How BTS Revolutionized Men’s Fashion And Clothing

The early 2000s were the golden era for boy bands. Then, the hype about boy bands died down for a while, and it seemed like we were never going to see another boy band in the major spotlight. That is, until BTS outfits came along.

No one expected the next global boy band sensation to come from South Korea, just like no one could’ve been prepared for the impact these guys are going to have on the music industry, men’s fashion and a lot of other things.

If you’re not sure who we’re talking about, we suggest you open up another tab, go to YouTube and type in BTS outfits. Once you see the millions of views these guys have, you’re going to have a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about. These guys are the real deal.

BTS Outfits And Their Rise To Fame


These guys have actually been here for a while. The band got together in 2010, but they didn’t hit the scene until 2013 when they released their first album single called 2 Cool 4 Skool. Following the single, they came up with their first studio album called Dark & Wild and another album called Wake Up. The Dark & Wild was an album in Korean, in it made BTS quite a star in their native country, and with the second studio album, recorded in Japanese, BTS clothing solidified themselves as one of the most popular music groups in Asia. Then came their third studio album, Wings, and this is where things got really big for BTS.

Wings sold over 1 million copies domestically, and at the time, it was pretty obvious that these guys were going to be bigger than everyone ever thought. In 2017, BTS decided to try their luck internationally.

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International Success Of Korean Wonder-Group

At the time, K-Pop wasn’t a huge deal internationally. However, BTS was about to change all that. Everything about them was spectacular. According to, the BTS clothing was beginning to catch on and it became asked for in stores, their music started flooding the US and international market, and before you know it, everyone wanted to rock a Kpop outfit just like their new favourite Korean artist.

And, by 2018, the BTS had already managed to top the US Billboard 200 chart with their new studio album called Love Yourself: Tear, following their platinum-selling single Mic Drop released only a few months prior. At the time, BTS was the first Korean act to top the US Billboard charts. And, if that wasn’t enough of recognition for Jin, RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, V and Jimin, by 2024, BTS became the first Korean act to top both Global 200 and Billboard Hot 100 charts with their earth-shattering single Dynamite. At that point, BTS had also become one of the few acts since the Beatles to earn four number-one albums in less than two years.

Since then, BTS also managed to secure five US number-one singles in record time, trailing only the legendary Michael Jackson.

Nowadays, BTS is a household name in the music industry, having sold over 20 million albums worldwide, cementing them as the best-selling artist in South Korean history. So, we feel like it’s safe to say that the impact these guys have on pop culture is more than considerable.

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Now, let’s take a break from the music a bit and focus on the BTS fashion.

How BTS Revolutionized Fashion?


K-Pop itself has managed to revolutionize every aspect of the music and fashion industry, and BTS is the main reason why. These guys have managed to transcend traditional men’s fashion in a way no boy band ever did.

K-Pop fashion and kpop outfit was always a bit different compared to some other pop acts, but only so slightly. For instance, when you look at the BTS fashion, you can clearly notice inspiration from various styles and time periods, but it also becomes quite obvious that their style is heavily influenced by urban and hip hop clothing, only with a little bit of extra flair.

But, what makes BTS clothing and style revolutionary?

Breaking The Gender Standard

The western world’s notion of fashion for men and women isn’t necessarily on the same wavelength as BTS’s. As you probably know, K-Pop fashion is a lot more gender-neutral, as you can so clearly see by the way BTS members dress, which is one of the biggest reasons why BTS outfits have revolutionized the way people dress.

Undoubtedly, we live in a much more progressive world than we did only a few years ago, and nowadays, it is not uncommon to see a man wearing a purse or a skirt, and BTS definitely played a large role in this. But, the breaking of the standardized role of men and women in fashion is hardly the only thing these guys did for men’s fashion.

BTS’s Take On Urban Clothing


Most people think of oversized clothing when they think of urban or hip-hop style, but that’s just because they’re still stuck in the 90s and early 2000s. And, while it is true that 2000s fashion is definitely making a comeback, we don’t really expect anyone to sag their pants slightly above their knees or wear a chain that would put even Flavor Flav to shame.

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Instead, men across the globe are more in line with what BTS are doing – combining designer clothes and urban style in an unprecedented fashion. Just a while ago, in April, BTS released their latest album, and their clothing was all about pastels, baby pink and designer clothes, with just a hint of 2000-esque denim frenzy. They rocked Valentino shirts and oversized pink denim jackets, as well as YSL t-shirts and Alpaca wool sweaters. But then again, a few years back, when they were nominated for a Grammy, BTS came and shocked everyone with their “traditional” look sporting Korean tuxedos that made them look as dapper as ever.

While it is true you won’t really see that many men walking around in pink denim jackets or tuxedos, you will certainly see a lot of them trying to emulate BTS style – in their own way. And, in a way, a BTS clothing style is not confined to a genre. They take inspiration from everywhere, and that’s exactly what makes them special.


Overall, we feel like it’s safe to say that we’ve only seen a fraction of what these guys will do for the fashion industry, as they push the fashion norms by a little every time they show up somewhere. We truly cannot wait to see what they do next.