How Tight Should A Wig Be – 2024 Guide

Trends change with age and with new fashions. We also make some changes according to our schedules and our time available. This is normal, especially today when life is in fourth gear and everything is done on the run.

This is the same with fashion, specifically with hair. Women enjoy being groomed and they like visiting hair, makeup and nail saloons but with an increase in obligations, the available time for looking good is proportionally decreased. Thanks to this you have to find a way to look your best with limited time at your hands.

If you are an everyday wig girl then you know all about how these wigs can be both convenient and amazing.

Synthetic wigs offer you less time at the salon or in the bathroom styling your hair and offer you the choice of going right to the end with a pre-styled piece that will last you the entire week and make you look ravishing every day of it.
Wearing wigs isn’t just slapping one on whenever you need it. There are some preparations and some steps that you have to take to pull it off successfully every time. Wig liner, whether mesh or nylon, is a must if you want your wig to look clean and help secure your hair for comfortable wearing. Switching wigs like your shoes might help you to keep them in much better shape which is why a minimum of three wigs is a must where each one of those experiences less wears and tear over time. There are a lot of places where you can get you, and one of those is

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To ensure the best fit you should always measure your head before ordering a wig. This way you will ensure that you are wearing the most comfortable one‚ and you will stop itchiness and sliding of the piece. Since we mentioned this today we will do a guide on the tightness of the wig so make sure you read to the end!

1. Preparations

Before the measurement, you have to do a thing or two. For you to get all the measurements correctly you should have your hair braided at best or do any other form of a hairstyle that will make your hair distort the measurements. What you need to do is measure your dimension with a hairstyle that will be exactly like that under the wig. This way you are ensuring that your measurements are correct and that you will have a wig that will fit perfectly and feel like it all yours from the beginning.

2. Measurements

When it comes to measurements, wig makers have six of these that they make before they start making the wig but you don’t need all six of those. You need to measure the circumference of your head, next is the measurement of your front to nape, the temple to temple around the back and the nape of the back. These will do enough and with these, you will find the one that matches you and that will feel like the natural extension of you. Wearing a wig should feel easy and natural and you shouldn’t stress about whether is it crooked, you shouldn’t be constantly scratching it because it itches from being too loose or too tight. It all should be one smooth and stress-free experience.

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3. The choice

After preparations and measurement, you will probably look for a place that has the wig you need. What is a problem, but not that big is that you will probably have trouble finding a wig that is made according to your measurements. This is possible only if you are having one made especially for you and not buying them pre-made. Now there are a lot of wigs for sale and there are a lot of different dimensions. One size doesn’t fit all here and that is for sure. If your head size, according to the measurement you took before doesn’t fit with any size they offer never go lower than what you measured, always go a bit bigger. For instance, if your circumference is 21.5 inches, your ear to ear is 13 inches and your front to back is 14 inches never go with a size that is lower than those values. You will have a tight fit that will never look good, it will never cover everything you need and it will make you itchy and nervous. The advice is always to go slightly bigger because it is easier to do something about a bit of extra than trying to stretch something smaller. So according to that example go 22, 13.5 and 14.5 if you want your wig to at least to have a chance to make you look natural and better.

4. Wig caps/liners


Believe it or not sometimes wig caps/liners play a big role in how your wig looks, how it stands, does it move, itch, etc. there are a lot of different wig caps and you can go by the size of your wig or you can opt for “one size fits all”. Some had a much better experience with the latter ones while others opt for a bit tighter wig cap to subdue the hair and ensure the wig is placed and held properly. This could be a neat little experiment and you should try out more of these before you find what works for you.

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In the end, all we have to say is that you be open for experimentation and some trial and error phase. Things like these will never go right from the first time. You will always have that one wig that was constantly crooked, moving, itching and annoying you. This is why you need to try different sizes and different styles of the wig to find the size and the shape that fits you the best.

Wigs are a great thing and they will help you a lot whenever you are on a tight schedule and need to look your best without a lot of preparation. If you wear these daily, then we don’t have to say anything else to sell you these, you already know why you like them and if you are having problems with fitment or with the wigs not being compliant try these steps out and see if you manage to find a better fit.