Obtain an Investor Visa to Brazil

Many of those who look at the military conflicts in the Middle East and in the center of Europe start thinking about moving further away from both places, and Brazil seems to be a suitable destination. It is located far enough from the epicenter, and it is very friendly to foreigners. Foreign investors are especially welcome as they can easily obtain a residence permit by buying real property in the country or investing in a business project. Brazil offers an immigration program called Visa de Investidor em Propriedade no Brasil with really attractive conditions. In this post, we will discuss the requirements you will have to meet and the steps to take to obtain a Brazilian visa.

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Legal Residence in Brazil: Requirements

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You will need to invest in Brazilian business or real estate to qualify for the visa. Let’s look at the common requirements you will have to meet:

  • Legal origin of the funds you invest. You will need to provide a document that confirms that you obtained the funds you are going to invest from legal sources from outside Brazil.
  • Applicant’s credibility. You will need to submit a clean police report issued in the countries of your recent citizenship and residence.
  • Own funds only. You cannot use loaned funds to invest in Brazilian real estate or business. You will need to prove that the funds belong to you.
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Visa for Business Investors

Let’s look at the requirements for this category of investors:

  • You will have to invest R$ 150,000 (30,000 US dollars) if you support an innovative business that can contribute to the local economy. You will also need to create at least 10 jobs for the locals (Brazilian citizens or residents).
  • If you make investments in an ordinary business, you will be required to contribute R$ 500,000 (about 100,000 US dollars).

No matter which option you choose, you will need to prove that you have enough money to sustain yourself and your family members if you decide to apply with dependents. In addition, you will also have to prove that you have a place to live in Brazil (you can buy or rent it).

Investments in Real Property

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If you decide to invest in Brazilian real estate, you will need to put in at least R$1,000,000. You can choose any kind of property:

  • Land plots for construction purposes
  • Houses, villas, apartments, and any other residential property
  • Trade centers, offices, logistics complexes, manufacturing facilities, and any other commercial property
  • Agricultural lands/facilities

There is one more choice you will have to make:

  • Investing in construction in progress
  • Investing in a ready-to-use piece of real estate

You can contribute 30% less if you invest in the Northern/Northeastern regions of Brazil.

You can become a co-owner by buying a piece of real estate – or you can buy several facilities. All you need is to reach the amount required to qualify for the investor visa.

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Including Dependents in the Application

Here is a list of family members you can include in the application for the Brazilian investor visa:

  • Spouse
  • Parents
  • Children up to 24
  • Grandchildren
  • Siblings under 21
  • Grandparents

You will have to submit the documents that prove your relations with the above persons. In addition, each dependent must provide a clean police record.

An Optimal Solution for Investors

If we look at the whole matter technically, the lowest threshold is R$150,000 (30,000 US dollars). However, real figures are different, and most foreigners invest 140,000 US dollars in real estate or 100,000 US dollars in business.

No matter which route you choose, expect your application for the Brazilian investor visa to be processed for 4 to 6 months after you provide a complete package of required documents and contribute the necessary amount to qualify.

Investor Visa Acquisition: Procedure

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Investment in Real Estate

You will need to buy the property before you submit the package of documents to apply for the investor visa. As soon as the deal is over, you will have to provide a document to confirm that you have transferred the necessary amount to the property seller’s real estate in Brazil.

Investment in Business

An investor needs to set up a company in Brazil, open a bank account, and transfer the required amount there. Following that, your business plan will have to be submitted to the Ministry of Labor. You will be eligible for the visa after your business plan has been approved and the legal origin of your funds as well as your intent to invest in the Brazilian business has been confirmed.

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You can apply for the investor visa on your own or hire a local lawyer who will take all the administrative steps on your behalf.

Investor Visa Extension

You can extend your investor visa and use it as a permanent residence permit – however, you cannot withdraw from the investment in this case. Here are the main additional requirements:

  • Investment in real estate. If you choose that option, the requirements are not very tight: the owner has to spend 14 days in Brazil every two years. You can divide this term into as many parts as you want to: you can theoretically visit the country 14 times and spend 1 day there!
  • Investment in business. When you submit a visa application, you will have to provide evidence that the company you are financing continues functioning and employs local people. You will also have to spend at least 183 days in Brazil.

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