How to hide IP address on Local Area Network (4 foolproof methods)

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  • The age of technology is as dangerous as it is profitable, so privacy must be a priority.
  • Therefore, you should make every effort to hide your identity by all means possible.
  • One way to do this is to hide your IP address. However, there are many ways to do this.
  • Our guide offers four different ways to hide your IP address and remain anonymous on the Internet.

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There is a fine line between the technological paranoia of online surveillance and the real reasons why you should be concerned about your privacy when you are online.

Things have changed, and not for the better, when it comes to privacy. As users, we need to take control and protect ourselves. Hiding your IP address, whether on a local network, a Wi-Fi network, a trusted network or a public network, is the first step on the long road to anonymity on the Internet.

We have already covered many privacy-related topics, and today is reserved for local area networks. A local area network or LAN is generally the safest and fastest way to access the Internet.

However, there are always good reasons to hide your IP address when browsing the Internet or when creating, viewing and downloading content.

We tried to explain everything by focusing on the best ways to hide your IP address. Don’t forget to check them out in the rest of this article.

Why are you hiding your IP address on a local network?

Compared to public Wi-Fi networks, for example, a local area network (wired Internet connection) is much safer, faster and more reliable. However, don’t be deterred by the fact that IP concealment is still a topic you should seriously consider.

You may be less vulnerable to hackers, but there are still plenty of arguments for hiding your IP address if you are using a trusted home network.

Here are the most common reasons to hide the IP address, even on a moderately secure local network :

  • Anonymity. Your browsing history, habits and interests should be private. Do not be spied on by third-party websites, marketers or the government.
  • Security. Hackers and cybercriminals can misuse your IP address.
  • Getting around geolocation limits. Much online content is subject to geographic restrictions. Since an IP address is the only way to determine the geographic location of a visitor, you can visit any website whose IP address is hidden/hidden.
  • Torrents and other non-legal activities. No one in their right mind would encourage hacking, but if peer-2-peer multimedia downloads are on your mind, then hiding your IP address should be taken seriously.

Ten years ago, this IP address setting didn’t matter much, but in the current metastate of the World Wide Web, things work differently.

Censorship, manual loss of ISPs with access to your browsing history which is then sold to the highest bidder, government privacy violations, elite content, etc. It seems that the only way to combat this phenomenon is to take one of the steps we have outlined below.

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How can I hide the IP address when using a local network?

1. Using VPN tools.

This is by far the best, or at least the most reliable, way to remain anonymous online. VPNs (virtual private networks) are services that have taken off recently, when online privacy was not doing well.

Think of a VPN as an intermediary between you and the Internet. Once the VPN is activated, you can change your own IP address to one of the many others available worldwide. In this way, you hide your IP address and replace it with another address of your choice. Errors In addition, ! Filename not specified.some VPN solutions offer additional encryption and features, but we think the biggest differences are in the free and paid options.

Differences in speed and server availability are the main differences between paid and free solutions. We tried to cover this aspect in this article, so don’t forget to check it out.

Install private internet access

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The best solution is a public impact assessment, so we encourage you to try it. It is a reliable and easy-to-use VPN tool with enough features for both beginners and experienced users.

With your privacy first, PIA has many features that anonymize your web browsing and ensure that your traffic is secure and encrypted.

One of the most useful features for this is IP masking, which hides your location and replaces it with an IP from the impressive network of gateways hosted around the world.

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Access to private internet

Public Wi-Fi or local network? The choice is yours and PIA is ready to remove your IP from the network!

2. use of proxy services

Nowadays, proxy servers are mainly browser-based solutions. Thus, they are very similar to VPN solutions. The bandwidth speed and the level of encryption are of course less important with proxy servers.

They also often oppose reverse proxies, which counteract the mirroring effect that a proxy server produces to mimic your own IP activity. This means that some locations remain geographically restricted. Error! Filename not specified.

