5 Different Types Of Shower Heads And How To Choose The Best One

Who doesn’t love the solitude and rejuvenation of showering in the morning? Who doesn’t love it when they can finally wash away last night’s sleepiness or stay-up-all-night responsibility? People have different ideas about what constitutes a “good shower”, but what we can all agree on is that without a proper shower head, a “good shower” exists only in our minds.

Numerous people have a love-hate relationship with their showers. On the one hand, they enjoy the feeling of warmth coming from the shower head as it soothes their skin and hair. However, on the other hand, they want a shower that is economical and doesn’t eventually break down after a short period of time, but also the one where you can really feel the pressure of water.

If you’re someone who’s looking for something that sounds like that, that is high quality, and that will last long – then this article is perfect for you!

Today we will introduce several types of shower heads, from traditional to modern, and talk to you about choosing the best one.

1. Single Spray Shower Head

A single spray shower head has one head. The outlet pipe of the shower head is on top of the fixture, and it just sits there. A single spray shower head uses less water than a dual flow shower head, but because of it – it rinses with lower pressure.

It is a relatively cheap product, and you won’t often find it in homes. Where you will commonly find it in gyms and motels, where the quality of shower heads isn’t something that anyone stresses about.

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2. Adjustable Shower Head

Here’s another simple and basic shower head. An adjustable showerhead is one that is quite commonly found in homes. It is a very popular option for two reasons – it is very affordable, and there are many options to choose from.

Most of these shower heads come with three separate spray patterns. Usually, it’s a normal spray, wide, low-pressure spray, and a narrow, high-pressure spray that no one ever uses – ever.

According to wirralplumbers.com, this is what most people should go for unless they want something fancy. These shower heads are easy to install, easy to clean and maintain and you will not be calling plumbers at all!

Another keen thing about this one is that it takes minutes to install. You just attach the head to the hose, and that’s it.

3. Rain Shower Heads

Source: spy.com

A rain shower head is a type of shower head that produces a gentle rain-like water flow. It may be fixed to the ceiling above the shower area, or it may be installed into a wall.

Some people find that using a rain shower head is very relaxing, and it helps them unwind at the end of the day. The good thing about these types of heads is that you have complete control over where the water goes, so it won’t get all over your bathroom while you’re trying to bathe.

On the flip side, these showerheads are very hard to install, so you probably won’t be able to DIY this job.

4. Eco-Friendly Shower Heads

According to our friends over at www.dusche-und-bad.de, people are turning towards eco-friendly bathroom solutions like water-saving, eco-friendly shower heads.

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This kind of shower head is a good option for those who are environmentally conscious and looking to spend less on their water bill. This showerhead is also good for people with a limited amount of space in their bathrooms or those who don’t want to take up too much space in the shower.

The design of these ones is based on handheld shower nozzles that spray water in a wide circular pattern rather than force a narrow jet. This design allows for lower water bills because less water is wasted due to the wide spray pattern. Furthermore, it lowers the stream pressure by 40% and reduces the water volume by almost 50%.

5. Shower Panels

Source: ubuy.com

While panels aren’t exactly shower heads – they are a somewhat popular option nowadays.

Unlike regular heads, panels are wall-mounted, and the point of the panel is to provide you with a different shower experience. You’ll get to enjoy a handheld showerhead, some massage nozzles along the body, and even an overhead spray.

It’s a great choice for anyone looking for something unique, but keep in mind that you’ll need to hire a really good plumber to install a shower like this one.

How To Choose The Best Shower Head For You?

Now, let us discuss what it is that you’ll need to look for when buying a new shower head.

1. Think About Different Spray Pressure

There isn’t a general rule of thumb for optimum or ideal showerhead spray pressure. You require different pressure depending on your particular needs and preferences. If you really like to feel the water on your skin, you’ll probably want to get something like an adjustable shower head, but if you prefer a gentle spray, a top-mounted rainfall shower head might be the right option for you.

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2. Decide Whether You Want A Hand-Held Or Mounted Shower Head

If you’d rather clean yourself as the water is pouring down on you, you’ll probably want to go for a mounted shower head. On the other hand, if you really want to reach those hard to reach spots – you’ll want to go with a handheld one. It’s all up to you.

3. Consider The Price

Another factor when shopping for a new showerhead is also the price. If you’re not willing to spend much, it is probably a good idea to avoid even looking at shower panels or some of the more expensive rain shower heads. On the other hand, if money’s not an issue – just go with whatever seems fit.

4. Think About The Size Of Your Shower

Finally, you should consider the size of your shower before going out and buying a showerhead. If you’re tight on space, you’ll probably want to keep it simple. On the other hand, if your shower’s spacious enough – you might just buy three separate shower heads.


While the best shower head might seem like a black-and-white decision, finding the right one has huge benefits. Taking the time to find one that fits your plan and preferences will transform your bathroom. Hopefully, our mini-guide will help you find the right one.