How to earn gold in Final Fantasy 14

Square Enix’s Ending Fantasy has broken into some of the best MMO titles with cutting-edge graphics and a well-thought-out system of quests and activities to captivate players.

Gold plays a key role in MMO projects, equipment is bought with it, pumping is simplified, various services are paid for.


Consider ways to get gold:

  1. Just obviously follow the link and buy gold for Final Fantasy in the required amount. All you need is to choose the amount and pay for the service. You just exchanged money for game currency. The transaction is absolutely safe, as it is disguised as a classic exchange between users, and the administration will not choose individual cases of participation in RMT actions.
  2. Passage of quests – each task in most cases brings experience and game gold, and often when going to complete story tasks, the character ends up in a location with multiple secondary tasks. By completing them all, you can get additional gold from all tasks, as well as pick up gold from killed monsters in all quests. In fact, all MMO projects are overflowing with gold mining options, just not all of them are obvious.
  3. Extraction of resources – as the Final Fantasy storylines progress, 14 players will literally be led by the hand through tasks so that the gamer does not have to figure out all the game locations on his own from the first minutes of the game. In the course of exploring the world, the player will find many resources that can be collected and mined. Mining ore, plants, animals. Anything harvested can either be sold to other adventurers, or kept for yourself and crafted into finished goods in the future through crafting professions.
  4. Crafting Professions – Learn and use professions to craft and create gear, weapons, and other useful goods that you can use on your own, or sell to other players and earn gold by providing services. Moreover, many strong guilds and farmers always try to keep a good artisan around, who will convert resources into ready-made equipment and help strengthen their guild members. Crafters are rarely loners due to their high demand.
  5. Provision of services – help other players complete difficult tasks and complete raids and earn money. There are always players who, for some reason, do not know how to complete the task, or simply do not want to do it, they independently look for an executor who will help them complete the task and are ready to pay a certain amount of gold for services.
  6. Creative – all MMO projects welcome creativity and interesting presentation. So, you can master a game musical instrument and play melodies to order to other players for money. In this way, you can replace the tedious farm of gold with activity and at the same time earn popularity as a street musician, albeit in the game world.
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In the world of FF, there is no limit on the melodies that can be played – your task is only to start understanding the notes and the instrument, but there is a lot of information and guides on the Internet and spending not much time can entertain the players well and earn gold.


What you need to know about the profession

Professions in the world of Final Fantasy 14 are implemented through a system of mini-games that the player must win in order for the event to be considered a success.

Crafting is implemented on the principle of development, and the more often and more effort you put in, the better and better you become as a blacksmith.

The crafter’s task is to always know where to get key resources and be able to craft weapons and armor of any complexity.

Crafters are always highly paid, because they decide how much money to take for their services, but you still have to acquire the necessary skills, otherwise you will not be able to offer decent goods to customers.

There are three types of armor and materials that players can create by mastering the corresponding professions

Blacksmith – creates heavy armor and steel weapons, as well as all materials for the production of which ore is needed.

Leatherworker – creates products from hides, converting them into leather. Produces light armor and all leather related materials.

Weaver – creates magic-type armor from rag materials.

Jeweler – produces jewelry with unique amplifying parameters for most game classes. Often, the jeweler also creates magical orbs – weapons in the form of a sphere for attacking magicians.

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An alchemist is a character who creates potions of various kinds using herbs and plants. Through Alchemy, players can receive Healing, Restoration, and Attack potions that can deal damage to enemies when applied.

Culinary – At first glance, it may seem that the culinary plays a secondary role – it is not. The chef creates dishes that increase the characteristics of the characters for a certain time. Of the obvious advantages – the number of players who can simultaneously eat food and improve their parameters, as well as the higher the skill of the cook, the better the gain and duration of the effect.


Earnings on gambling

For all those who like to tickle their nerves and try to earn easy money, there is a system of gambling and casinos.

Head to the casino and play Mahjong – Japanese dominoes to win a cash prize.

Participate in reaction-based activities where the character will have to dodge AoE attacks with the elimination of everyone who did not have time, gradually the last remaining player takes the main prize.

Remember that the casino remains an element of leisure and does not serve as a reliable source of making money – you can both win and lose a large amount of gold.