Hidden Features of YouTube: 6 Tips & Tricks You May Now Know

YouTube is the best source through which you can scroll your favorite video content, study, learn skills, watch movies, shows, and so much more. However, if you think that that’s the only thing YouTube offers, you are not on the right page. There is so much room for you to explore.

You need not feel the fear of missing out. This article aims to help you learn tips and tricks to explore the hidden features of the YouTube world.

Smart Downloads By YouTube

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Let’s discuss the prospects first. It will be soon that YouTube music will help you with smart downloads.

Now, what is this exactly?

It is a new and captivating feature that will help you download approximately 500 songs. You can download these songs through the platform and listen to them offline. However, you can begin with this immediately if you can access the YouTube premium membership. So, the platform uses some algorithms to form a playlist based on the kind of songs that you are already listening to. All you need to do is ensure that you have a stable connection. Choose the songs, and they will be downloaded to your device overnight.

Don’t Miss Out On Quality Time

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This kind of platform enjoys immense popularity owing to the right reasons. You will be thrilled to find your favorite creator’s channel on the platform to get an insight into what they do and how they do it. But, each of you will be guilty of streaming to the extent that you end up staying on the website for a considerable time.

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So, is YouTube inducing you to do it by helping you with everything you need?

Probably right.

So, you can take a break. It is possible that your instincts will tell you to do it for quite some time but in vain. So, let’s fix a reminder. Open the settings of this platform, followed by choosing ‘General.’ It would help if you turned on the option of reminding to take a break. That’s how you will end up taking the break that you deserve.

Video To GIF Conversion

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Trying it will be fun and exciting if this is enough to trick the creative ideas inside you into the outflow. The GIF-making process is fun; everyone loves and relates to them for one reason or another. You can use this trick to convert the YouTube video into a GIF with the help of a URL.

The first step that you need to do to complete this conversion is that you need to go to the URL. You will find it at the top of the browser window. Use the word ‘GIF.’ You need to add it to the URL.

For example, if the URL says www.youtube.com, you must add a gif before the domain name. In this case, it will become www.gifyoutube.com/(video tag). So, it would help if you were careful while adding it as a minor alteration can change the result that you are expecting.

The GIF website will appear. You will have the uploaded video here and need to begin editing. Explore your options on the page and see the changes on the page.

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Video Playlists Creation, Sharing, And Collaboration

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You can use this platform to create your playlist. Apart from that, this platform will work as a place for storing and organizing the videos. You can also save your videos and those that you like belonging to others. You have the option of keeping the playlist private. If you want, you can make it public, too. Also, you can share the list with others as you like.

Playlists belong to different users and can relate to any field or topic. Be it the cooking recipes, lifestyle tips and travel blogs, dinners, and so much more, everything feels incomplete without the combination of the right music. Also, the genre helps people spend less time finding what they are looking for.

The steps to create such a playlist on the desktop are as follows:

You need to visit your page playlist, and then you should choose the ‘Creator Studio.’ Then, it would help if you visited the ‘Video Manager. Then, you can choose the playlists. It will help you create a new playlist and choose to add whatever you like.

Disabling Autoplay

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Are you an avid YouTube scroller but cannot do anything about the autoplay? It is a default feature, and the following video plays whenever the first one stops. It is a part of the suggested videos and will go on for as long as you choose to disable it. You can follow the following steps to help you with the disabling process.

You need to launch the settings menu on your phone. But, you need to have an app on your phone for that. You can consider looking for the options available at viralnewschart.com for the same. After this, you need to open the ‘Autoplay’ menu, and then you need to turn off the toggle of the autoplay that will apply to the following video.

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Link Shareability Beginning A Specific Time

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Creating a shareable link for the platform is available, and you can do it for some time only. It will help you share the desired videos and content with some people that will begin at some time. The purpose will be solved, and there will be no issues about it being forwarded without your permission. The steps to do the same are as follows:

You need to open the official website on the web through the laptop or PC and choose any video on the platform to play. After this, you need to choose the share button. It will help you enable the checkboxes apart from the ‘Start at’ option. You choose to be competent to choose the period for sharing. The period refers to the beginning note of the video. The user to whom the video will be shared will see the video beginning from the selected time. At last, you can copy the video and share it with everyone.


So, these tips and tricks are unique. Try them and see what benefits you can draw from them. There are many more, and you can discover them with hit-and-trial methods.