How To Find The Cheapest Oil Change Prices

Nowadays, traveling from one place to another without driving a vehicle is almost impracticable and distressing. Although there are various modes of public transportation, you can use to travel, taking the bus or hailing a cab can be exhausting.

Having your own vehicle is a huge investment if you’re financially capable. Buying one may help you perform various tasks in your everyday life with ease. However, becoming a car owner also entails a lot of responsibilities. After all, you need to finance repairs and maintenance works to keep your vehicle functioning well.

If you wish to keep your vehicle’s engine in optimal condition without spending a fortune, it’s vital to know how to find affordable options for routine works like an oil change. This maintenance practice is something you should often perform to prevent engine damage or failure.

Finding Cheap Oil Change Prices

One crucial maintenance work you need to perform for your automobile is an oil change. It’s a car care practice you should prioritize, especially if you use your vehicle often. If you fail to perform this maintenance work, the lubricant running through your engine may damage its parts and lead to increased wear. Poor engine oil quality may also make your vehicle consume more fuel since it exerts more effort to run. Hence, it’s best to know what your vehicle needs to preserve its optimal performance.

Replacing the lubricating agent of your car’s engine is a maintenance work that won’t cost a fortune. However, if you have a tight budget, a sudden visit with your automotive service provider may catch you off guard. Hence, it’s advisable to check your options first before bringing your vehicle to a service center. Here are some methods to help you spot affordable prices for an oil change to save money:

  • Check Prices First


Before picking which, car maintenance service center will be the best choice for your oil change, it may be helpful to evaluate the prices of various providers first. You can assess which oil change packages will be most affordable and practical for your vehicle needs. For instance, you can visit here to check the oil change prices at Walmart if there’s one near your area. They may have multiple offers at different price points, so you can select which option will give you the best value for the amount of money you’ll spend.

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If you also need to check other aspects of your vehicle, like your tires or lights, you may seek a package covering those for a discounted price.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Before you bring your automobile to a repair shop, you should try checking your car’s performance and condition first. The type of oil you’ll use for your engine will depend on your vehicle’s model. For instance, if you’ve been using synthetic oil to lubricate your engine, you may need to find a vehicle service center with the same brand to avoid mixing oils in your car.

The type of oil will play a role in how much you’ll need to spend. Thus, it’s best to know what kind of lubricant your engine needs.

Ask Your Dealership


Besides going straight to a car service company, you can also check if your vehicles warranty covers regular maintenance works. Some dealerships have a partner car service provider that offers vehicle inspection and repair for their customers. For example, if you bought your vehicle from a local dealership, you should check with them if your vehicle insurance provides a more affordable oil change service.

As a car owner, you may also get discounts for maintenance work if your vehicle warranty covers engine works. You may also get a complete car check-up if you go through your dealer. This can help you save some money on routine vehicle care, always compare prices from the top car warranty providers like Also, allowing your car dealer’s mechanic to examine your vehicle may help you identify other complications affecting your driving experience.

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Changing Your Car’s Oil By Yourself

Another option you can consider to save up on replacing your car’s oil is doing it yourself. If you’ve had your vehicle for a while and knows how to perform basic vehicle maintenance works, you can do the oil change yourself instead of contacting your local express lube shop.

You only need some tools to make your engine work and the appropriate oil filter and motor lubricant for your vehicle model. Check what type of engine oil you need before replacing it, since the wrong one may cause trouble for your vehicle . Once you have everything prepared, drain the old oil first to ensure nothing will contaminate the new one you’ll pour in. Once you put the new supply of lubricant in, test its levels and try to turn on your engine to see if everything was done correctly or if there’s a leak you need to fix.

Benefits Of A Car Oil Change


There are various reasons why you should include an oil change in your automobile’s maintenance work. If you want to use your car for a long time, you must perpetually keep it in an exquisite condition. In addition, a well-oiled engine may help maintain its value, durability, and get you better deals if you plan to sell your vehicle in the future.

Also, this car care practice will enable you to avoid road troubles, especially if you drive often. For instance, your car won’t overheat even when you’re driving on a sunny day if your engine has enough lubrication to keep cool. In addition, it won’t have problems starting, even when your car is parked outside in the cold weather.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping your car in optimal condition is your responsibility as a car owner. Failure to attend to your vehicle’s needs may result in various inconveniences and unexpected expenses. An oil change may not seem a vital practice you should do, especially if your car engine appears fine. However, this task is crucial in keeping your car components in a good state. If you want to find an affordable oil change, try to check with your local car dealer or compare the prices of different car service centers first. Doing so will allow you to find the best option for your car’s needs and your budget.