How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – We often need to take screenshots on our smartphones, and it’s easy to take screenshots on Android phones. The screenshot itself is the action on the screen. The role of the screenshot is very important.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

To take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Best in 2024

The use of screenshots is generally meant to capture the moments when something important is on the screen of our smartphone, such as. B. Images from the internet, from chatting with certain people, etc. are not considered pornography.

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The many functions of the Samsung phone and the S Pen make the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 one of the most luxurious smartphones from Samsung.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with a functional S Pen, it will be very easy to perform the functions available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 such as chatting, games, etc.

The S Pen feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is very useful for users to start multitasking and make it more timeless.

Because it is not easy to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with one hand, which is due to the screen size of this smartphone, which was introduced in the Note variant.

The S-Pan feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not only helps you perform multiple tasks, but is also useful for taking screenshots. What are you interested in? Futherlocka will discuss it for you.

4 ways to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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1. to take a screenshot with a key combination

In fact, we feel a little old-fashioned providing a functional S Pen when we still use the keyboard shortcut to take screenshots. However, we will discuss all methods here so that you can compare the one that seems easiest and most beneficial to you. Learn how to take a screenshot with a hotkey:

  1. Of course, prepare the screen you want to record.
  2. Press the Home button + the Power button simultaneously for a few seconds.
  3. Release when you feel the smartphone vibrate.
  4. The screenshot appears in the notification panel.
  5. And with automatic screenshots directly in the gallery with the folder name Screenshot.

2. take a screenshot with the palm function and activate it

Unlike using keyboard shortcuts for screenshots, this method has been around since the early days of smartphones. This internal function allows you to take screenshots. The trick is this:

  1. Open the Settings or Options menu.
  2. Then press the Motion and Gesture button.
  3. Open the Hand Gesture menu, then tap Drag Palm to activate it.
  4. The jump arm function is active.
  5. To use it, simply move your hand from left to right or vice versa.

3. Take a screenshot with the S pen and activate it (first method)

To use this method you will of course need an S-Pen. The trick is to hold down Pen S for a few seconds and then place Pen S on the screen you want to capture. Then a menu will appear at the top of the screen where you can edit the images of the following screenshots; you can open the screenshot in the IMG_EDITED folder in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gallery.

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Take a screenshot with the S-pen and activate it (first method)

4. Take a screenshot with pen S (second method)

This method is different from the previous one because you can actually take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in different ways.

This method alone can be achieved by holding the S pen directly on the screen, without contact.

Now tap Screenshot to take a screenshot. The same dialog as the previous method is displayed, so you can change the image if you wish.

You can then access it from the notification menu and in the Screenshot folder in the gallery of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

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So, my friends, here is how to take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, using different methods. These include the standard method and the S-Pen method.

In this article, we hope that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users can make the screenshot easier and compare the above methods and steps. And I hope this article can and will be helpful.

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