Long-Term Cryptocurrencies That Will Increase in the Future

Cryptocurrency is getting more accepted in different countries, all around the world. Here in the article, we will talk about different cryptocurrencies that are worth it to buy in 2024 and to hold for the next few years. Also, we will learn more about digital currency, blockchain technology, security, and popularity.

The future is blockchain technology

With the digital transformation of cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and metaverse, it is no surprise that the world is talking about it with curiosity. The central point and anchor are the blockchain technology. The Blockchain Technology report of 2024 shows that the blockchain market worldwide estimated a figure of $4.93 billion only in the year 2024 and will increase to $1.43 trillion till 2030. It still takes time for other Altcoins (Alternative Coins) to be recognized and accepted.

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity

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Another report by TripleA that presents Cryptocurrency across the world, shows that over three hundred million people worldwide invested their money in digital currency. Businesses and companies have added the option of paying with cryptocurrency into their system as well. Another Cryptocurrency forecast in 2024 revealed the market worth of $1.78 trillion in the year 2024. The increase of digitization is key to the adaptation in different kinds of businesses and shows growth.

Benefits of cryptocurrency

There are websites where you can buy software and video games with cryptocurrency. Still, features are lacking with this kind of payment. Big developers in the gaming sector such as EA, Blizzard and Rockstar want to integrate blockchain technology in the future. The advantage is that gamers have faster and easier access to the game and features. Besides the typical gaming sector, other online platforms to play with real money like vegasslotsonline.com/ca are popular too. Like the investment in crypto, you can set high and low stakes. It is suitable for every kind of budget from $20 to $10.000, there is no limit. The chances are high that you will find a fitting game in the enormous collection. Online platforms also offer payment with cryptocurrencies beyond the classic payment methods such as credit or debit cards. Another benefit is the security. You do not get to worry about it because it is anonymous and for the payment you just need a digital wallet. Nowadays, online security is important to prevent stolen data and hacking. In the future, it is forecasted that gamers will invest in new games that support blockchain technology (decentralised) with no additional costs for developers and players.

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Acceptance of cryptocurrency

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Governments all over the world are working on the regulation of digital currency. El Salvador became the first country last year, which adopted Bitcoin into their financial system. The country accepts crypto for any kind of services and goods. This month US president Biden ordered to regulate the investment of cryptocurrency in the country, since that announcement the number of investors is increasing up to 16%. Not only the US but also other countries such as the European Union, Switzerland, Australia, and Japan want to legalise cryptocurrency. Companies that are specialised on finances like PayPal Holdings, VISA, Mastercard and others are enlarging their portfolio with blockchain technology and believe in transparency.

Outlook to the future of cryptocurrency

In 2024, the crypto market continues to increase. The market is known for its ups and downs, but recent changes show that right now it is the perfect time to buy and see the prices going up in months. Predictions reveal that Bitcoin will hit the $100.000 mark in some years. The future of cryptocurrency looks promising in the gaming industry and other sectors. The potential for different coins is high and the popularity of them is undeniable. The main benefit of cryptocurrency is the e-wallet, which is safer than a debit or credit card.

Here are the cryptocurrencies for a long-term investment

Here you will find projects that will bring you profit in a long-term investment in performance and value of different cryptocurrencies. Market capitalization plays a huge role in the crypto market, with sustainability in the future.

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The Sandbox

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In 2011, the cryptocurrency The Sandbox developed by Pixowl which is the game rival of the famous game Minecraft. The game was successful in the past. The founders of Pixowl decided to adapt the blockchain technology into the game and give players an open-world experience with metaverse. In the year 2020 the game was released and gave players the opportunity to create digital assets, buy and sell them. The transaction concludes with a SAND token that already reached a supply fix of $3 million. This month, the coin showed a market capitalization of $360 billion. HSBC and JP Morgan had invested into the metaverse. HSBC put their investment into the network of Sandbox. Recent numbers show a cap of $360 billion and a registration of $2 million users. The Sandbox shows an enormous potential of long-term investment because of the involvement in gaming and other NFT projects. The most popular NFT is in Meta platforms.


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Chain Link is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. It uses smart contracts and oracles for the transfer. Link is the name of the token of Chain Link. Numbers of the market capitalization show $7.28 billion and 467 million of them are still in circulation. Last year, they announced a collaboration with Cardano. Crypto investors believe that the token will be bullish. Buying LINK is a worthwhile investment. You should consider investing in other companies that have already adapted cryptocurrency like Mastercard, VISA and PayPal.