How Can I Recover Deleted Google Hangouts Messages From Android?

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Discover simple solutions to recover lost or deleted messages from party or chat history!

Take a look: Lost or accidentally deleted party messages on your Android phone or tablet? Looking for a method to recover deleted or lost messages (SMS) or threads from meeting places? Relax! Relax! In this article you will discover simple and practical solutions that will help you restore your deleted Android message or chat history. Board of Experts : One of the simplest and best solutions for removing deleted attachments from your Android phone and tablet is Android Data Recovery, which is an ideal game recovery software.

With the Android data recovery tool you can do that:

  • Efficiently remove attachments from chat logs or missed, lost or deleted rides from your Android phone or tablet.
  • Other types of files such as photos, videos, audio files, contacts, call history, SMS, documents, voice memos, notes, voice recordings and others are also restored.
  • Analyze the files recovered from Hangouts attachments and view them in the program’s preview window before saving them to your computer.
  • Support for all brands and more than 8,000 Android phones and tablets, including Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, Google Pixel, LG, Huawei, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony, Meizu and others.

Free trial / Buy Android data recovery tool to recover attached files

Nowadays, many Android phone and tablet users prefer to use the instant messaging application rather than the traditional SMS method.

Many users use Google Hangouts for messaging and chat, as it is one of the most popular communication applications and offers great features such as instant messaging, SMS, video chat, group chat, voice over IP and much more.

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But many users have lost an awful lot of data, for example by accidentally deleting one or more important messages or chatting using Google Hangouts and then submitting a recovery request.

Take a look at the practical scenarios below, for example!

Practical scenario 1: Randomly deleted user messages in Part

Can I retrieve a deleted message from meeting places?

I accidentally deleted a call in the meeting places, can I have it back?

The source: Help with meeting places

Practical scenario 2: User accidentally deleted messages in shaded areas with images

how to get your party messages back on track

I accidentally deleted my party archives to restore them.

Help me, please. There’s a lot of deleted images I want back.

The source: Google Product Forums

As with the practical scenarios, many people face the same problem.

So now the question arises: how do we retrieve deleted or lost chat messages from meeting places? Is it possible to retrieve the history of a deleted chat in meeting places?

Discover below the answer for yourself!

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Is it possible to retrieve deleted messages from meeting places?

While there may be several reasons for the loss or deletion of Hangouts messages, such as accidental deletion, factory restoration of Android, virus infection, removal of the Hangouts application, forgetting the screen lock password, damaging or destroying the Android phone, etc., there are a number of reasons for the loss or deletion of Hangouts messages.

But a quick answer to the above question – Yes, you can receive messages of deleted or lost trips from your Android phone or tablet.

But you only have to worry about one thing: making sure that messages are not overwritten remotely by new messages or data. This can be done in the simplest way: switch off the data on the mobile phone, stop using it and do not add new data to the device.

So now we want to learn about effective solutions for recovering deleted messages in Android meeting places.

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Decision 1: Investigating and restoring group trap messages in Gmail

This only works if you have enabled your chat history in Gmail to automatically save your chats.

You can then try to find, view and recover the messages in Gmail if you have accidentally deleted them.

Follow the instructions:

Look back at your time at Gmail:

  • Open Gmail on your computer. Pay attention: Make sure it’s the same account you use for travel.
  • Click on the Advanced button on the left side of the page.
  • Click on Chat. You will now see a list of all chat messages/instructions you have saved.
  • Find the party you want to read and click to open it.

See reports of previous meetings.

  • Open Gmail on your computer. Pay attention: Make sure it’s the same account you use for travel.
  • Enter the word:cats in the search field and press the Search button.
  • In the search results you can search for trip messages with a trip icon.

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Decision 2: Conversation of the archives section on restoring archives on Android

If you have archived party messages on your Android, you can simply remove them from the archive to restore them.

Follow the instructions to unlock archived messages on Android :

  • Open applications on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Tap the top of the menu, and then tap Archive.
  • Click on the call you want to unpack.
  • Press More > Settings > Unlock Call.

Decision 3: Restoring other files from external parties with Android data recovery

If you have lost or accidentally deleted other files (except suspension messages or chat history), such as photos, documents, videos, text messages, etc. that you want to recover, you can download Android Data Recovery, the appropriate tool for recovering suspension messages.

You can first download the trial version of the program and then scan the files from the internal memory of your Android phone or from an external SD card. And then you buy the full version of the program for real data recovery, but only after you’re sure you’ve found all the files you wanted to send back.

Follow the instructions below to recover files from deleted games (excluding chat history) using Android data recovery software

You can also:

Steps for recovering deleted pending messages on Android

Step 1 – Connect your Android phone

Download, install and start restoring Android data to your computer, then select the Restore option.

Android Toolbox

Now connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your Android phone.

If your phone is running Android OS 4.2.2 or later, you will receive a pop-up message on your phone. Click OK to allow USB debugging.

Once the unit is connected, you will see the screen as shown in the figure below.

Step 2 – Selecting the file types to be scanned

Once your phone is connected, Android Data Recovery will display the file types that make it possible to recover it. By default, the program has checked all file types. Here you can select the file types you want to recover and then click Next to continue the recovery process.

The software then offers two options (only for devices without root system) : Scan for remote files and scan for all files. Scanning all files will take longer, but your machine will be scanned thoroughly. Now click Next to continue the data recovery process.

The software will first analyze your device.

Android data recovery software now scans your device to recover lost/falsified data. This process may take a few minutes. Wait till the scanning’s done.

Step 4 – Viewing and restoring deleted data on Android devices

Once the scan is complete. You can now view the files you are restoring one by one. Select the files you want to resend and then click Restore to save them to your computer.

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Memory tips

Always save your messages from meeting places.

  • Ask your friends or the person you’re chatting with to check your Gmail chat folder (see here –, and if they have chat conversations, ask them to copy and paste it and email it to you.
  • Make sure you haven’t archived the call either.


After reading this article, I hope you have several effective ways to recover lost or deleted chat messages from Hangout on Android. I have also received some tips that you should remember and that can help you retrieve messages from meeting places.

However, if you want to recover photos, video and audio files, and documents sent or received by stragglers, be sure to try Android data recovery software before it’s too late.

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