7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Professional Servicing

In line with climate change and general disturbances in this field, air conditioning has become an imperative of today’s life. Until only 10-15 years ago, it was not necessary to have a built-in air conditioner. It was enough to use a fan and open the window to cool off. First, the inhabitants of large cities, which are in themselves heat islands, began to buy and install air conditioners en masse. It became unbearable during the summer, the heat became more and more intense and long-lasting, and we should not ignore the polluted air, which has a harmful effect on every organism. Also, the air conditioner is useful in transition periods, when central heating has not yet started or when reheating is needed, if the basic heating system is less functional. It is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And without it, life becomes almost unbearable.

Like any device that works almost continuously, this one requires maintenance and servicing. Situations in which you need to react and call authorized service technicians are as follows:

1. Not working properly

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The situation when the air conditioner does not cool properly is an alarm to call service technicians. These are malfunctions that you can’t fix on your own, so it would be completely wrong to start diagnosing and researching with a screwdriver on your own. Your device, in addition to not cooling enough, may be blowing warm air. Freon may have leaked and replenishment is necessary. During the summer heat, you will quickly discover this anomaly and it is time to react as soon as possible.

2. Dirty filter

The filter can be an obstacle and the cause of various malfunctions. It should primarily be cleaned, at least once a year. This is considered a regular, hygienic procedure and it is necessary to include it in your routine. The filter collects impurities, bacteria, allergens and all this has a detrimental effect on health, if we leave it uncleaned for a long period of time. Occasionally it should be replaced with a completely new one, because everything has its own shelf life. These are all situations that are handled by trained and professional people and should be left to them. You can clean it on your own, but if you are wondering how professionals can clean your air conditioner, you can find out at ac-hawaii.com as well as everything else about residential air conditioning maintenance.

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3. Noisy

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It is clear that no device or appliance should be noisy. Especially nowadays, when sophisticated technology has raised the work of all types of devices to a high level. Many things are beyond doubt, so your air conditioner should be barely audible. In case it starts to produce unusual noises, creaking or any noise, it is necessary to turn it off immediately and call a service technician. By no means allow it to work in this disturbed mode, it can only cause an even bigger breakdown, which will be harder to fix and cost more.

4. Unpleasant odor

An unpleasant odor is probably the first thing you will feel if your device is not working properly. It can be the smell of dust, mold, and it can be from condensation and dirty nozzles. Whatever the case, cleaning and a certain type of disinfection are necessary. An important piece of information regarding this problem is that legionella bacteria can live in air conditioning systems. It causes pneumonia and the so-called Legionnaires’ disease, and can even be fatal for the elderly, the sick and the immunocompromised. It is certainly not good for anyone to be exposed to it and risk a serious illness, which can be prevented by cleaning the air conditioner.

5. High electricity bills

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One of the indicators that something is happening with your device are the electricity bills. If you notice that your bills have increased, even though your daily routine has not changed, you also suspect an air conditioner. This may be a sign that your device needs service. It can happen that there is a malfunction in the engine or in the installations, but it is definitely necessary to react quickly. Not only is there a point in lower power consumption, but also in the potential risk of fire and short circuit. This is a situation that does not allow procrastination and deception that may go away on its own, so keep that in mind.

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6. Thermostat problems

The thermostat is one of the main parts of an air conditioner. He is the brain of the whole device and the coordinator of all processes. Thermostat failure is also a situation that is not to be delayed. Not only will you not get the desired low or high temperature, depending on the need and time of year, but there is a risk of overheating and fire. Check the condition of the thermostat regularly, do not take anything for granted, because there is absolutely no guarantee that something will work forever and without failure.

7. Humidity regulation

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The air conditioner, in addition to cooling and heating, also has the task of eliminating excessive humidity from the room. Moisture does not depend only on external conditions, it is also generated by our breathing and is always present. If you notice that condensation is forming on the walls and windows, that mold is appearing and that breathing is difficult in the room, it is time to inspect and intervene on your air conditioner.

Replacing the air conditioner

No matter how satisfied you are with your air conditioner, how much it has served you flawlessly, there still comes a time when no servicing and cleaning is enough. If it has worked for a certain number of years, around 10 is the optimal number, it’s time to consider buying a new one. In the meantime, new, more sophisticated models, improved features and new features have been released. They are certainly maximally modernized, better designed and more energy efficient. It is very likely that they are also much cheaper, so you will certainly not be at a loss if you decide to make that investment. On the contrary, you may be surprised by new performances, which you had no idea existed and which will significantly facilitate and improve your life.

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Today’s apartments and houses are full of modern appliances and devices. Although they look attractive, useful and make life easier for employed people with a lack of free time, we must be responsible owners. This means that regular servicing by professionals, then paying attention to the operation of our appliances and noticing irregularities, should become a habit and an obligation. No one can notice that something is not working properly, like the one who is present every day and uses their services.