5 Steps for Hiring Temporary Workers Through a Temp Agency in Portland

Our goal is to be your bridge to prosperity in the city of seven bridges. We are known as a creative staffing agency in Portland, and we would be honored to do the same for you. We have helped top creative people in Portland obtain great employment opportunities with some of the most prestigious firms in the world. Scion Staffing serves the needs of businesses and organizations in the Portland metro area. Since 2006, it has been bringing together job-seekers and companies from various places. The company provides executive search, payrolling, direct hire, and temporary employment, as well as interim leadership placement. Scion Staffing offers recruiting services to six different industries, including non-profit, creative, corporate, executive search, IT, and healthcare or medical. The American Staffing Association accepts it as a member. Security, Gap, and Spectrum Brands are a few of its prior customers.

If a company needs seasonal or short-term labor or needs to hire quickly, using a temp agency Portland such as Scionstaffing to acquire temporary workers can be a wonderful alternative. Since you won’t need to offer perks like healthcare and vacation time, it will also help businesses save on overhead expenditures.

When a candidate is hired by a temp agency, if you use one, you still need to conduct interviews and make a hiring decision. Our manual takes you step-by-step through the process of hiring temporary workers through a temp agency, from determining the sort of employment to choosing a provider to comprehending the agency’s hiring procedures, interviewing candidates, and making your final decision.

First, decide what kind of temporary worker you need

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If your business is thinking about hiring a temp, consider the following:

  • Do you need extra help during a busy season from a seasonal employee?
  • Are you trying to fill a void when a full-time worker is on a prolonged leave of absence?
  • Are you in a new position but not yet prepared to hire someone full-time?
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A staffing company can handle any of these scenarios. With a temporary employee, you must watch out that you are not understaffing or overstaffing your company. Overstaffing results in greater payroll costs and could result in underutilized staff. In the meantime, understaffing might result in overtime fees and worker burnout.

Comparing temporary workers and temp-to-hire

For short-term vacancies, often less than six months, a temporary employee is employed. However, if you want to recruit a full-time employee but are unsure that you will locate the perfect candidate soon or would simply like to test the new role out, a temp-to-hire employee may be an alternative. Small firms can test out temp-to-hire staff via temp services before committing to full-time employment. A 90-day contract is typically required when hiring a temporary worker, giving you and the employee time to assess each other and determine if you’re a suitable fit.

Secondly, conduct budget and temp agency research

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You must conduct thorough research before choosing a temp agency, and you shouldn’t just accept the first offer you receive. Make sure the agency you’re seeking has the knowledge to give you the correct prospects because there are numerous temp companies that specialize in particular industries and occupations.

Request references Ask temp agencies to offer names of current and prior companies they have helped, much as you would when verifying references from previous managers when employing an employee. By interacting with these companies, you can find out if the temp agency provides high-quality staff and get a flavor of the experience you might expect.

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You must also learn how the temp agency bills in order to budget for this cost. If you’ve never worked with a staffing or temp agency, get ready for a little shock. The cost might seem exorbitant, but by lowering your own company’s costs, you could really save money.

Thirdly, the process should be discussed with the temp agency.

It’s time to work with the temp agency and its recruiters to discover the best applicant once you’ve determined that a temp agency is within your spending limit and have located one that specializes in your sector or the type of job you need filled.

Some temp companies typically have people on hand, especially those that specialize in administrative or technological positions. So, if you’re searching for a general office administrator, you might be able to conduct interviews with potential employees the day after you sign up. You could require the recruiter from the temp agency to find candidates for more specialized tasks.

Ask the recruiter how many candidates they will send you as you discuss the vacancy. You can then plan interviews accordingly. Although the recruiter will conduct the initial interviews, since you will be working with the candidate, you should at least conduct a 30-minute video call or in-person interview to ensure that they are a good fit for your organization’s culture.

Interviewing candidates is the fourth step

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You should receive at least three job searchers from the temp agency. Some people might email them all at once, so you can examine them simultaneously. You are not required to interact with them, and you should let them know if you feel the recruiter was off-target. If you aren’t direct and straightforward, they won’t be able to assist you.

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Inform the recruiter as soon as you have a candidate you want to interview. They will arrange for you to have the interview at a time that works for you. Make sure to interview at least three applicants for the position; never choose the first or allow the recruiter to try to pressure you into hiring someone.

Finally, choose a candidate

Give the recruiter your input after speaking with at least three candidates. Ask the temp agency to send you more if none stand out to you. Let the recruiter know which prospect you have selected if you do find one who is truly exceptional. They’ll start the procedure for integrating that employee into your business. Keep a tight eye on the temporary employee’s performance once they begin working for your business. Immediately get in touch with the temp agency if you’re unhappy with their performance. Since the worker is its employee and not yours, it must take action and address any problems.


By minimizing the time and resources lost on posting a job ad, evaluating resumes, and conducting applicant testing, using a temp agency can save your business money. Because they have a pool of candidates on hand and the ability to identify competent workers rapidly, temp agencies can handle all of that for you more swiftly.