Best Broadband Provider: Suppliers To Get You Connected

Today, almost every modern household requires a speedy and reliable home broadband connection. With so many deals available in the market offered by different broadband service providers, choosing the best package becomes a daunting task. A majority of amateur users get confused because most of the deals available online are similar in pricing and features.

Approaching all the dealers personally, asking them about their pricing plans, and then comparing the various deals will be a tedious job. Hence, it is recommended to use the numerous tools available online to find the best broadband that will resonate with your needs and requirements.

Spending time researching various broadband deals will prove to be fruitful in the long run. You will be able to secure amazing deals and won’t fall prey to any fraudulent activity. All you need to do is chalk out your broadband needs and then look for a provider who caters to the same services.

In this article, we will help you find the best broadband provider in your area.

How To Use Broadband Checker Tools?


The best way to find exceptional deals online is by using a broadband checker. All you need to do is input your pin code, and the application will search for the best deals available near you. It also allows you to filter the deals based on contract length, bundles, price, speed, etc. If you are still confused about choosing the best broadband provider, make sure to answer the below-mentioned questions.

  • What is the ideal level of speed that will suit the requirements of your family members?
  • What will you use the broadband for? (music, gaming, streaming TV, online shopping)
  • Do you have a fixed budget that you wish to spend on your broadband?
  • How many users will have access to the broadband connection?
  • Do you want to connect your landline, mobile, and TV to your broadband? (This choice will help you save a lot of money and you will have to deal with only one provider)
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How To Locate The Broadband Providers In Your Area?

A majority of the UK localities are serviced with ADSL or other standard broadband, which transmits internet via existing phone lines made up of BT copper and via fiber broadband that makes use of fiber optic cable to provide a better and faster connection.

Cable broadband is a preferred option as it offers a much faster and reliable connection but it is only available via UK service providers such as Virgin Media. However, right now, you will find cable broadband providers only in a few parts of the United Kingdom.

With the help of a broadband area checker, you can accurately identify the service providers that provide broadband connections in your locality.

How To Find The Fastest Provider In Your Area?


The broadband speed is measured using megabits (Mbps). The faster the connection, the higher the Mbps. If you regularly stream TV, listen to music online, watch films, play games, then a fiber optic broadband package is ideal for you. Not only is it fast but also a reliable and affordable choice.

If you do not browse the internet frequently then internet speed is not a significant factor that you must consider while choosing a broadband plan. In such a scenario, you should choose an ADSL or standard broadband connection.

In today’s time, Hyperoptic is the fastest broadband provider in the UK market. It offers a wide range of plans that go up to a maximum of 1Gbps. If your family members require a large amount of data then Hyperoptic is the best choice for you. The only drawback is that it covers only 3.5 million homes across the UK.

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Virgin Media is the second most reliable cable broadband provider. It had been the leading broadband provider for the last seven years. However, with the appearance of Hyperoptic in the scene, Virgin Media’s position dropped. The average speed offered by Virgin Media is 516 Mbps. Thus, it is extremely fast and the best choice for active internet users.

How To Find The Cheapest Provider In Your Area?


We have provided a detailed list of the pricing plans of the broadband providers. However, you need to know that these providers do not provide their service across the country. Thus, the below-mentioned pricing plans are only available in certain parts of the country.

Below mentioned are some of the cheapest broadband service providers, and you can verify using various checking tools whether they provide their services in your locality.

Broadband Provider     Average Speed     Prices From
Ø Now Broadband 11Mb  £ 18 per month
Ø Direct Save Telecom Broadband 11Mb  £ 18.95 per month
Ø Plusnet broadband 10Mb  £ 18.99 per month
Ø John Lewis broadband 10Mb  £ 20 per month
Ø EE broadband  10Mb  £ 21.50 per month
Ø TalkTalk broadband  38Mb £ 22 per month

Why Is Broadband Available Only In Certain Areas?

Different broadband connection providers offer their services in different parts of the country, depending on the infrastructure. The quality of the broadband connection offered in the interior places will be inferior to the quality offered in the cities and towns. However, the providers have geared up and are planning to make Gigabit speed available across the country by 2025. Thus, within three years, the entire country will be able to enjoy fast internet.

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What Affects The Speed Of The Broadband?


Numerous aspects are responsible for the slow speed of the broadband connection at your home. At times, the problem is not with the network provider or the type of network you have at your home. The distance from the nearest cabinet plays a significant role in determining the speed of your broadband. Copper wires are not capable of transmitting the internet over long distances. Moreover, the quality and the age of wires also play a significant role in determining the quality of your broadband signal.

Also, numerous traffic management policies are also responsible for hindering your speed performance. Thus, you may face slow speed on weekends. You can further improve your broadband speed by opting for unlimited plans.