How Environmentally Friendly Are F1 Cars And Fuel?

It is very important to keep raising awareness related to climate change and how different sources of carbon dioxide are the most responsible for that. It is estimated that there are over 1 billion cars in the world, which is the main reason why they are responsible for over 30% of CO2 released into the air. The great thing is that many companies are working on safer alternatives, where the most popular options are electric vehicles and biofuels.

The methods used in the gathering of gas also need some significant changes. For example, Nacero is planning to open a new facility that will produce petrol from gas, which will reduce the emission of toxic materials by 50%. You can read more about this if you click here.

While electric vehicles are much better for the environment, it will need some time before we manage to develop a highly capable system where people can easily charge their batteries on every corner. It might be a good solution for drivers today, but only those with regular vehicles. On the other hand, it is more difficult when it comes to transporting cars. Also, there is a concern about how this trend might affect racing sports, especially Formula 1.

Interesting Research Provided by F1


Many people who enjoy watching car racing are worried that it won’t be so attractive after electric models become a standard. That led to an interesting statistic provided by the officials in the F1 championship that proves that things are not that serious when it comes to the emission of CO2 from racing bolides.

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According to this report, the total amount of carbon dioxide released for one year in the main formula championship is less than 1% when compared to all racing sports. The best example to understand this is that the amount of fuel that is spent during one season is the same as the one international airplane needed for a single flight.

Sustainability is the Key


Even though they have proven that this sport takes only a minor part in total emission, they are working actively on bringing new solutions that will bring that point to zero. Also, the most important thing related to this is that they are not planning to implement electric engines since that will make this sport less attractive.

Even though electric vehicles can have the same or even better performances, it’s the sound that makes these races so attractive to most fans. Therefore, they are working on a new type of fuel that won’t release any toxic materials. It is surprising that they already managed to develop this new fuel and systems that will produce it. According to Formula 1 officials, the main championship will make it a standard feature in the next few years.

Features of New Fuel


Creating a zero-emission combustion engine might sound difficult, but engineers from F1 came up with an excellent solution where they managed to combine ethanol with petrol to provide better output and more power to the engine while implementing an advanced system that will collect the CO2. The process of production of fuel is also changed, and it is now combining several methods that include renewable resources, biofuel, and more.

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Moreover, these engines will still release some level of carbon dioxide, but it will be only a part of the natural where the existing amount of carbon is reused. In that matter, it will be a zero-emission engine that is safe for the nature. The positive effects on the environment are not the only benefit as well since it will cut the expenses by over 60% because this type of fuel is much cheaper than standard one.

This emerging technology is crucial because it is a fact that we cannot expect that electric cars will completely replace current vehicles. It might require 15 or 20 years until all cars are electric. On the other side, this innovation might save the combustion engine from going to history.

The main strategy of Formula 1 is to achieve a completely neutral position when it comes to the emission of toxic waste. As you can see, these new engines will release a certain amount of it, but only one that is already in nature. Therefore, this sport can remain popular without a chance that anyone can accuse them of having a negative impact on the environment.

Efforts to Save Their Reputation


Since more and more people are becoming aware that emission of carbon dioxide is the main reason for climate change, there is also a chance that it will impact those interested in F1 and other car races. That is the main reason why the new fuel might be the factor that will save this sport. Besides that, there are some recent issues related to production and distribution of fuel in the world caused by the crisis in Ukraine, which affected the prices to go up.

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The innovation introduced by the main formula tournament might motivate other companies and producers to start using same or similar processes to capture the existing carbon dioxide and use alternative processes to create fuel.

Last Words

Even though the fact is that Formula was not a significant factor in terms of the total emission of CO2, new trends could affect the popularity of this sport since more people are now aware of the importance of implementing green energy.

Therefore, it was a crucial move by this company that might bring even more fans to these events. The introduction of green petrol is not the only action as well since they will stop using certain materials and implement a new system that will prevent the emission of any toxic substances as well.

The great thing is that this might affect other racing tournaments to start using the same method. A lot of people are already questioning the sustainability and level of waste caused by various racing sports, and this advanced technology will help them to continue entertaining car enthusiasts from all over the world.