The Tips and Tricks for Engaging your Email Subscribers with Newsletters

Operating a business in today’s highly competitive industry is no easy feat, and both business owners and top management are constantly looking for new avenues to grow their businesses and acquire new customers.

Not only do a higher number of customers lead to greater sales, but it also pushes up overall profitability of a company. And while businesses turn to multiple channels to grow their operations, one of the most profitable and highest-converting by far is email.

Despite advancements in marketing mediums, people continue to hold an engaged relationship with email. Not only does it allow a wide dispersal with a relatively low cost, but email marketing also allows great analytical insights, letting businesses see exactly what is working for them and what isn’t. And in particular, sending newsletters via email is particularly useful.

Here’s how you can use your newsletter to engage with your email subscribers:

1. Engage Third Party Content

No matter which market it is that you’re operating in, there will undoubtedly be industry giants and field influencers that people look up to both for inspiration and guidance in their lifestyle choices. From the food that we eat to the clothes that we wear and even right down to the household supplies that we use, our choices are more greatly influenced by external factors than we ever pause to realize.

And one surefire way to make your email newsletter a hit is to make sure that you engage third-party content. If you’re a company involved in fitness, add a segment on some of the hottest and most popular fitness influencers that are killing their workout game, or if you’re a culinary company, then perhaps add in a recipe from a leading chef or collaborate with a food blogger.

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The goal is to make your readers feel as if they’re not only receiving company-driven content, but also getting the opportunity to connect and engage with the real world, and what better way to do that than through an influencer or renowned personality?

2. Keep your Subject Line in Mind


Of course, no matter how well-written your newsletter is or how extensive your email list is, there’s no point in the effort if your email doesn’t make it any further than the delete button in the first place.

Of the tens of emails that people receive on the daily, it’s only the very few that are actually noticed, opened, and read. And the best way to make sure that your email newsletter is among these is to really hit hard with your subject line, so as to make stand out and make an immediate first impact. Not only is the subject line the first thing that your recipients will see, but it’s also what will make the decision of a mere few seconds of whether or not your email will be clicked on and read.

Some go-to tactics for nailing a subject line are to add personalization by addressing the recipient by their name, include any exclusive offerings or details in the subject line itself, and to attach a dated reminder that pushes urgency. Once you have data on which type of subject lines work the best, it’s all about editing and replication!

3. Include Exclusive Offerings


For your newsletter to grab the attention of your subscribers and engage with them, the recipients need to feel as if they’re gaining access to exclusive content. If they’re getting the same information that’s available on your other platforms, then the motivation to open or read your newsletter decreases.

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As a company, you can offer exclusive content in multiple forms – exclusive voucher codes or promos, information for pre-release product launches, an update of what’s planned for the coming months, or even an invitation to share their feedback with the company and to play their part in molding its future.

You could even try out a prize draw or some exclusive competition. Not only do competitions help you engage with your customers, they also act as a great tool to grow your audience list, promote something new, or generate hype for a new release.

Once you have the content nailed, and peaked interest, the readers will automatically follow and anticipate receiving your email!

4. Keep it short, sweet, and engaging

People have limited attention spans, so keep make sure you keep your newsletter brief and to the point. Use images, bullet points, and subheadings to make the content more scannable and ultimately easier for the user to go through.

Use font or sections that stand-out to place emphasis on the areas or information you want your subscribers to engage with.

Encourage your subscribers to take action by including a strong and appropriate call-to-action (CTA) in your newsletter. This could be to read an article on your website, sign up for a webinar, or purchase a product. Make sure the CTA links through to the action you would like your user to take.

5. Use an Email Marketing Platform


Of course, one of the major elements in driving the success of your email newsletter is to actually keep it consistent and to keep a track of what is working and what isn’t. To make this easier for yourself or your team, you can invest in an email marketing platform much like the one offered by PosterMyWall.

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Not only does PosterMyWall’s Email Marketing Platform allow the user to seamlessly create and send email campaigns all from one place, but with dozens of templates to choose from, you can easily select the one that’s best for your newsletter. Edit the news letter to suit you needs by adding text, playing around with colors, images, videos, and other elements, add a mailing list and send it directly from the platform. And that’s not all – you can also track analytics with their performance tool, letting you measure your successes and rebuild the next steps.

So, if you’re looking to engage your email subscribers with your newsletter, then you’ve got your plan of action right here. Just be sure to execute it with adjustment and creativity!