to know a lot about client experience. By doing so, you can avoid asking them to participate in a survey or bore them to provide feedback, which many customers really don’t care about, and usually ignore.

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2. Availability

Switching to the AI voice responder can improve the working time of the company. The fact is that there is no such thing as sleep or breaks for lunch when we talk about AI. On the other side, it is not asking for annual leave or sick leave. Messaging is the most favorite form of communication today, especially among younger people, and since that’s the case, this way of communication needs and requires more attention.

Because of that, many companies can get a message at 2 am with some demand to solve a problem or some other task that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

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In most of those cases, human involvement is not necessary since AI can solve most of them on its own. What this means is that there is no payment for staying overtime nor for working crazy hours. It can be one of the best solutions for the globally operated companies because of their availability which needs to be 24/7 because of the different time zones. That is the only way to provide exemplary customer support without hiring a lot of agents who will work three shifts.

3. Easier document sharing

We live in a world where proving and getting some info is instant, and smartphones and AI are a perfect match for the situation when it is necessary to send some documents fast. By using them, everything is done in a matter of seconds since all someone needs to do, is to take a picture of a photocopied document and send it via smartphone. Working at a fast pace and solving customer problems fast is crucial for a company in order to stand out from the rest.

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But not only that since in most cases dealing with and solving issues fast is a necessity in today’s way of living and in order to keep up with the fierce competition.

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The other great thing is that there is less paperwork, and every document is digitized as soon as you send it. Once it is digitized, it is legal to use it as any other paper document, and it is useful in making faster decisions and faster reactions. All this is because sometimes it is all about how soon one can detect the problem in order to solve it.

4. More answers

Customers are usually calling because they have some problem, want more info, or have something to ask. To provide an understandable and thorough answer, the agent needs to check a lot of documents and do a manual search for necessary information as no person can know everything, not even those who spend their whole life in one company since things are constantly and rapidly changing.

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As already mentioned, maybe a person is not capable of doing that, but what about AI? AI tools can do all that much faster and with less effort. Those searches are automatized, and finding the right information for the answer can be finished in only a few moments, and who doesn’t want that. Getting the right info fast improves the client experience because waiting is something that no one likes, and since we are already used to wait for something on a daily basis, speeding up that process will do wonders for your company customer review, and we all know how important the public opinion is.

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5. Cost-effective

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The name says it all, and although it may cost a little more to develop a specific AI voice responder or to obtain one, in the long run, it is a much better solution. Artificial intelligence is not there to replace humans, as some may think, and it actually exists to make our life better and easier. Among all other things, using AI can also help to analyze user info so that one company would know where and in what manner to place their products or services, expanding their business.