Food & Beverage Industry Trends to Watch Out for This Year 2024

We live in the world of trends. It all revolves around trends. We love to have trendy smartphones, and trendy t-shirts, and to follow people in trend. This is probably the social media effect. Today, it is easy to follow trends due to their presence in mainstream media of all sorts. This is why many industries plan their products and manufacture their products based on trend predictions. This is quite interesting when you think about it. Major companies follow trends and base their activities on them.

If you want to get into that sphere of operations, or simply want to be the first one to know and talk about trends, you have come to the right place. Food and beverages are what we’re interested in, and that’s what we are going to cover today. There’s plenty to say about this subject and we are all for it. This year is already halfway through, so you’ll probably recognize some of the trends, but a few ones will come as a surprise. So, if you are prepared we would love to start to tell you about food & beverage industry trends to watch out for this year 2024.

It’s Going To Be Plant-Oriented


As we said, the majority of trends are visible on Instagram and Facebook. That’s the world we live in. if you’re present on these two or any other social medial platform, you probably noticed that there are so much more vegans and vegetarians. They’re everywhere and they’re trendy. Thanks to them you have noticed that plant-based foods are becoming rather popular. You can be a carnivore and still love plenty of food created solely out of plants. It can be the first thing that takes you through becoming a vegan – this trend. You’d be surprised to hear that there wasn’t an increased number of vegans and vegetarians; it’s their food that’s becoming in-trend. This is the reason why many people want to try this food, not that they want to have it as the only choice on their plates. Mixing it up a bit is great, and if you post it on social media maybe you can create a food-based trend. If this is what you want to achieve maybe you could find success with the right help in the form of

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No-Alcohol Drinks

The pandemic did change the world. COVID-19 came as a massive curse, but it has left some blessings along the way. When it all started, the one important thing was our immunity. This is why people started consuming many drinks that were intended to boost their immunity. Of course, the same pandemic was truly depressing, and the consumption of alcohol increased, which was to be expected. But, it didn’t stop on-alcoholic beverages to boom. Today, most coffee places, bars, and restaurants, such as, have in their offerings drinks that are non-alcoholic but at the same time extremely healthy, and created to boost our immunity. The trend of no alcohol in beverages will continue to rise.

The Prices Will Rise


We have only just started exiting the most recent financial depression caused by the pandemic we mentioned above, and we still have global events in Europe causing the situation to remain bleak for some time now. Of course, with everything that happens around us, we can’t expect things to remain the same. One of the things that influenced the food & beverage market is of course the price of raw materials. It’s not only the price of manufacturing them that went up, it also has to do with the price of supplying the goods. With the shortage of supplies for all the products restaurants and similar establishments were serving they were forced to shorten their menu. In return, the food they left on the table went up in price. The same can be said, for beverages, but with all honesty, the situation is not as steep when it comes to drinks.

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No-Casein Diet

One of the principal issues more than 30% of Americans are facing is dairy intolerance. The allergic reactions to dairy products and lactose are no joking matter. What causes this reaction, and which can lead to severe health issues is called casein. This protein is what many people need to avoid getting into contact with. This is something the dairy industry is already paying attention to, and many other industries will follow suit. You are already witnessing this by the number of health products that are being advertised even as we speak. But, as you see in our subtitle, we haven’t spoken about dairy-free products. No, these are casein-free. What this means is that if a product is free of casein it can still contain lactose and dairy.

Increase in Coffee Alternatives


Coffee is one of the most consumed potions in the world. It has been like that since the early ages. Things haven’t changed. Coffee only evolved. Today we have regular coffee, no-caffeine coffee, all kinds of espresso coffees, and various other beverages based on the coffee itself. Coffee is immensely popular and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. But, we can’t hide the fact that alternatives to coffee are on the rise. You have all sorts of fruit-based coffees, potions such as matcha or kombucha, Golden milk, and even turmeric milk. All of these are great alternatives to coffee. If you follow coffee closely during this year, you’ll notice that it’s still popular, and even growing in popularity, but you won’t be able to neglect the alternatives.

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Going Global

The food & Beverage industry is one of those that have it the easiest to become a global brand. How and why? Well, as we already said, it’s all due to social medial platforms. Even before that the world was connected by the internet. Because of this, many foods and drinks from various cultures were exposed to other cultures. They adapted fairly quickly and we not only have Thai food in the US today and the rest of the world, but we have it blended with local cousins all over the globe. Today, this trend continues and grows. It’s all thanks to the photos on the social media platforms we spoke about above.