Most Potent Kratom Strains – 2024 Guide

To those that are not up to speed with this “new” thing Called Kratom, it is an evergreen tree from the far East. It falls into the same family with the coffee tree and they can be seen as cousins of a sort because these two have a lot of similarities. They also have differences and the main difference is that we do not use the seeds and roast them like with the coffee but we use the leaves. Leaves are the source of the Kratom and its obtained by taking the leaves and drying them in the sun and crush them and grind into a fine powder. The most common use in Indonesia is not drying but chewing on the raw leaf just like with the gum.

Kratom is also ingested in tea form. Besides chewing and grinding dried leaves you can make tea from leaves that have been boiled for a certain time. Kratom is very bitter which is why you need some accustoming to the taste. To battle that nowadays we use it in a form of a powder that is washed down with water or added to yogurts or fruit juices. You can pretty much make it however you want as long as you can stand the taste of it.

People use it for various reasons and here the most popular reason for its usage is to regulate mood. It has a certain effect on mood that can be described as a caffeine kick where it makes you more focused and alert, and it gives you a burst of energy if you take it in little dosages. The opposite effect to this starts to happen when you take a lot of Kratom which is the reason to consider smaller dosages for the best results.

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If you want to find some Kratom we suggest searching online for shops that sell this or visit and see what they have in store.
Now after getting familiar with Kratom and getting you all up to speed let’s see just what the most potent strains of this plant are!

1. White


This strain is known as an Energy strain and you have to aware that there are different variations on every strain and that is based on the growing location of every plant. A normal thing to deduce is that you will get a somewhat different reaction with different strains but there are some common features all of these will give you. Since this is a strain that is known as an energy strain you can expect that it will influence your mood positively, you will feel more enthusiastic with fewer mood swings, your anxiety levels will be minimized and you will be having a lot more energy throughout the day. The critics of Kratom often mention the side effects when Kratom wears off but to be honest after it stops working you still find yourself in a lot better mood than you were before taking it. There are very few letdowns and very few side effects, but this will all be tied to the dosage you take daily. It is imperative to find a dosage that works best for you or advise someone that has a lot more experience with this strain.

2. Green


Known to give mood boosts plus gets rid of your anxiety. This one works, but again a lot of these things can be subjective and what works well on one person doesn’t mean that it will work the same for others. This is based on many reports and these are like 99% positive feedback at least when it comes to boosting your mood and getting rid of any sort of anxiety you have been experiencing. This can be considered as a side effect, but it isn’t for most people, this strain will make you too energized and too stimulated. You will get the feeling of having too many cups of coffee in a short period, and everything will look like it’s set to ultra-speed. If you experience this sort of energy boost then you might expect a bit harder crash when the effect of Kratom wears off. Some have replied with feeling a bit worse after the Kratom wears off than they were before they took it, so be careful with this strain. You can try it and see the effect it has on you and if you do not experience any problems then go for it because you will get the most energy out of this and you will get rid of other things already mentioned here.


3. Red


This is considered to be the strain that you take if you want the relaxation and sedation effect. This is the strain you should be careful with and you shouldn’t take it if you don’t have sleeping issues like can’t sleep at all or having trouble sleeping through the night. This strain has a strong sedating effect and is the perfect answer for people who suffer from insomnia or the ones that can fall asleep at night. We found a few instances that state that this strain of Kratom helps out people who had issues with alcohol abuse and that this gives them that chill and mellow effect that alcohol produces. There are probably more usages for this strain but since it is so sedating you should take proper care of dosages and instances at which you are taking this. This one is not to be messed with and you could have really big problems if you abuse the dosages or miss the intended use of this. Precaution always no matter what others say.

As a conclusion, we want to advise you that you get Kratom only from a reputable source or sources that have testing and that are certified. You shouldn’t look for this from suspicious sources and don’t use anything new and untested. Pick a brand that suits you the best and stick with it.
Do not increase dosages instantly, one of the recommendations is to start low and monitor how you and your body feels and reacts to this and just take it from there. If you have to increase the dosage do it slightly and again look for changes and reactions. Every person reacts differently and every feeling is different from person to person.

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