6 Benefits of Using Terracotta Pots for Your Outdoor Plants

Instead of using fancy pots for your outdoor plants, it is better to go with simple terracotta pots.

It is made up of iron-rich clay. When the metal reacts with the oxygen, it gives beautiful colors to the product, i.e., red, yellow, and orange. The terracotta pots are natural and healthy for growing plants.

You may not know the manufacturing process of these pots. Generally, these are hand-made, and after that, the potters keep the pots in direct sunlight and fire for further baking. It is not only for planting but also perfect for art. It is the ancient method of potting. At that time, people used to cook food with clay-made utensils.

But now, we are talking about the outdoor plants that should be planted in these pots. In the following write-up, we will discuss various benefits of using terracotta pots. You must know how these are beneficial for your outdoor plants and why you should prefer this material over others.

1. Cost-Effective

Source: dengarden.com

If you have a fantastic garden outside your house, you want to fill the empty space with lots of outdoor plants. Instead of choosing any fancy pots, you should choose the terracotta. They are cost-effective, and it is easily available in your nearby areas. You do not have to go far too shopping for your favorite design and materials.

You will get plenty of amazing designs, colors, and patterns to choose and you can pick some of them as per your choice. Many people cannot afford much on expensive pots, and they consider the cost-effective options. It can be the best choice that you can make for grooming your garden. You can get pots in different shapes and grow plants of your choice.

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2. Beautiful Aesthetics

If you want to get an earthy theme outside your house, terracotta pots will be perfect. It is safe for the environment because the clay itself is from nature. After proper manufacturing of these pots, the natural colors that you will get are yellow, red, rust, and orange. It will look contrasting in your green garden.

You can find creative and amazing designs in these pots and use them in your garden. Everyone will appreciate the beautiful aesthetics of your garden due to the earthy pots you have installed outside your house. In this way, you can get a more natural appearance.

3. No Issue of Overwatering

If you overwater your plants, the terracotta plants can absorb extra water. It helps your plants in growing and preventing getting their roots from rotting. There is no issue of overwatering if you are using these pots. If you use the fancy ones, the water level will remain the same, and your plants will die soon.

If you try to take out the water, you will also take essential nutrients required for your plant growth. The clay used in making the terracotta pots can absorb the water easily and lower the risk of killing the plants. In the case of sensitive plants, waterlogging can be dangerous for them.

4. Easy to Handle

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The terracotta pots are lightweight and easy to handle as compared to fancy pots. If you have big plants in your garden, you can move them from one place to another. But if your pot is heavy, you cannot move them and change your garden aesthetics. These plant pots are quite easy to handle.

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You can grow plants in these lightweight containers available in attractive designs. Visit gardenspotnow.com to get earthy pots in different sizes, patterns, colors, etc. You can handle your plants with care.

5. Perfect for Cold Climates

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If you consider pots for your garden in cold weather, one can prefer the terracotta ones. It is necessary to dry your soil to absorb less water from the plants and prevent them from getting damaged. The earthy pots help in absorbing the soil fastly during the cold months.

If you have sensitive plants in your yard, it is crucial to give less water to avoid waterlogging. This condition is quite possible in cold climates. It is better to plant them in earthy pots for better water absorption. The sensitive plants will be in good condition even if the temperature is too low.

6. Easy Planting Dry-Soil Plants

Source: allaboutgardening.com

Many plants like succulents, cactus, etc., need dry soil to grow. If you use fancy pots, it is quite difficult to absorb excess water from the soil. It is crucial to keep the soil dry for the easy growth of these plants. If you are fond of succulents or cactus-like plants, you can place them outside your house. You can decorate your garden by placing these plants in every corner. If these plants stay in satisfactory condition, they hardly get damaged.

It is easy to plant them in the pots. You will get a natural look and feel in the garden. You need to pay attention to these plants because they may have thorns, and you can get hurt badly. While planting yourself, you have to be very careful. Water these plants slowly and check how the water is absorbed slowly by the plant pot. You can also mix the soil and water very well.

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Final Thoughts

You can decorate your garden by placing outdoor plants in terracotta pots. If you need to give your garden a natural and earthy look, then it is better to go with it instead of choosing the fancy ones. They are lightweight and easy to handle. If you do not like the setting, you can move your plants from one corner to another.

There is no issue with overwatering as it can easily absorb excess water. You will switch to it when you know all the benefits of using terracotta planting pots. You can get these hand-made pots in different sizes, designs, and patterns. The planting pots are made with natural colors like yellow, red, orange, etc. You can get an earthy appearance from pots in the garden that make it look quite beautiful.