How to Go Hiking as an Amateur?

Getting ready for a hike is a pleasant but troublesome business. Sitting on the couch, it’s hard to imagine the real difficulties of a multi-day hike. So often in a panic we pick up a bunch of unnecessary things, and really important things for the campaign remain at home. To prevent this from happening, it is best to make a list.

Tent, sleeping bag and mat – the basic conditions for a good holiday


The choice of rain and wind protection depends on three factors: terrain, nighttime temperatures, and the number of people. Large, beautiful camping tents are not suitable for backpacking. You should give preference to trekking (for the forest) or assault (for the mountains) models. They are quite light, comfortable, stable.

Branded tents for hiking sew from durable synthetic materials with water-repellent impregnation. Well-proven polyamide fabrics (nylon, kapron) and polyester. The first option is budget, the second is more reliable. Experienced campers prefer Salewa, Greenell, Canadian Camper, Pinguin tents.

An important point – no one is insured against rain on the road, so the best option -two-layer tents with water resistance above 2000 units. Also pay attention to how the seams are treated. It is good if they are glued and stitched with strong lavsan (capron) threads.

Of course, an integral part of things in the campaign are raincoats. No one can predict the weather, and everyone certainly wants to hike in warmth and comfort. We recommend buying some of the highest quality raincoats before the hike

Universal size and high quality materials contribute to a comfortable wearing raincoat, respectively, your relaxing vacation.

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A few words about the mat


Tourist models Carrimor (a well-known company that produces travel equipment, clothing and shoes). It is an indispensable thing in the campaign.

Carrimor mats are made of polyethylene foam and ethylene vinyl acetate. Thanks to the thick air layer of this “mattress” has good thermal insulation characteristics. Also, on sale you can find inflatable mats. An excellent choice for a multi-day hike!

How to choose a sleeping bag


A sleeping bag should be warm, comfortable and lightweight. Since you have to carry it on you most of the way, you should take care of the low weight of this item. Only synthetic materials can provide comfort and lightness. They are impregnated with special compounds that are impervious to water. Even if it gets wet, such a sleeping bag will quickly dry out (in contrast to the natural cotton or down).

Choosing a sleeping bag, pay attention to the following information:

  • weight
  • size when folded
  • category
  • external and internal material
  • filling

It is very convenient when a sleeping accessory is equipped with additional functionality. For example, a headrest or side zipper to turn the sleeping bag into a blanket.

Important: Each branded sleeping bag label indicates the temperature range for which it is designed. But you should not trust this information 100%. Wind speed and humidity can turn even a positive temperature into a critical one. In addition, each person has an individual perception of cold. If you know you are sensitive to frost, choose the “extreme” option.

Food and cooking utensils


Of course, no one would take earthenware or an electric kettle on a camping trip. But disposable cookware is not a good choice either. Must have experienced hiker – light steel mug and spoon. You can do without a plate, having a mug large enough. If the two-in-one option doesn’t appeal to you, bring a plastic container with a lid or a silicone baking dish. In camping situations, this is a great substitute for ceramic plates.

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Important: The romance of campfires is a thing of the past. Today, the practical choice of the tourist is a camping primus. For a simple hike, buy a gas burner with a cylinder of the right volume. On a trip with difficult weather conditions, liquid-fuel and combined models have proven better.

Also, simple matches are not popular among experienced hikers. Today there are special tourist matches. Also, dry alcohol can be useful for kindling the flame.

Food in the campaign must be nutritious and light in weight. Food that can be quickly turned into a hot, nutritious meal is ideal. But in case of extreme situation you can eat without cooking. Such criteria are met:

  • Muesli (with nuts and dried fruits);
  • Instant oatmeal;
  • Dry vegetable mix (for soup);
  • Dried milk.

Fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese are taken in dried form. Bread is replaced by breadcrumbs. Be sure to include coffee and tea in the diet as the best natural “energy”. It is better to take sugar in special capsules. It is useful to take some cognac or balsamic, previously pouring it into a hiking container of a fancy glass bottle.

Any nutritious product that does not require complicated preparation and special storage conditions, while having a small weight, will do for a hike.

Do you need medicine while camping?


The answer to this question is: yes, we do. However, people with chronic diseases know what they may need on the road. What to put in the first aid kit for perfectly healthy people?

A list for those who do not like to read much:

  • Bandages, antiseptic to treat wounds
  • Antiviral, antipyretic, analgesic drugs
  • anti-diarrheal medications.
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First of all, you need to take care of bandages and disinfectant solution for wound treatment. Carrying a bottle of peroxide is not very convenient. Therefore, rescue tablets of furacilin. If necessary, they can easily turn into a disinfectant solution. The same role can be performed by potassium permanganate. However, to buy it in Russia has become more difficult.

Very often in hiking intestines suffer. The disorder can occur from poor-quality food, or simply from the change of scenery. Therefore, remedies against intestinal frustration should be among the first things in the medicine cabinet. It is also not superfluous to take a laxative. After all, unfamiliar food can provoke not only diarrhea, but also constipation.

Important! Allergies must take antihistamines. Impulsive people need sleeping pills and sedatives. Ointments against bites and burns can also come in handy. Since you won’t be able to lie down and drink gallons of hot tea while camping, it makes sense to take antibiotics. Amoxicillin-based pills will do.