Top 10 Outdoor Activities In New Zealand

Many people take outdoor activities for various reasons. Be it for spiritual journeys, overall physical wellbeing, and outdoor exercises. Outdoor activities like kayaking, rowing, and mountain climbing especially bring us closer to nature. These activities also improve mood, lighten stress and guard against depression.

The country of New Zealand is one of the most scenic places on the continent and the world generally. Even though it has a small landmass, the whole of New Zealand offers endless adventure and epic outdoor activities that can only be found in the country. You can enjoy outdoor activities ranging from off-road driving, skating, heli-skiing, and rowing among others.

Ten Things You Need to Try Before You Leave New Zealand

In 2017, the New York Times listed New Zealand as one of the best countries to visit on the planet. This article is about the top 10 outdoor activities in New Zealand, and you are welcome to an amazing ride.



Cycling is one of the Top things to do in New Zealand when you visit. The country has the most beautiful scenic routes on the planet. This outdoor activity will offer you the chance to discover and enjoy the numerous routes in the country. When cycling in New Zealand, you get to pedal around the thousands of trails that surround the country. Cycling gives you the chance to avoid the crowded highways and become one with nature. You can cycle your way down the Alps Mountain towards the shores of the east coast.



New Zealand is laden with several rushing rivers which makes kayaking in the country a must-do activity. Several places allow for kayaking in the country. From the Western Bay of Lake Taupo where you would be delighted to view the ancient Maori rock carvings. To the Abel Tasman National Park which provides the best kayaking region in the world. The north end of the South Island is another wonderful place to enjoy kayaking.

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Rushing rivers, shallow and peaceful lakes, and dangerous fiords all around the country make kayaking fun and a worthwhile adventure. Don’t be surprised if you’re accompanied by curious wildlife on your kayaking experience.



Canyoning is one of the outdoor activities that make New Zealand a wonderful destination. Canyoning involves leaping into a rapid mountain stream and following the high-speed downstream movement of the water. This activity involves leaping off waterfalls, sliding down rocks, scrambling down cliff faces, and canyon diving. Canyoning is carried out in the remote mountainous areas of the country. Places like Canterbury, Auckland, and Coromandel are perfect for canyoning because of the topography of the areas.
This outdoor activity is not for the faint of heart. You can jump directly from a mountain or slide down a rope from a high vantage point.

White Water Rafting


As much as water sports go, white water rafting offers all the thrills and excitement of water sports. This activity involves paddling down a fast-moving river on inflatable rafts. It is a team sport as it involves a group of people working together to get the raft down the river. The speed at which the raft goes depends on the weather conditions. When the sky is pouring, white water rafting becomes treacherous as the speed of the river is increased. But rafting can be very peaceful when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. To enjoy white water rafting, pick your team, put on your life jacket, and paddle down the Kaituna Waterfalls.

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Scuba Diving


When scuba diving is mentioned, one of the best places to scuba dive in the world is in Zealand. The Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve which houses the Riko Riko is a marvelous place to engage in scuba diving. In this location, you get to see underwater wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. From colorful marine animals to dolphins and beautiful underwater plants. Scuba diving in New Zealand is a must-do outdoor activity when you visit New Zealand.



Skydiving is one of the most thrilling outdoor activities in the world. The rush of air around your body, the earth moving as if coming to meet you, and the excitement of jumping out of an airplane. Skydiving in New Zealand is a whole new feeling entirely. Falling towards the earth at the speed of several miles per hour and experiencing the beautiful landscape and lush vegetation of the country is a thing of beauty.



This activity is for hardening explorers who are looking for the optimum thrill. Pure adrenaline and unconventional freedom is a feeling you would feel when heli-skiing. It involves taking a helicopter ride to the top of an ice-covered mountain peak. After getting to the top, you will now ski down the side of the mountain with gravity and great wind behind you. Heli-skiing is an expensive outdoor activity, and it is worth every penny.



Zorbing might be strange to your ears, but it is an awesome outdoor activity. The first site of zorbing in the world is New Zealand. And it involves rolling down a hill while in a giant plastic ball, affectionately known as an orb. The plastic ball can be with or without water. Zorbing is an extreme sport, and it is perfect for individuals that want to go to the extreme.

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Ice Climbing


New Zealand is adorned with glaciers and iced-up waterfalls. And this makes the country perfect for ice climbing. You get to climb a wall of ice using crampons and axes. In New Zealand, you can climb up a frozen waterfall. Several daring adventurers use helicopters to reach halfway up the mountain before completing the task with axes and crampons.



Of all the outdoor activities on this list, hiking is the cheapest and it promises a boatload of fun. Put on your hiking boots, strap your survival backpacks, and everything else you need to survive on the trails. Hiking gives you the chance to explore and experience the country and its beautiful scenery. Hiking gives you the chance to decide what is best for you. You can walk for as long as you can. The limit to hiking is you. There are numerous hiking tracks in the country which are well maintained and structured.

Bottom Line

New Zealand is a location that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Several other outdoor activities you can do include bungy jumping, canoeing, zip-lining, off-road driving, caving, and jet boating. Are you ready to take the journey? You can check out this website for more information.