Is It Unhealthy to Use Sex Toys – 2024 Guide

Sex toys have become a part of daily life for many individuals, both male and female. Of course, they did, as many of these helping items create a lot of pleasure for the users. Even couples are no strangers to using them, and for some of them, it became the norm of behavior in the bed. The one issue that anyone could have with dildos and similar items is the matter of health hazards. Are sex toys harmful? There are plenty of answers to offer here, and we’ll try to dig deeper into the subject.

For one, these items are not regulated by the FDA. This means that they don’t see them as something that needs to be overseen, as people will use them at their discretion. Besides, it is hard to see or feel some unwanted effects if you’re using them the right way. Of course, the bed is a place for some kinky action, but if you don’t go overboard you should be fine. You can compare them to various makeup and foods you use every day. If you know what’s in your hands you ought to know how to use it. Another factor to count in is the materials used for the manufacture. You should be aware of any potential allergies so that you avoid using toys that are made out of materials you’re allergic to. There’s plenty to learn about these toys, so we’re going to share a few insights with you. Here it is, the answer to the question is it unhealthy to use sex toys. See our 2024 guide. Let’s start.

Beware of STIs


This is a vital matter that comes with using sex toys and sex in general. Sexually transmitted infections are all around us, and unfortunately, dildos and similar items are not immune to them. So, if you’re an avid user of any in-bed assistance you should keep one thing in mind – keep everything clean. This is vital for your well-being. Sex toys need to be cleaned after each usage. If you’re using items that will go deep inside of your body make sure that you always use a preservative. Also, contain your sex toys only for yourself, and eventually for that one partner. Do not share them with others. Treat them as you would your spouse. If you have multiple partners, you should use separate products for each of them. Safety comes first. The reason why we’re telling you this is because infections and diseases such as herpes, Chlamydia, and syphilis can be transmitted this way.

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Do Not Overuse The Help


Using it is good, and it creates pleasure, so it’s no wonder we can go overboard sometimes. Sex and sex toys can be addictive and this is no secret. Sexual arousal caused by vibrators for example can be as good as sex. Once the feeling of awesomeness is established many people won’t stop the fun, or use it part-time as it’s intended. No, many individuals and couples will continue to use it for an hour a day, which is by no means healthy. Continuity in the use of these items, especially those that are hard and rough can cause various issues. The most common ones are penetrative injuries, bleeding, bruising, and even numbness in the vaginal area. Of course, all of this can be avoided if you’re being careful and taking good care of what and how you do it. So, while the pleasure can be over the top, consequences are there if you push matters too far. Also, it’s important to use the proper items, such as those you can find at

Avoid Harmful Materials


Just like in any other branch of industry, sex toys come in different shapes, sizes, quality, and of course price. What dictates the cost in most cases are the materials used to manufacture the named item. So, while there are some high-end products, others are made in such a manner to be affordable. If you’re looking out for your safety in the sex t items helping devices department you’ll avoid some of the material we’re discussing below. For one, jelly should be off the table due to the fact it’s partially made out of phthalates. Yes, jelly toys are made to be realistic, but this comes at a price that is measured in your well-being.

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Furthermore, you should be aware of the sex toys made out of rubber. Many dildos are latex made, and this is a norm in the industry. But, with frequent usage this material becomes porous. This is not a good thing especially for the inside of your body. With time it will leave traces of this material in the places where you used it, and this could cause various allergic reactions, if not some deeper consequences. Other materials you should avoid if possible are PVC and vinyl. Just like jelly, these materials contain phthalates. Yes, sex toys made out of these materials are soft and cheap, but that’s a reason more to avoid them. In any case, with the most penetrative sex toys make sure that you use condoms when possible.

Keep It Clean


This is the ultimate advice regarding the safety of sex toys anyone can give you. Cleaning your tools is always the right thing to do.

Cleaning sex toys is essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing infections. Firstly, always read the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning guidelines. Most toys can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Make sure to remove any batteries or detachable parts before cleaning.

For non-waterproof toys, use a damp cloth or toy cleaner. Silicone, glass, and metal toys can be boiled or placed in the dishwasher, but avoid high temperatures for toys with electronic components. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and let them air dry or pat dry with a clean towel. Finally, store them in a clean, dry place, ideally in individual storage bags or containers to prevent contamination.- check out for more info.

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Just lookout for the materials they’re made out of like we suggested above, and if there are batteries and electric power involved be extra careful. This is not nuclear science, and you don’t need to attend college for it like Homer Simpson did when he attended nuclear physics 101.

The best part about the sex toys is that they come with instructions on both how to use them and how to clean them afterward. In most cases, it is best to use warm water and soap and not to go overboard with chemicals as this can cause you issues down the road and create unwanted reactions from your body. Also, it is vital to frequently inspect your toys for any sign of tearing or scratches, which are also harmful to your body and your pleasure.

Final Thoughts

So, yes, it’s perfectly safe to use sex toys. All you need to do is to pay attention to the few things we listed above. With the right usage, everything can be safe, and these in-bed helpers are no different.