Is Your Dog’s Hair Too Long For A Robot Vacuum? – Guide 2024

People have adopted various innovative ways to keep themselves happy in today’s world. They have found different things to keep themselves engaged in some activities. One of these entertaining ways is owning a pet.

Most pet et lovers are energetic and happy due to their routine schedule. Especially dogs satisfy the owners by wandering around them and giving them laughter moments and memories. However, owning a pet also has many disadvantages.

One of these major downsides of having a dog is cleaning their stuff such as hair, poop, etc. Women are the primary group who face problem as they are responsible for doing household chores

With rising technological innovation, experts have found different products to clean dogs’ hair. These innovations or devices are called robot vacuums that clean small particles, furs, etc., to give tension-free pet care.

But women might find it a big challenge when the dog’s hair is too long to get suctioned by the vacuum pipe. However, experts suggest products like that effectively absorb different-sized particles. The following section gives a detailed guide on this device, their features, and why people should consider this product.

Women’s Challenges In Cleaning & yeedi vac 2 pro

Pet owners cannot control a dog’s movement in their home. They will move freely around the rooms, kitchen, and many other areas. Undoubtedly, it is difficult for the pet owner to walk alongside the dog to manage their activities.

When these dogs move around, they lose uncountable chunks of hair. The amount and size of this hair depend on the breed, age, and many other factors. However, women will try to spot and remove various unnecessary and unhygienic things from dogs manually. But, cleaning these things regularly by themselves is a time-consuming activity. This is how this yeedi vac 2 pro was introduced into the market.

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Popular robot vacuums like Roomba sense dust, dirt, or unnecessary items around their radar. After identifying the location, this device moves to the spot and cleans that area with its automatic cleaning process. It suctions and absorbs the dirt and mess created by dogs.

Before buying a vacuum that cleans long hair, a person should understand and know the average shedding capacity of the dog. If the hair volume being lost is large, a person might require a heavy-load vacuum.

Features Of yeedi vac 2 pro


Women can use this automated device on tiles, ceramic, wooden floorings, carpets, etc. The components in the device use infrared elements to guide the robot where there is dirt. With the help of sensor technology, when the cleaning gets finished, the robot gets back to its place or charging point. The vacuum also recharges itself when it senses its battery is low.

The key features of this product are listed below:

1. Usage Of Oscillating Mopping

The vacuum uses excellent technology to help women in their daily cleaning purposes. It uses an oscillating mopping system which scrubs the untidy parts back and forth. This double cleansing function gives cleanliness as a manual tight cleaning.

2. Exceptional Obstacles Sensor Technology


The yeedi vac 2 pro comes with excellent technological features such as intelligent 3D obstacle avoidance and detection. Through this feature, it accurately senses obstacles on the floor and adjusts its movement. It does not interrupt women working to come and pick up obstacles like remote control, toys, etc.

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3. Detecting Carpets And Increasing Efficiency

The product is built with incredible detection of floor type. When the vacuum detects a carpet, it moves away from it and switches to vacuuming mode. Through this mode, it increases its power and cleans the carpet accordingly.

Why Yeedi Vac 2 Pro?


The product is efficient and effective for keeping the home clean from dogs’ long hair and poops. Compared to manual cleaning or a regular vacuum, it is a useful alternative to save time. It becomes a more handy option when the dog does not stick to one corner and likes to roam around more often.

Yeedi vac 2 pro contains various features within a decent price range. It is a perfect blend of manual cleaning and technological elements. It also has a smooth navigation system and a visual mapping process to detect dirt. It also offers customized cleaning options for effective cleaning. It also comes with a self-empty station that saves time.

Apart from this, it works amazingly on different floor surfaces. These include hardwood, carpet, marble, tiles, etc. It can help eliminate the chances of bad odor resulting from pets. After a vacuum cleaning, there is no need for additional brushing on the surface.

Women might think of staying at home when they own a pet, especially a dog. These pets can create a mess that cannot be cleaned once accumulated in large piles. In this way, women will miss out on events, parties, gatherings, etc. However, employing yeedi vac 2 pro will keep all the worries at bay and allow dog owners to move out of their homes for long hours.

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Gear Up For ‘Turning The Old In For The New Offer’


Yeedi has recently announced its eye-catching offer. The ‘Turning the Old in for the New’ offer enables a yeedi customer to swap the old models of yeedi with a new unit if the former falls in the warranty period.

The offer is set to start from May 2024. Customers can get benefits of this offer by participating in a pre-order sale on Walmart on May 5th. They can trade in for $359.99. Through this offer, they can save $90.

Bottom Line

Many women are concerned about daily home cleaning. When they own a dog, the pet might lose a lot of its hair on a regular basis. The problem grows when these hairs are long. But, with the help of yeedi vac 2 pro, a housewife can get relief. The details mentioned above provide a comprehensive outline of this vacuum and their benefits.