5 Common Myths About Children’s Night Lights

There is a time when every child needs to adapt to sleeping with the door closed, meaning there won’t be any outside light coming into the room. This can be pretty difficult for our little ones, and we need to give them at least some illumination so they are not scared. The best way to do this is with a nightlight, and there are a lot of different opinions when it comes to these devices. Keep on reading to learn some common myths about children’s night lights, and find out if they are the best choice for your kids.

1. They are bad for the eyes

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The first myth and concern that we are going to talk about is that these illumination devices are going to harm your kid and they are going to damage their vision. This myth originated decades ago, and many parents started to believe that unless the room is completely dark, the eyes of the child will not properly develop. There were a lot of rumors that these devices will lead to myopia and that your little one will suffer the consequences throughout their whole life.

However, many studies have proved that there is no correlation between any eye diseases that may occur in children and night lights, so there is nothing that you should fear when thinking about investing in these products.

2. They will disrupt the sleeping pattern

Everyone wants their child to sleep soundly throughout the night, and as parents, we dream of a day where we can sleep for more than a few uninterrupted hours. When our children don’t get the needed rest, we try to look for the reason why this is happening, and we try to put blame on anything and everything that could affect our little ones. One of those things is the night lights, and some people have said that if the child cannot sleep soundly, then the reason for that is the illumination in their room.

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This is not correct, and the truth is actually the opposite. Many children improve their sleep patterns after the parents implement these devices in their rooms, and they feel less anxious about having to spend the night alone. When purchasing the right device for your needs, make sure you opt for dimmable devices so that you can slowly teach your child to fall asleep with less illumination and not just bright lights.

3. They are unsafe

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Being a parent means that you are going to be constantly afraid about the safety and wellbeing of your little ones, and you are going to imagine the worst possible scenarios about anything and everything. We try to predict what could happen so that we can prevent anything bad from happening to our kids. This means that with time, we are going to start imagining things and creating something over nothing.

A myth that has been going around for a long time is that these devices are going to cause a fire in your home, and if you put them near your little ones, they can get burned. There is no truth in this, and today’s devices are made in a way that they are perfectly safe for you to use all the time without the risk of the device overheating.

As you can see on websites like myluxeve.com, these products are made to help you improve the wellbeing of your little ones, and they are made of acrylics and powered by either battery or USB, meaning they are completely safe to use at all times.

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4. It doesn’t matter which type of light you use

Now let’s talk about a valid concern that many new parents have – will any type of light be suitable for their kids. If you have heard that it does not matter what kind of device you get for your little one, then you’ve been talking to someone who knows nothing about the way different lights affect us.

If you are looking for an illumination device that is going to soothe your children and help them sleep better then you need to steer away from devices that cast any cool lights, and you should stick just to the warm ones. This means that if the product is casting blue lights, then you should not purchase it, instead you should opt for items that cast yellow, orange, or red-toned glow.

5. They won’t do anything to soothe the child

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We all know that babies don’t really understand the concept of fear until they are about two years old, but after that, many toddlers feel anxious at night, and they need to be soothed. As parents, we know that we cannot sleep with our little ones all the time, and we need to teach them how to overcome their fears and grow into strong individuals. However, this does not mean that you should just brush off the feelings that your toddler has, and you need to help them feel better and more protected.

Another myth connected to these illumination devices is that they are not going to do anything to help your children when they feel anxious. This cannot be further away from the truth. The night lights can really help when it comes to separation anxiety, and they can help your child sleep better at night. If you are looking for something that will distract your little one from all the fears they may have, you should opt for a soothing illumination device that projects different shapes that your child can focus on.

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There are many other myths that come with night lights and how they affect your little ones. Note that at the end of the day, every child is different and some may love these devices while others may not be able to fall asleep when there is something illuminating their room. See what your kids are comfortable with, and remember that it is better to slowly introduce them to darkness than to force your kids to sleep with the lights off. When choosing the right type for your needs, know that there are a lot of different designs and models that you can also customize to make special and unique.