    1. Discover the best privacy software for Windows 10.

While they do not perform as well as a VPN, they can certainly be useful for simple operations such as bypassing geo-restrictions and maintaining an acceptable level of confidentiality.

So you can certainly use a proxy server to hide your IP address if you are using a local network, but don’t expect a miracle. It all depends on your needs. Moreover, some users are quite satisfied with browser extensions that are often sold as VPN solutions.

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These are just alternatives (for obvious reasons), but some are the right choice for less demanding users. If you’re more location-oriented, here’s a list of proxies that temporarily hide your IP :

3. try the Tor browser

We can’t list ways to hide your IP without mentioning the Tor browser. At a time when every browser developer is advertising privilege, there is one browser that does it better than the competition.

And it’s a Tor browser (Onion Router) that offers multi-level encryption, and it’s completely free and open source. Error! Filename not specified.

Read this comprehensive guide on how to download and use the Tor browser on Windows 10.

You can use it as a daily driver, or use Tor only when you need extra privacy and security. It uses the DuckDuckGo search engine, but it slows down bandwidth a bit.

You can also use the Tor browser to access the deep web, which some users seem to like. The other advantage of Tor, of course, is its choice of security.

You can just let it hide your IP and work like any other browser, or you can use its full security potential and use military security. Error! Filename not specified.

Either way, the best results are achieved by combining VPN and Tor, making you a ghost on the net. You can download Tor for free by following this link.

4. IP reset via command line

The last method we decided to use to sign up for the service is not too similar to the methods suggested above. It involves using the command line and resetting your current IP address.

However, this solution exists only if you want to change your IP address after your IP has been blocked or banned. If there is no IP address assigned to your computer, you can solve this problem by following these steps.

It’s not a permanent privacy solution, not in the long run, but since it’s practically a way to hide your intellectual property, we decided to connect it to everything else. This, of course, requires a wired connection.

Here is how to reset the IP address with a little help from the command line :

    1. Connect the computer to the router or modem via a LAN cable.
    2. Type cmd in the Windows search box.
    3. Right-click on the command prompt and run the command as administrator.
    4. On the command line, type the following commands and press Enter after each command :
      • ipconfig / Activate
      • ipconfig /renewError
    5. Reboot the modem and the PC and check the changes on

This workaround also depends on your Internet Service Provider’s policy, so some users may not be able to repeat it too often.

With that, we can conclude the article. We hope this reading has been informative and insightful.

If you have another way to hide your IP address when using a local network, or if you have questions about the above, you will find a comment section below.

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FAQ: Learn more about intellectual property and privacy hiding software

  • How do I change the IP address of my local network?

Open “Settings” in the “Start” menu and go to “Network and Internet -> Network Center -> Change Adapter Settings”. Right-click on the local network and select Properties, then TCP/IPv4. Click on Use the following IP address and enter the desired information, then save.

  • How can I make my intellectual property private?

The most common method is to use a VPN tool. You can also use proxy servers or try the Tor browser. Ideally, you can combine Tor with a trusted VPN solution like PIA.

  • Is it possible to track you if you use a VPN?

The main purpose of a VPN is to protect your privacy, so this shouldn’t happen. Make sure you use a VPN with a shutdown switch that prevents your IP from being exposed when you log out, and pay attention to the logging policy. A VPN without logging is recommended.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in January 2018 and revised and updated in February 2024 for timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

Frequently asked questions

How can I hide my IP address?

The two main ways to hide your IP address are to use a proxy server or a virtual private network (VPN). (There is also Tor, which is excellent for extreme anonymity, but it is very slow and not necessary for most people.)

How do I hide the IP address with CMD?

In the command line window that appears, enter “ipconfig /release” (without quotes). Press the “Enter” key.

Is it illegal to hide your IP address?

Masking your IP address is perfectly legal, but changing your IP address and misrepresenting your IP address online is illegal. It is also subject to fraud and computer abuse laws.

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