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How to Remove Unwanted Programs From Windows 10?

You may have many programs installed on your Windows PC, but you probably only use a few of them. Other programs will only disrupt your system and take up space on your hard drive. With many programs, you have no idea what they are.

But now it is time for you to remove all unwanted applications from Windows 10. This will not only free up enough memory on your computer, but also increase performance.

Without further ado, let’s see how to remove unwanted programs from Windows 10.

Remove unwanted applications from Windows 10

To remove unwanted applications from Windows 10, you have several options in the operating system itself. You can use the removal option available directly in the Start menu or in the Windows settings.

In addition, Control Panel is another option we have used for a long time to uninstall a program.

However, if you want to uninstall a pre-installed Windows 10 application, you need to do it through Settings or through the Uninstall feature in the Start menu, as Control Panel cannot help you uninstall the application.

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Uninstalling unwanted programs from Windows 10 using the Start menu

First, let’s look at the easiest way to remove unwanted applications from Windows 10 via Start menu. Click the Windows Start button and you’ll see a list of programs installed on your computer under All Applications or in the tile area on the right.

Now right click on the program you want to remove and in the window that opens you will find the Uninstall option. Click on it and confirm the prompt. The program will then be removed from your computer.

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Remove unwanted applications from Windows 10 settings

Another way to remove unwanted applications from Windows 10 is through the settings. To get started, open the Windows settings. Now click on the installation screen

Applications > Applications and features.

It shows Windows applications and other desktop programs that you have installed from various other locations. Now browse through the list of installed applications and find all the applications you want to remove. Click on the program and select Remove. Repeat this process to remove all unwanted applications from Windows 10.

Remove unwanted apps from Windows 10 settings through Control Panel

This is one of the oldest methods of uninstalling programs in the Windows operating system, and is still preferred by most Windows users. And thankfully, it’s still present in the latest version of Windows 10.

To get started, open your Windows 10 computer’s Control Panel and click on the display icon (large/small icon) in the top right corner of the screen.

Now click on Programs and Features in the available option. You will now find all the applications installed on your system.

Select the program you want to remove and click the Remove option at the top of the program list.

The program will then be permanently removed from your system. Repeat this process for all the programs you want to uninstall.

The only problem with this method of removing unwanted applications is that it does not show you the universal Windows applications. To remove them, you need to use both of the above methods.

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Remove unwanted programs from Windows 10 using third-party applications.

You may be wondering why you need a third-party application to remove unwanted applications from Windows 10 when you can easily do the same with the built-in Windows uninstaller.

We had the same problem until we discovered that uninstalling an application with Windows’ built-in uninstallers often left remnants of uninstalled applications in the form of empty folders, cached files, and other settings. And this rest is present in the whole system, which is not even traceable.

Moreover, uninstalled applications leave behind registry entries that pollute the Windows registry.

So, if you want to remove not only the application but also all its settings, registries and distributed files, you need to use a third-party application.

Well, if you look online, you will find many Windows 10 debug utilities that claim to completely remove unwanted applications from Windows 10, but in our test results, we find that Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the best tools that not only completely removes unwanted applications from your PC, but also optimizes your PC to improve performance.

With Advanced PC Cleanup, we’ve discovered that cleaning and optimizing your PC has never been easier.

Its advanced scanning system scans your entire PC for unnecessary applications and files, then cleans them up with just a few clicks. It also protects your computer from malware and other security threats.

Some of the main features of Advanced PC Cleanup are listed below:

  • Advanced Scanning Mechanism
  • One-click optimization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Boot manager to reduce boot time.
  • A thorough cleanup to remove unwanted files and other outdated files.
  • Registry cleaner to clean the invalid registry.
  • Uninstaller to remove unwanted applications.
  • Malware protection to remove malware, infected files, Trojans, spyware and adware.
  • Identity protection to clear browser history, which helps to protect personal data from hackers.
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Okay, guys, this all comes from us. We hope the above article will help you to remove unwanted programs from Windows 10 PC easily.

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