4 Reasons Why Hiking is a Great Date Option in 2024

More and more people in their free time decide to stay in nature. In recent years, hiking has become a favorite physical outdoor activity of an increasing number of people who are eagerly awaiting the next trip, an interesting trail and a new peak. There are many reasons why you should start hiking too. For many, hiking is a holiday for body and soul, and each trail brings a special challenge. There are many reasons why every person should go hiking recreationally, because it helps many people to solve life’s problems. This is not surprising because hiking has numerous positive physical and mental effects due to which this outdoor activity is not only exercise but also an excellent anti-stress therapy.

Although this is a recreation that you can do on your own, it is still more interesting in society. Why not take the person you like to your first date like this? Here are a few reasons why this is a good idea.

Dare, be different

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The first meeting is usually reduced to a drink or dinner in a restaurant with a chat and a walk afterwards, or going to the cinema. Okay, it’s a nice, classic first date, but why not “jump out” of the frames and take your better half on a hike where you’ll be fully committed to each other, there will be no acquaintances or noises this will distract you from the conversation.

Regular hiking trips in the company will help you strengthen friendly relations while working on your form at the same time. Talking to hikers will help you further motivate yourself and adopt physical activity as an essential part of your life, not just as a commitment.

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Hiking as a form of exercise

During hiking not only the legs but also the whole body are active. Of course, you mostly train your legs and buttocks, but they also work their backs because they still carry a backpack. In addition, the abdomen and back serve to stabilize our body and are active all the time during hike. If you use sticks, you will also practice your arms. On trails that need to be climbed, you will use the same intensity of arm and leg.
Hiking is a social activity, so it connects us with our friends or family members. In nature, we will not hang on our mobile phones, look at the TV screen, but we will talk to our company and create unforgettable experiences.

Improves brain function and mood

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Staying in nature improves mental health and cognitive functions, contributes to better concentration at work, and encourages creativity. Research has shown that people who spend more time in nature than at the computer are as much as 50 percent more creative in solving everyday life challenges and problems. They also have a better memory than “home” types of people. Hiking improves mood and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. It works by reducing the effect of the part of the brain that is in charge of a bad mood. In addition, the longer you stay in nature, the better you will harmonize with natural rhythms and cycles.


If you are eager for adventure the mountain is the right place for you. It hides many beauties that are often hidden. You will have to detach yourself a bit from the main mountain trails to find them yourself. Streams, forests, flowers, and animals, are the inhabitants of the mountains who will welcome you at every turn.

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How to prepare for hiking

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If the idea is to surprise another person with this outing, then at least give them some instructions – to put on comfortable clothes and shoes and to prepare to spend a few hours with you, without any hurry. You, as the organizer of this meeting, do your best to bring everything you need – drinks, snacks, and blankets. Study the hiking map and weather forecast well and plan your stay in nature. Here you can find more about the best clothes for hiking.

Hiking is generally the healthiest sport or recreation – it reduces the risk of chronic diseases and lowers cholesterol, especially bad LDL, strengthens the heart and increases lung capacity, relieves depression and stress, strengthens muscles and bones, helps reduce weight, improves brain function and others.

When a man hikes, he always tries to do it with those people who suit him, cheerful and in a good mood who have similar inclinations and hobbies. In hiking, you simply avoid those who are constantly in a bad mood and quarrelsome, because such are not actually hikers. Staying in the fresh and clean air with people of good will with song and common interests is the basis of mountaineering.

It is important to choose the right path

The most important thing is to be well informed about the trail from where to start and which trail to the top is best to walk, because you usually have more hiking trails that lead to the top, longer, shorter, harder or easier. Therefore, the most important thing is to choose the right path and start in nice weather. Always bring enough water and food of course if there is no mountain lodge at the top.

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Final thoughts

Hiking is more than a sport and a hobby, more than aimlessly walking towards the top of a hill and descending into the lowlands. It is a lifestyle, accepting oneself and the world around oneself, connecting with nature. Hiking includes a range of activities that make life more interesting, healthier and happier. Staying and moving in nature provide countless opportunities and pleasures to anyone who wants to spot and experience them. Natural beauties, fairytale views, the smells of the forest, the sounds of the mountains, indescribable experiences are just a part of what hiking allows you. And the best part of the story, we can take it all with us to our homes, jobs and in general in our lives, keep it forever and do it for free.
Yes, being in nature will physically exhaust you, but on the other hand it will fill you with a sense of satisfaction, emotional stability, new experiences, and connection with the person with whom you embarked on this adventure.