VPS and Stock Brokers: Find Out How to Check if a Broker Is Trustworthy and Earn More With VPS

Investing in the stock market can bring great returns, being one of the most popular types of investment. However, before entering this world, it is important to know how to choose the right broker, that is, authorized by Organs competent bodies. And even if there seems to be only gains, keeping trading systems active can be very costly for the investor. So having a few tricks up your sleeve, like using VPS, makes all the difference. Check below how to know if a Broker is trustworthy and also how to use the VPS for your stock exchange transactions.

Choose the right broker for you

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When you want to invest, having a good and reliable broker is essential, after all, it will act as an intermediary between the investor and the exchange that represents him in the system. That is why it is necessary to be aware, as there are still companies that offer this service without the proper authorizations and properly regulated. Therefore, it is important to research whether the broker is trustworthy, and one way to find out is to see if it has legal records to trade.

After registration, it is still possible to consult other entities, such as B3, which is the main stock exchange in the Brazilian market. On the B3 website, it is possible to obtain a list of brokers operating in Brazil. In addition, when created, brokerages need authorization from the Central Bank of Brazil in order to operate in these systems, so that it is also possible to verify which brokerages are active on the Bacen website.

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Finally, there are still some seals such as CETIP, which attest to the broker’s reliability. Some examples are? Bank Deposit Certificates (CDB, Audiovisual Investment Certificates (CIA), Time Deposits with Special Guarantee (DPGE), Exchange Bills (LC), Real Estate Credit Bills (LCI), etc. With that, you can have confidence and leave the concerned investment. But if you still want to further increase your security, using VPS can also be a great option, allowing you to track trades from anywhere, anytime for a much lower price.

Use VPS and operate from anywhere

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First you need to understand what a VPS is. The acronym stands for Virtual Private Server, in English Virtual Private Server, and it works like a remote computer, that is, it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The difference is that the cost of a virtual server is much lower, after all a physical computer can have several different servers, serving different people.

Thus, with VPS it is possible to maintain online trading systems at all times, 24 hours a day (with some foreseen downtime), for as long as you want and for a much lower price. This increases the profit margin for trades as it reduces the cost of being in the system. In this way, customers can view real-time prices, graphs during operations, how trades are being carried out and control their accounts. And the best part is that this control can be done from any device, from cell phones to computers, so that no good business is lost.

As the server is online remotely, what will actually happen is that from anywhere and using any device connected to the internet, the user will be able to connect to the virtual server and check in real time how the negotiations are going. This is a great advantage in relation to the operation carried out on the PC itself, since in addition to all the much greater risks of failure, due to the lack of power redundancies, it will require the computer to be always on, consuming electricity and generating costs that they can decrease or even cancel the profit. With the VPS that doesn’t happen anymore.

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Advantages of Using VPS

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The first advantage is security, after all, when using a virtual server, the entire physical structure will be controlled and monitored at all times, ensuring that everything works optimally and reducing downtime risks. In addition, with VPS everything is more optimized, with faster transactions, data upload, negotiations and more security in the purchase. Finally, you’ll still have local technical support, prices free of exchange variation.

An interesting point of a VPS is the possibility of autonomy, because by letting robots operate, if well configured, it will be able to generate profits in an automated way, without the need for a human to remain connected all the time. Obviously it will still be necessary to monitor to see if the system is working properly.

There is also the possibility of replicating and creating multiple VPS, as the price of a virtual server is lower and then operating with several different accounts, which can further increase the chances of making a profit.

Points to consider

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Keep in mind that while a VPS will increase your chances in the market, this is a shared, low-cost service. This means that it has some limitations that should go into your risk calculation.
A VPS is not in a Cluster. That means it will be on just a single dedicated server and sharing it with other clients.

The dedicated server, like any electronic equipment, can fail. Taking these possible failures into account, make an estimate to calculate how much you might lose at a time of failure. This way you will have an approximate calculation of how much you can earn and how much you can invest.

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Web Hosting companies, such as BH Servers (click here to see more), usually display the Uptime value on the main page, which is the average time the servers are online. The uptime of BH Servers, for example, is 99.5% at the moment.


Choosing the right VPS is just as important as choosing a trusted Broker. With the right choice of the virtual server and the right Brokerage that suits the user’s profile, the chance of success in negotiations will be greater due to increased productivity, since the VPS allows access from anywhere. The correct choice of broker will allow no unforeseen events to happen, in addition to the risk of trades failing.

The big advantage is access from anywhere, as a virtual server is online in a Datacenter and offers the possibility of remote connection, the user will be able to operate by connecting to the VPS, simply having access to the internet.

This is really the ideal “combo” to trade in the financial market. So always opt for a VPS plus the best Brokerage on the market within your usage profile.