How To Landscape Around An Inground Pool – 2024 Guide

There aren’t that many things that can beat chilling and lounging by the pool after a long hard day at work. Now, to make that experience even better, we thought we’d talk to you about something.

While it is true that the pool is almost certainly the main attraction in your backyard, sometimes, it’s just not enough. Think of it as pretty eyes – they’re cute, but they look much better with plucked eyebrows and some great makeup.

In case you’ve missed our metaphor – we’re talking about landscaping. Landscaping around the pool will make your backyard look so much better. It will make your pool stand out even more and make every moment you spend in it or by it that more enjoyable. So, you want to learn how to do it? Great. We have a few ideas for you.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Tiles


Although you might be tempted to just put a few of them around the edge of the pool and leave the rest being green, we must say, encompassing your inground pool with lovely tiles does wonders for space. You don’t have to turn your whole backyard into a bathroom, but a few square feet around the pool can’t hurt.

Grab a light-colored pile of tiles and just lay them around. We’re recommending light-colored piles for two reasons – they don’t get as hot, and they create contrast. First of all, you have to make sure you don’t burn your feet off on a hot summer day, and if you go with dark tiles – you’re going to do that. Also, even though your pool isn’t dark, having a clear separation between the pool, the tiles, and the grass around it will make it look terrific.

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Furthermore, this gives you more than enough space to lay down some lounge chairs, umbrellas, a couple of small tables to keep your drinks on, or even hammocks. You can create your own little paradise around the pool without even trying. Speaking of paradise…

You Can’t Go Wrong Without Tiles

We know we’ve just said the exact opposite, but hear us out. If you have a fiberglass or, better yet, a concrete pool in some unorthodox shape – you can make your pool feel and look like an oasis. Leave as much greenery around it as you can. Instead of tiles – use rocks. Plant flowers, add some trees. Do whatever you like.

Go on Pinterest or some other website and look for inspiration on how you can transform your backyard into a tropical paradise with some rocks, plants and a couple of trees. Now, we’re aware that this is a mighty project that is probably going to take some time, but who cares? Take your time. It’s going to feel that much better when you’re done with it.

Build A Deck


Although decks are usually reserved for above-ground pools, you can just as easily build one for an inground pool. Decks are generally built around the above-ground ones to mask or hide them, but in this case – we’re looking to elevate the look, using

You don’t have to build a deck all around the pool. If you were to take a look at some of the magnificent pools makes, you’re going to notice that some of them have a deck or other structures off to the side or near the pool.

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As we’ve said, our goal here isn’t to mask or hide anything – it is to elevate it. So, build a deck near the pool, around it, or wherever you feel it might look the best, and transform it into your lounge area where you and your loved ones can relax and tan while you’re not swimming around.

Build A Bar Or A Grill Near The Pool

Now, if we were to choose between these two – we’d pick the bar. Let’s say you’re having a pool party, all of your friends and family are over, and you’re all having a blast. All of you are soaking wet and drinking, dancing to the music, and suddenly – you have to get to the kitchen to grab some additional beers for everyone.

Well, unless you want to mop and clean up afterward – build a bar right by the pool. Build it on a deck you’ve made a while back and keep the party reserved for the outside. It’s convenient, it’s fun, and it will look really good.

Add A Hot Tub Or A Jacuzzi


Now, this might not be landscaping, but a hot tub is always a welcome addition to a pool. Sometimes all you want to do is sit in one place, sip on a beer and have bubbles massage your whole body, and you can’t do that in a regular pool. So, add a hot tub!

Build A Pond Nearby

If you’re still in the mood for the all-natural, tropical look, you should consider adding another body of water in your yard. Now, we’re not talking about something huge as another pool, but a small, calm pond should do the trick.

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According to Flōridian, string together some rocks and create a mini waterfall for your pond and put some fish in there. This would look lovely near the pool, especially if you’re working with a swimming pool that’s not rectangular. Oddly shaped, curved pools often work really well in nature-like landscape settings.

Add Lights For The Night Dips


If you’re a fan of swimming, once it gets dark – you need lights. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll put lights in the pool or around it – get them. We’d recommend using LED lights so you can change the colors and set the mood whichever way you like.

These could also come in handy for a pool party, as you could play around with different lights and create an atmosphere however you like it.


As you can see, we’ve given you a couple of basic ideas on how you can landscape around your inground pool. We didn’t want to go too much into details because the thing is, there are so many things you can do that are unique only to you, and sooner you realize that sooner you’ll have your pool and the backyard looking amazing.