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The CES is known as the world’s largest annual consumer electronics trade show. The 2022 European Championship will be a very different matter because of the global pandemic.

Instead of a multi-day show in Las Vegas, the CES 2022, the 51st CES. was held for the first time as a purely digital event. Many companies presented their latest and greatest innovations online through the organizer’s media center, as opposed to a regular physical event at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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CTA, the organizer of the event, expects many people to attend the show more than ever before because of its digital nature. More than 1,000 companies plan to program about 100 hours. In addition, companies such as Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, LG, TCL, Sony’s AV hits and Hisense are officially part of the event. Even audio companies like Audio-Technica and Pioneer have not been forgotten. In addition, companies and brands not officially associated with the show will likely use the ESC calendar to make announcements.

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LG honored its OLED TV technology with the CES Best of Innovation award prior to the show. It’s also recognizable in the gaming category, thanks to the inclusion of LG’s Bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) gaming screen, which can easily be switched from a flat screen to a curved one, depending on your order.

But a more notable title is the announcement of the first LED-backlit mini televisions, which will be the highlight of LG’s LCD TVs in 2022, and we’ll certainly learn more about that at CES. The LG QNED Mini LED TV series has 10 power levels and combines Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies, with approximately 30,000 mini LEDs per panel. Equipped with 4K and 8K panels up to 86 inches, 2,500 dimming zones and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio claimed by LG. Well, this could be a big boost for the company’s LCD collection.

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Unable to avoid fancy OLED concepts, LG will also make a statement with its latest transparent OLED display.

LG OLED TVs with mini-LED technology will also make their debut in the LCD range in 2022. LG will also unveil web05 6.0 and an update to its magic remote for 2022 TVs.

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Sony is always prolific at CES, so we’re cautiously assuming that this year will be good. But in any case, we expect the giant Japanese brand to have a lot of new products in store for us in January. Sony’s brand new 2022 TV and the expected discussions about the PS5 will be inevitable. We expect Sony to introduce many new audio devices this year. The big question, however, is whether CES 2022 will signal the arrival of the long-awaited Sony WF-1000XM4, which will replace the WF-1000XM3.

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Without a doubt, 2022 promises to be an exciting year for Samsung. Moreover, they have already confirmed that they plan to launch a consumer MicroLED television later this year. It registered many new brands of QLED TV technology around November, which we assume will be the essence of the new and expanded QLED offerings for 2022. We are confident that the 2022 QLED line will have an adaptive HDR10+ mode that incorporates Dolby Vision IQ for Dolby Vision content, ensuring that HDR10+ content is enhanced according to the brightness of your room.

Samsung has also announced the release date of its Galaxy S21 phone on the 14th. January confirmed (one month earlier than usual). We’ve also seen the new Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headsets take on Apple’s AirPods Pro.

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Panasonic is expected to unveil its 2022 TV range a week before CES. The company is responsible for some of the best TVs of 2022, so we expect to see many of these qualities in new TVs, which should have next-generation HDMI capabilities for gamers.

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Harman, though not officially affiliated with CES, is hosting a virtual event called HARMAN ExPLORE that will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the new products from the Harman-Kardon and JBL brands that await us in 2022. In 2022, we can expect to see portable speakers, new headphones, more sophisticated devices, and lots of in-car audio calls. JBL is also celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and we hope the brand will celebrate in style.

A quick overview of the key announcements and sessions at CES 2022 reveals seven key trends for the business, including

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  • Additional use of augmented reality (AR, VR) by consumers and businesses.
  • Innovations in electric and autonomous vehicles
  • Environmental issues related to sustainability, circular economy and climate.
  • Improvements in display technology in terms of materials, energy consumption and form factors.
  • Improvements and ease of use of connected devices and digitalization are driving smart homes, smart buildings and connected devices.
  • Computer-assisted health care, personal health care and remote health care
  • Improve machine learning and AI.

By 2022, a compressed digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of cloud, cybersecurity, automation, digital commerce and AI globally. These are the basic technologies for 2022. CES 2022 will present innovations in the field of consumption. However, rapid adoption in the consumer world is still giving way to adoption in the business world.

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