What Is the Average Time to Settle a Personal Injury Case?

There isn’t a person in this world that wants to get injured, but since we don’t have control over every single thing in our life, accidents simply happen. Now, in case of some injury, the first and most important thing is regarding the injury itself, as we want to know whether it is a bad one or not. Furthermore, we want to find out as soon as possible how severe the injury actually is, how the recovery process will look like, and how long it will take. These are just some of the most obvious questions we seek in these moments, as depending on the type of injury, we want to know when we will get to our full strength.

What should your course of action be?

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Actions we can take in such situations can vary, depending on how severe the injury is. Now, if we are lucky enough, that injury will be about ankle or muscle sprain, or shoulder pain, as these are some of the most common afflictions. In such situations, our doctor will most likely prescribe or recommend the most often used recipe called RICE. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation, and following this guidance can speed up the recovery process. In the case of some more severe injury, the recovery process and course of action are much different depending on the type of injury.

Now, our health and overall well-being are in the first place, and it’s understandable that all that you want is to get well as soon as possible, but there are also other things than you can do, especially from the legal point. Namely, a personal injury claim is a legal process that one can open if they got hurt in some kind of an accident that was someone else’s fault. Some will say that they don’t need it, but hold on, as the recovery process and rehabilitation can sometimes not be a part of your health insurance, but they can cost a lot, and we really mean a lot. That’s just one reason for filing a personal injury claim, and the other one is that it is your right, and why not use it when there is an option to make your life easier, at least money-wise.

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What is affecting the length of time to settle?

People want to know what is the average time to settle a personal injury case, and it is normal, but it can be pretty difficult to say. Each case is different, and the time for settlement can vary a lot depending on it. Rushing is never an option because it usually does not give us the best possible outcome, so it is much better to consider all the factors and analyze the whole situation. There are a few factors that can affect it, and we will explain them further.

  • The length of medical treatment

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The first and the most important thing when it comes to some injury is the medical treatment we need to receive, and no matter how long it takes, we need to wait until it is done before settlement. There are several reasons for that, and the first one is the fact that our health needs to be in the first place, and the first thing we need to think about is our full recovery. Besides that, it is one of the most important parts of our claim, and it affects how much money we can get. Once the treatment is over, doctors can see how much the injury affected our lives and how much the whole treatment cost.

  • Legal problems

Filling the claim can sometimes be difficult, and it can take more time than we planned because of some legal reasons. Because of that, we need to make sure that we have all the necessary documents that can help us to file the claim and prove that our injury is real. Some of them are medical bills, photos from the scene, reconstruction reports of the accident, and many others that our attorney will know. Preparing all documents in time can make the settlement time much shorter and help us get our money much faster.

  • The necessity for the lawsuit

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Most cases about personal injuries settle outside the court, but sometimes it is not the case because two involved parties cannot agree, and it is necessary to file a lawsuit. That may occur once you and your attorney agree that it is time to settle, but the insurance company does not agree and does not want to pay. At that moment, you and your attorney need to consider if it is time to file a lawsuit and go to court to get the compensation. It will take more time than planned, but sometimes it is the only way to get fair compensation and continue with a normal life.

  • Expensive medical bills

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The more money is involved, the more time will be necessary to settle because the third party will not be willing to pay it. Many insurance companies will try to prolong the negotiation time and try to offer less money, so our attorney needs to make sure that we are getting fair compensation.

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The bottom line

It’s understandable that someone doesn’t want or is afraid of spending money on attorneys to represent them in their personal injury claim, but that shouldn’t be the case, as there are many ways to ensure yourself from paying anything. Namely, you can get to an agreement with the lawyers and compensate them only after the case is settled and you got your money. Furthermore, it can be about the percentage they will get from the claim because they represented you, which is an even better solution as, by doing so, lawyers will surely do everything in their power because the larger the compensation, the larger the percentage they will get. These are the two most popular options, so even money should be a reason for not hiring law professionals with vast experience in this field like fishertalwar.com.