Make Money From Home In Lockdown Trading Forex In 2024

During the lockdown, when faced with the possibility of having no money at all, many of us started working from our homes.

At first, we may have thought it would be hard but quickly found that it’s actually not that bad and even preferable to what we were doing before the lock down – especially considering there are countless ways you can make money online. You can click here if you specifically want to know ways to make extra money online.

Some people went on Airtasker or Fiverr, offering their services, others sourced products to sell on the auction sites.
A lot of people have heard about making money online trading Forex – and it is true that today many people make money and live purely from the money they make in this business.

Forex is a legitimate business opportunity, and almost anyone can trade, making money from their laptop at home.

However, if youre serious about making real money from forex trading, you have to learn ‘the game rules’. Therefore, here are some answers to the question of how to make money trading Forex in 2024.

Forex Trading – A Good Way To Make Money Working From Home


Forex trading has definitely become one of the most popular ways to make money online by working from home. Many statistics say that a successful forex trader can double his stake in just 6 months or even sooner. However, you need to be aware that even though Forex is very popular and you can make money – it also carries considerable risk if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, before embarking on this business, you need to learn to trade Forex.

What Is Forex?

Forex is a worldwide trade of various monetary forms – where banks, financial institutions, hedge funds and private investors exchange currency contracts, looking to make money on the price fluctuations.

The beginning of the massive Forex money making markets goes back even prior to the 1980s. Like every other traded financial or product market, this one is also controlled by rules accepted by the trader who work in the market. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) set out the rules by which all forex transactions occur. Within this, the movement occurs due to traders transacting following the guidelines of market interest – that is, supply and demand.

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In case there is an incredible interest in a particular currency – its worth develops and grows and traders exchange contracts based on whether they think the price is likely to continue going up or the opposite occurs and it’s a comparison or quote currency has a strong price run. Forex value is also influenced by public opinion and fundamental announcements that affect the value of currencies and the leading countries that issue them. It can also depend on the media and economic-financial reports from banks, industry experts, and politicians.

Still, there is one major factor to consider. Some national reserve banks that issue money are also present at this market – and often release or hold back access to their currency to make the price move in the direction they want it to go. In this way, if a particular currency begins to lose value – the state bank will frequently buy it, attempting to compensate for its lost value. This builds a market inconsistency on particular currencies that professional traders can identify and adjust their strategy to compensate and take advantage of their “inside edge”.

How Does Forex Trading Work?


The Forex market works like any other monetary or digital currency exchanging. Your responsibility is to purchase low and sell at high prices. When the value rises – then it is simple to do it. However, down trending market, “short” movements can sometimes be substantially more fascinating and even more profitable. To have the option of trading on a declining pattern, you need to temporarily sell your resources. Short selling involves writing contracts with other traders to purchase your lot of currency at a later stage for the market price at the open of the contract, but you only pay the lower price for the contract when the market goes down and you close the contract. If you can do this in a short market, you will earn some money.

Is It Possible To Make Money By Forex Trading?

There is a large group of “retail traders” just like you that make a very good living trading the foreign exchange markets. And, if you adopt the same trading approach they do, you can also make money trading Forex.

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Still, we must accept that it’s not as simple as it may look. If you rely on luck or your inner feelings to trade forex, it is almost certain that you will remain without money. In that way, without a solid actionable plan and commitment, trading Forex can be very hard and unpredictable. If everything were so simple – everyone would get rich trading on it. Fortunately, there are sites like, that can educate you and prepare you for successful Forex trading. You must always keep in mind the following thing: To be successful with Forex – you cannot just rely on luck. True, luck can sometimes follow you – but the vast majority of people who use hope as their trading strategy will lose money. That’s why it’s important to learn the rules and follow a proven profitable trading strategy. Above all, your trading strategy must be able to help you identify strong profit opportunities regularly and consistently in the market.

Put simply, you must first find a proven system that will work for you.

Wanna Start Trading?


For a start, you need to have some capital – not a lot to start with – you can trade for as little as $100US and access to a forex broker.

Where most traders go wrong is that they overcapitalize or take out large loans without proving that they can actually consistently make money trading. Forex trading is a leveraged market, where your broker will automatically give you access for a large sum to trade if you stake a set amount to show that you have some “skin in the game”. In return they will charge a transaction fee and interest on positions held over a period of time. You need to factor this cost, even though it may not be much, in your profit calculations.

Finding A Good Broker

Of course, you must be careful enough when choosing a broker. These are things you should pay special attention to when looking for a broker:

  • Reputation,


Today, it is easy to find a broker online. What is even more important is to see the reviews of a particular broker – and their references. See what other people’s experiences are. If some broker has a lot of negative reviews, then definitely avoid that one. Also, pay attention to the fact that today many self-proclaimed brokers declare themselves to be the best in this business – and are not. Therefore, research well before investing your money in any of the brokers.

  • Length Of Brokerage

It is very important to know if your broker is experienced in the business and to what extent. It takes time to gain experience. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the date of registration of the broker. The longer a broker is in business, generally the better. Avoid new brokers who are only working for a few months or a year, because you cannot expect reliability, experience, and routine in business.

  • Make Sure The Broker Is Legitimate


What is also important is to make sure that the broker you want to trade with is registered with the regulatory authority in your country and has gone through a process that allows them to trade. On the Internet, you will come across many brokers who are not certified and are not approved by world brands and companies. When you make sure that the broker is legitimate and has a certificate, then you are ready to trade. A good broker will be accessible when you need them with a customer support presence near you.

  • Find A Trading Platform

You are now ready to trade and find an adequate platform for it. Make sure it’s a platform that’s easy to use and easy to trade. Many broker platforms will also offer you a demo account. That way, you can practice trading virtual money without fear of losing your money. This can sometimes be of immeasurable importance.

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The Bottom Line

If you want to make money working from your home – consider Forex trading. Forex trading can definitely be profitable, but you need to know the rules of trading. The experiences of those who succeeded in it – are extremely valuable. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek help from experienced coaches in this area.