5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers For 2024

Everyone knows about WordPress by now, and most of you have probably used it or are using it for your website. If you are still wondering what it is, in this article, we will explain a bit about WordPress and tell you all about the best hosting providers you can use this year.

So, WordPress is a CMS or content management system and it is there to allow you to create, manage and host your website. The best thing about this is the fact that it is free with limiting tools, of course, but if you are aiming to go pro you can opt for some of its, very affordable, plans that offer you much in return. Another great thing about WordPress is the fact that it eases you into the world of websites and hosting where you can with simple few clicks create a site, pay for its hosting and domain, and customize it to your liking. If you wanted to create a website before WordPress there were a lot of programming and hoops to jump through. With WordPress, you get all of that but very simplified and very “noob” friendly. Everything is done by mouse, no coding and hassling and an entire website can be done in just one day or less if you put your effort into it.

Now that the basics are over, we will use this time to notify you of some of the best hosting providers for this year since they are also very important. If you want more info on this topic make sure you visit johnimsecrets.com and see what you can find there!

1. Flywheel

Source: designrope.com

This hosting service is one of the top providers of managed WP hosting out there. This service is going to be a bit pricier than a traditional hosting service, like the previous two, but there is a valid reason for that. You will get a chance to choose between 4 plans where the first two cheaper ones are aimed toward individual site owners while the pricier two are aimed toward freelancers and agencies, meaning bigger businesses. These plans will also scale nicely with your businesses and thanks to that a good chunk of the price can be passed to your clients and their traffic. The most important thing about this hosting provider is that it is a bit different from others but it is clean and easy to use. A lot of tools and built-in services, trial periods with postponed payments and the like. They also offer great uptime and rock-solid support that is there for you whenever you need them. You will have access to the full suite of features and tools which should be another very important thing for all types of users.

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2. Bluehost

Source: nairatips.com

Bluehost as a WordPress hosting service has climbed up the ladder very fast. Besides being recommended by the WP itself, it also has a ton of reasons for its fame. WP has been working with Bluehost for more than 15 years now and they have both come a long way from then. The best thing about this company is the fact that it offers a great combo of features and value which are the two things you all have to look for. From one-click WP installation which is awesome for those that are just diving into a world of websites to things like 24/7 expert support for any issues or problems, which is a standard for everyone by now. They also offer pricing which is fairly good and interesting to both pros and beginners. Price aside, the service you will get out of Bluehost is awesome coupled with a plethora of tools needed for a successful website is the thing both experts and beginners praise and look for. These are just some of the reasons for its success.

3. SiteGround

Source: reviewplan.com

When web hosting was just starting there were few hosting services that were both popular and good, and this provider was leading the charge. It boasted as the best and most developer-friendly hosting service e available, and fortunately, it managed to stay like that even today. Thanks to the competition it was constantly updated to keep up with them and stay ahead of most others out there. Plans are affordable and well thought out for everyone from beginners to businesses with pricing that is beyond acceptable. It is easy to use with a drag and drop Weebly site builder. It also boasts one of the most powerful and technologically advanced options available today called NGINX web server technology. It is highly customized and adapted and it has some of its in-house built options like site tools for instance. All in all, SiteGround is still a good and still very appealing web hosting provider and there is no reason not to try it.

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4. HostGator

Source: saving-magazine.com

Another popular web hosting company that makes a lot of noise in the WP community. With over a million domains on their platform, these guys mean business. They offer a specialized WP hosting service just like Bluehost and their plans are very affordable given the fact that the features you get for the money are incredible. They also go nicely with growing businesses mostly because of plans that will grow with you. They are really fast and reliable with awesome customer support that is there 24/7 for you, the only thing that smudges their image a bit, in our opinion at least, is the steep renewal fee that you have to pay after the first year.

5. DreamHost

Source: wpkube.com

A very old hosting provider that has served us very well for more than 18 years. The age speaks on its behalf because this company used those years smartly and managed to make their services as easy to use as possible. You will get stuff like custom features, one-click WP installs to very affordable plans, auto-updates and a lot of space. 18 years in business gets you a neat formula for success. They also include something most other providers try to avoid and it is free domain privacy. With a lot of new features that are growing popular fast and with affordable plans they are growing in popularity and there is a clear reason why they are another hosting service that is recommended by WP.

So, after some research and after reviewing a couple of most important factors this is our list of the best hosting services this year. Based on everything you have read there is no way that you will make a mistake with any of these especially since we lined everything up so each one of you can choose what they need and can afford. From expensive to cheap ones, from a plethora of services and tools to the basics of plans to get you started, you have it here. If you have any more suggestions, we are open to them.

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