Moving to Another City

Sooner or later in everyone’s life there comes a moment when we realize that it is time to change something. Most often already at a young age we start dreaming of breaking out of our usual comfort zone and trying to build a life in a completely new place with different orders, infrastructure and rhythm of life.

For those who do decide on a desperate step and choose a new place of residence, there comes a period when you need to think about how to move to live in another city. What is necessary to start with, and what can be taken care of later, what to take with you into the future, and what to leave in the past or even throw away. This article is for such people. We have tried to cover all issues related to moving to an unfamiliar place.

Someone planning a vacation does not rule out staying in a sunny resort forever, and someone else dreams of conquering a new city and starting his way in it from scratch. People swap the province for the metropolis, enroll in universities, look for a more suitable job, or simply one day rake up all their belongings and leave for a new life.

There are also those who stay where they are, and then throughout their lives, happy or not so happy, constantly return to the very moment when they could not take the risk. Situations are different, and everyone makes a decision based on their own feelings or reasoning.

Moving is always a lot of stress. To make it easier on yourself, we recommend using a moving service. For example, a team of professionals –

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You can certainly rely on their vast experience and knowledge of a reliable and trustworthy moving company.

What to expect and how to prepare for the move


The better you prepare for your move, the easier and faster it will go for you. In fact, speaking of moving, we have in mind several situations – that is, it is divided into several stages: preparation, loading, transportation, unloading. And each stage has its own nuances and complexities. Here’s what you need to do if you are planning to move to another city:

  • Finding and buying packing materials;
  • Finding transport for transportation over long distances (not all companies are willing to go from one city to another);
  • Reviewing and collecting your belongings;
  • Disassembly of furniture;
  • Disassembly and packing of household appliances;
  • Loading all the things in the truck;
  • transportation;
  • unloading at the new place;
  • furniture assembly;
  • arrangement of furniture, appliances and things in the new place.

And that’s not to mention a bunch of calls, agreements, little things, a bunch of garbage that necessarily accumulates when you move, and a lot of wasted nerves. Yes, to organize a move to another city for permanent residence – it’s not easy, you need to prepare hard, but with a clear plan to cope with it will be much easier!

Where to start moving to another city


Of course, with the determination of the date of the move. On this day, you need to order a car and movers in advance. It is necessary to choose a suitable vehicle for the transportation of things over a long distance. Discuss with the managers the volume of things, consult, measure and take a van with a large capacity, so that in case things do not have to throw, throw away or come back for them again. When choosing a vehicle, look at online reviews and how long the company has been moving and transporting things to another city. Don’t take any chances and choose experienced people with good reviews.

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Termination of contracts at the old place of residence

It is necessary to terminate all contracts at the former address and settle debts, if any. Close your accounts with the company that provided you with internet, cable, telephone, etc. It is best to do this once a month or 2-3 weeks before you move. At the same time, you can take care of the internet in the new place.

Buying packing materials


To pack, you need to purchase the following materials in advance: tape, cardboard boxes, scissors, bags, bubble wrap for fragile items, stretch wrap, and possibly rope, paper, and garbage bags.

Packing and labeling household items

When the whole family moves to another city, you will have a lot of different things. Therefore, it is better to pack them by room: things and clothes from the nursery, from the kitchen, from the bedroom. Pack them, make the necessary notes – write on the box, what is inside, and where to carry it when unloading at the new place.

When putting things in boxes, follow the rule of thumb: put the heaviest things down and the lightest things up. You can use vacuum bags for clothes, which will save you a lot of space in the boxes. Label boxes of dishes, glass, and anything fragile very brightly. Don’t mix different items – books and bottles of cosmetics, food and documents. Use stretch wrap for bottles of liquids so nothing spills during shipping.

Documents and valuables


Place all of your documents in a separate folder: your Russian passport, passport, driver’s license, marriage or divorce certificate, and birth certificates of your children. If you are moving into a new apartment after purchasing it, don’t forget the sales contract and other documents that confirm your ownership rights.

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Box of Essentials

After a long move, you won’t have time to look for hand soap, towels, and slippers – all of these items should be placed in a separate bag in advance, which you should take as carry-on luggage. Also put a bottle of water, a toothbrush, and a basic set of home clothes in there. The essentials, valuables, and documents are always best transported by yourself and not given to the movers – this way they can accidentally get lost in the pile of other things, and you will have to look for them for a long time.

Tips for careful transport over long distances

Despite the maximum speed allowed on highways, it is best to drive no more than 70-80 km/h. Think in advance about the truck’s approach to your new place of residence – whether it will be possible to drive right up to the front door, whether you need to order a pass, etc.