5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start Listening to Vinyl Records

Music is the essence of our lives. Rare are those people who do not enjoy some sort of music. We’re practically born in a world surrounded by sounds. From the first breath, we start listening to the world around us. With time songs are even played to little children. We learn to sing and play music early in our lives. It is a great part of our education. With music, everything is much easier. Do you know this much? As we said, everyone enjoys it. It all comes down to what you prefer.

Are you a classic lover? Mozart and Beethoven sound just fine. But, we’re not going to insist on it. You can be a fan of Harry Styles or Madonna. It is all the same. Music comes in all shapes and forms. This is something that makes us all different. Even the best of friends can have different tastes in music. Some music lasts for centuries and some Rihanna songs die out after one summer season. The quality is just not the same. Just enter YouTube, and you’ll find a vault that has everything that covers music from early sounds to modern rap.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you listen to, it is all about the quality of the sound. Are you always satisfied with the quality of it that comes your way? It’s not like all of us are music producers and can tell the difference. But sometimes, you must experience the sound in a different shape. Have you had the opportunity to listen to vinyl records? This is a one-of-a-kind experience and everyone should dedicate some time to it at least a few times in their lives. You can do this at Experiencevinyl.com which is a great medium to achieve what we’re suggesting. If you’re unsure about our proposition be free to be convinced by reading these five reasons why everyone should start listening to vinyl records.

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1. The Sound Quality

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Let’s start with the basics. This is what you owe to yourself. As w said, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Kanye West or Taylor Swift. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to Irish folk music or you’re an Led Zeppelin fan. What you need to hear is the quality that a vinyl record produces. Many people claim that sometimes when they’re listening to the music this way they have a feeling like any named artist is there in the room with them. This is probably an experience like no other when it comes to listening to music. Only to listen to that same artist’s live performances, we guess. So, do not let yourself miss out on this unique experience. You won’t regret it.

2. Owning The Vinyl Records

Listening to music this way is one thing. Owning it is another. Yes, as we said you can have all of the world’s music in your palm by only logging onto your YouTube account. Also, you have numerous streaming platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, or Deezer. But, you’re only a subscriber on those platforms. You can never own that music. With a vinyl record, the music becomes yours. You own it not only intellectually but also physically. You can leave some space for your records and create a collection. Anytime you want to listen to a song or an album you can reach for it. For some people, there’s even joy to be found in only looking at the vinyl records. Yes, it goes down many ways, trust us.

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3. Albums, not Songs

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This is one of the best ways to explore a musician. When you love a song, you can play it on repeat on any platform you own of those we mentioned above. But, the best way to truly start appreciating an artist is to listen to his entire body of work, one album at a time. With vinyl, this experience goes to another level. Just imagine putting on a Joe Cocker masterpiece With A Little Help From My Friends and listening to it at its full length. This is an experience like no other. With vinyl, you can fall in love with an artist all over again. If you never listened to it, we see this as an ideal opportunity. After the three reasons we gave you, we can see you attempting, but we’re not going to stop there by any means.

4. Nostalgia

Have you forgotten about something? If you’re a member of the older generation you probably had a fair share of vinyl records. But, with time and modern technology you probably cast away your records. If this is the case, the time is ideal to go upstairs to the attic and clean the dust from your most important property. The nostalgia effect that can be produced with a vinyl record is unparalleled. You owe it to yourself to dig them up and start playing them again. You won’t believe the time travel sensation you’ll experience. It’s like remembering the sensation of going to high school all over again or falling in love for the first time. Just stop reading right here, and if you have hidden gems in the form of a vinyl track please go and pick it up. It’s playtime.

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5. Support of The Industry

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The music industry is a vast one. Yes, there’s plenty of money for artists there, but the best way to support them is to buy their products. Have you given any idea about this? You probably, like many other people, tie vinyl records for older artists and see them as a thing of the past. What you neglected is that most contemporary artists still release their tracks this way. So, they’re allowing you to listen to the sound in this unique way. We recommended that you try it as soon as you can. As it’s already said, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Iron Maiden fan or you prefer Jay-Z and Linkin Park. What you should prefer above all else is the quality of the sound, and that’s what vinyl records are there for.