How to Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture

The evenings are becoming a little colder, and the rain frequently threatens a lunch on the patio. Every year, the issue arises: is it necessary to store your outdoor equipment in a shelter, and when should you do so? By selecting high-quality woven resin outdoor lounge furniture, you will be able to wait and enjoy the last rays of fall light in your yard. This outdoor furniture is a big success because to its exquisite design, light weight, ease of movement, low maintenance requirements, and superb resistance to dampness and cold. Take the time to clean and maintain your synthetic rattan furniture before storing it outside to cocoon by the fireplace. As soon as the nice weather returns, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor furniture again. Remarkable Furniture offers you the best of both worlds with our stylish yet comfortable range of outdoor lounge furniture. You’ll be sure to make the most out of your outdoor living space.

Should we rush to cover our resin lounge furniture?


Don’t worry if you want to enjoy your lounge or garden for as long as possible, whatever the expense. The first sleet and chilly blasts of fall will be no match for your braided resin furniture. Make the most of every ray of sunlight by having lunch on the terrace or finishing this book in your garden to extend the summer. However, as the leaves begin to pile up on the seats of your resin armchair or garden couch, it is essential to safeguard your furniture.

Prioritize the seat cushions of your outdoor furniture. The cushions available on the Brind’Ouest website to outfit a outdoor chair, an armchair, or an outdoor couch are all composed of materials that are ideal for outdoor use. Water-repellent polypropylene or acrylic fabrics, such as Dralon, are dimensionally stable and extremely resistant to wear. They are also anti-mold and anti-UV treated to retain their original colour over time.

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On the remarkable furniture website, you will also discover several styles of armchairs and stackable chairs to help you store your outdoor chairs and armchairs. They will save a large amount of room when stored under cover and will be easy to transfer owing to their small weight.

Why is it important to safeguard your resin outdoor furniture throughout the winter?


Resin outdoor furniture is quite popular, owing to its simplicity of maintenance, as opposed to wooden garden furniture or metal garden furniture that is prone to rust. Wooden outdoor furniture, unlike synthetic rattan, will need to be treated with teak oil or a fungal stain every year. However, in order to maintain the original beauty of your resin couch and enjoy it for as long as possible, here are some cleaning and potentially detaching recommendations for your woven resin outdoor furniture.

By sheltering your outdoor furniture in the winter, you will minimise damage to it and substantially ease cleaning before reinstalling it in the spring. If you do not have a garage or a garden shed to shelter the most “bulky” pieces of outdoor furniture – coffee table, deckchair, and egg chair – we recommend that you cover them with protective coverings. Cover the furniture while allowing air to flow to avoid the accumulation of dampness on the furniture. If your resin couch will be left in the yard, elevate the legs on a sturdy support if possible to avoid leaving them in the moist grass.

Make sure to clean and disconnect your braided resin furniture before storing it. Synthetic rattan is a non-porous, rot-resistant substance. Regardless, dust or urban pollutants are likely to clog it. In most cases, a little dusting with a dry brush and a washing with soapy water would suffice to restore its original appearance.

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Some resin patio tables and outdoor coffee tables feature tempered glass tops.

This tray may be cleaned with a standard window cleaner. The seat cushions and back cushions of the Brin d’Ouest items are constructed of polypropylene or acrylic fabric. These cushions feature detachable covers, making them easy to machine wash cold or at 30° according to the care recommendations. During the winter, we recommend storing these cushions in a dry area.

In the spring, you should reinstall your resin outdoor furniture.

If you follow our recommendations for maintaining and storing your outdoor furniture, you should not need to do anything further before you can enjoy the sun on your terrace or in your patio again. We hope you enjoy the last few sunny days of fall and that these simple recommendations will help you to enjoy your outdoor furniture for many seasons to come.

The ease of use of a braided resin outdoor relaxation lounge


You may enjoy the tranquility of the yard for a nap while comfortably placed on your terrace on a woven resin relaxation sofa. On the deck of your swimming pool, you finish reading a novel or work on your tan on a resin sun lounger. We recommend using woven resin to create a relaxing space with furniture designed specifically for outdoor use. A relaxation sofa put on a terrace, a balcony, or in the shade of an arbour, in addition to a woven resin garden furniture set, will allow you to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation in the open air.

Today, the patio, terrace, or balcony are living and leisure areas that are designed and decorated with the same attention as the internal space of the house. Depending on the furniture, these outdoor areas may be used in a variety of ways. As a result, the terrace may be transformed into a living room with a low outdoor table, couches, and low armchairs, or a dining room with a high table and outdoor chairs arranged near a brazier or a barbeque.

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The outdoor relaxation room will be a special spot for rest and leisure. The size of this leisure space will be determined by the amount of individuals who will be housed there. It might be as simple as a deck chair and a low garden table for peaceful reading under an arbour. On a pool deck, a garden pouffe and pool chair will make a welcoming spot to spend warm days with family or friends.