How to Create an Ideal Software Development Team?

If you think about a perfect job today it probably has to be a software developer or any other kind of programmer. This has been slowly climbing the ranks of top jobs and in the past several years it has become one of the most sought out professions and one of the most paid jobs in the industry.

Being a software developer isn’t an easy task, there is a lot of knowledge to get and consume, you have to have a strong pull to the profession and you need to be talented for it. This is one of those jobs that if you don’t combine talent with the knowledge, you probably will not last long.

There is certain info that states that software developers work alone and some of the best software that doesn’t have wide usage and plenty of coding is done by a single developer. In need of more complex software, you will need a team and if you are a business that is doing just software development you need to focus on building a successful team around you that will make you profit and success.

As you can see the article today will help you find out how to create a perfect software developer team and some pointers will also come from


There is one thing you need to ask yourself right in the beginning – what does my technology team has to consist of? You can throw a lot of money and time into the app, software or whatever you are planning on building, you will most certainly fail if you don’t have the right people in your team. This is common sense anywhere and here as well. what we all focus on is the price, and we are all hunting for the most profitable developers out there to increase our gains from the software when it goes to sell. This model of doing business is wrong and it will not yield anything good.
Having a great idea for software and giving it to a developer t create it might lead you to receive a product that is completely different from what you have pictured in your mind. As a business leader, you have to know how to cut through all of the “Yes” and “it will be done” stuff and follow your project through from the start to finish.

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You need to know that there are different types of developers and understand what each of them does, can do and can do. Let’s start with front and back-end developers and the difference between them. Read more about this topic here.

If anyone says that these two are the same don’t listen to them. Front end developers make all of the items that you see on a screen of your software like buttons, charts and so on, and developers that are considered front-end ones have spent all their degree and course on just this, learning how to code buttons, animations and all other stuff you see in your app. So, you would see how hard it could be for them to do the back-end of your software as well. The back-end part of the software means that you developers are tackling everything from the moment your user types in their data. It gets stored on a server somewhere or you might use it for a detailed calculation for whatever the need you have. These back-end codings are difficult because they dab into logic and into things that ask “what happens when you do this or that” and similar. As you can see these two are completely two different code bases and you can have one type of developer tackling both tasks and expect success.


There are several other positions like programmer/developer, tech lead, solutions architect and engineer and what are their tasks and differences?

If you dive into software development without your engineer you will have a bunch of programmers and developers writing a bunch of code for your software or app and by doing so they will miss the key architecture you intended for that. You will end up with a bunch of code that isn’t organized, planned and that cannot sustain its weight and it will be doomed to failure. Every new project needs someone senior in it and sometimes those seniors are called tech leads, software engineers solutions architects and more. Ask yourself do you have someone like that involved in your project and can they make the architecture you need for your application, or rather can they lay out the plans for the app that is easy and understandable for programmers or developers to follow. As you could read already, developers or programmers don’t need a lot of explaining – they are the ones that lay the bricks on the foundation that is made by the engineers and this is what they do best.

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Project managers are also something you need to have and consider. If you are doing a long-term project or something that will have future scalability you will need to include a manager that will be able to navigate through the different skillsets engaged on this project. Anything that you plan that has more than two web pages or less means you will have around 6 to 10 people on it and this will mean that you will have to have someone manage all these different people and their degrees throughout the project.


QA or quality assurance is the last process that is important in every project. Having an idea that you can have a developer that will do everything exactly like you told them without any mistakes is wrong beyond explanation. Although developers are smart and they can pull their weight, they are just humans as well. having a big project means you will have a lot of code in it and one little hitch may render your project unusable. This is why QA testers or managers are supposed to be there and check everything thoroughly before it sees broader audiences. This is done by creating a good feedback loop that can both test the software you created and increase its quality at the same time.