4 Reasons Why Farming Simulator Is So Popular In 2023

Talking about owning a farm and working in a field all day sounds tough, as it is physical work where many things depend on the weather. But, this type of work is highly appreciated because if there weren’t for farmers, we probably wouldn’t have the food we are used to on our table, and eating 100% natural products would sound like something from a sci-fi movie, like time traveling. Luckily for all of us, farming is one of the oldest jobs people, at first, had to do to survive, and later it became a pretty successful business.

On the other hand, we have technology, something that changed everything for the better, and because it advanced so much, it made even working on a farm a little easier and surely more productive. The latest tech innovations didn’t change just how we all do our jobs, it also changed how and what we do for fun. Namely, the vast majority of people’s preferred way of having fun is playing video games, and since the gaming industry also elevated, especially in the last couple of years, modern games look much more realistic. The AI and VR technology didn’t help with this, and today, with VR, we can actually visit some area or be on some sight, even while comfortably sitting on our couch.

Now, the mix of these two mentioned above is yet another story, and if you ever wondered what will the mix of tough and challenging work on a farm with gaming looks like, just check farmingsimulator2022.com, and you will get a much better grasp of what we are talking about. As soon as it was available, the first farming simulator published in 2008 set some new highs in a number of players and positive critics, and it has been a hit ever since. The reasons for being such a success are numerous as it is the first game of its kind and even those who never had the chance to visit and see firsthand what it is all about and how the farm work looks like now have a chance to at least assume how difficult yet fulfilling it all is. So let’s take a closer look at why they became so popular.

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1. It is impossible to see the “game over” words

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Almost every game has the same story, to reach the goal by overcoming various obstacles. The main goal is, of course, to win, but there is also a possibility of losing, and that’s what makes them popular yet predictive, and in most cases, if we lose, we need to start the game again from the beginning or just from the latest checkpoint. The rules in this simulator are much different, and no matter what you choose to do, it is not possible to lose. The worse thing that can happen is to lose it to debt or to forget to finish some work in the field. On the other side, that is not the game over, and that only means that you need to prepare a better strategy for next season. So, in the end, it is all about commitment, and if you are, you will become a successful farmer, and if not, better luck next season.

2. It is realistic

Many realistic games around the world simulate real-life and situations, and a farming simulator is definitely one of them. The player is facing real situations, needs, and problems to make decisions that affect the whole game. The player is literally doing all the work like on the real farm, but with one huge difference, they do not get their hands dirty, and they do not need to be sure how to finish some work perfectly. That part of the game is on the computer, but besides that, players need to pay attention to finish all the necessary obligations in time, and if we forget to do that, it can result in many damages to the virtual farm, which can later lead to losings and debts. Think of it as a chess game, and you always need to think a few movements ahead.

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3. Possibility for learning

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Many think that playing video games is only a waste of time, but what if we say to you that it is possible to learn many things by playing them. Don’t believe us? Well, it is impossible to play a farming simulator without recognizing at least some of the machines and tools used for farming. It means that by playing a game, players are improving their overall knowledge about tools, machines, and farming itself which can be used in real life. Let’s be honest, how many times have you heard someone say that they learned that from a game? That does not mean that those who never went to a farm cannot play this game because it is not that hard to learn, and with some tutorials, beginners can easily learn the basics.

4. It is great for taking a break from everyday life

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Whoever at least once tried any farming simulator agrees that it is great stress relief, and it is so relaxing for playing. The only important thing in this game is to make a farm successful and enjoy it. There is no unnecessary stress like in shooting games when you need to be cautious all the time, and the only thing to think about here is the next thing you should do to make your fields even better. There are many options, and it is up to you to choose the way how to improve the farm without losing too much money, and there is no pressure because if you are working well, there will always be enough money for farm costs.

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To Summarize

Well, there you have it, as these four reasons are the most important ones why farming simulators are so popular. The only thing to worry about now is when to start playing, as, be warned, it is highly addictive, and if you are not familiar with the farm and what’s needed, it may cause a few sleepless nights, at first. But isn’t that why we play these games in the first place?