5 Outdoor Heating Options for Entertaining

Entertaining in the home has taken on new dimensions to incorporate the outdoor area into a planned entertaining space. Alfresco spaces are now designed to mimic or extend the aesthetic of the interior living room to the outside, with comfort and enjoyment dictating the outcome. Warmth is a factor of comfort, and outdoor heating is also an essential consideration.

One of the main drawbacks of entertaining outside was the temperature. Even in the summer, the night would often be chilly, at best, or cold. Wood fires assembled on the lawn or in crudely constructed pits made up all the options for outdoor heating. For this reason, many homeowners kept away from outdoor heating to avoid sacrificing their well-tended grass for some warmth. The advent of various outdoor heating options has eliminated the need to choose between their guests’ comfort and the state of their lawn.

Here are some options described at www.sydneyheaters.com.au blog on you can consider for your outdoor area:

Outdoor Fireplace

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This option adheres closely to the idea that a fireplace is a go-to option when providing warmth to a seating area. Outdoor fireplaces are not very different from those installed in the interior of the home. They are just as rustic and inviting, perhaps even more so as the smoke is not confined to an enclosed space, making it less bothersome.

The main advantage of this option is that you will get a unique ambient in your backyard, where you can enjoy with your family and friends even during colder days. Be sure to use wood that will emit less smoke to make the ambient more joyful.

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Moreover, you can organize interesting events, storytelling with kids, have a drink with your friends, cook marshmallows, or install additional barbeque and make this spot the main one for gathering with family.

The main reason why people choose wood or coal is the unique ambient that you can get from this option. It can be more challenging to keep the fire and maintaining the place safe and clean, but you will get the most in terms of design.

Gas Heaters

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Gas heaters are becoming as popular as traditional wood-burning heaters. However, they have one significant advantage over wood heaters. Lighting a gas heater requires nothing more than the flip of a switch. Conversely, wood heaters demand the effort of placing the wood correctly, lighting the flint and hoping the wood catches, then enduring the smoke. The convenience of gas heaters often edges their preference over other heaters.

This is especially popular for gardens and backyards with outdoor furniture. In case that you live in an area with great difference in temperatures over years, this will help you to enjoy in the garden over winter. Besides the heaters, be sure to add a reliable cover.

The main benefit is that it can quickly reach the desired temperature, you can simply replace the tank. Most models have a convenient design. Also, it is a much cheaper solution when compared to other types.

The advantage of choosing electrical heating devices is simplicity since you don’t have to bother with replacing the gas tank or adding wood all the time. Also, it is more affordable than other options. However, you will need an expert to install this system.

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Electric Heat Strips

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They may sound unconventional, but electric heat strips are very effective. Electric strips are laid around a specified area, and their wattage is calibrated to the size of the space. They can be used as a secret weapon by warming a space evenly rather than radiating warmth that only extends to the area immediately around the heater.

This advantage can allow you and your guests to spread out more and move freely around the alfresco site, enjoying themselves, rather than having to huddle in one spot and staying there to remain warm. Their primary disadvantage is that installing electric heating strips can be costly. On the other side, it can be very useful if you have a cover with electric installations.

Patio Heaters

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Patio heaters are commonly used by bars and restaurants that have patio areas available for patrons to use. They are stylish and can be considered part of the decor. Patio heaters are powerful and generate enough heat to keep everyone close by warm and cosy.

Also, the great thing about patio heaters is that you can choose from a wide selection of designs. This is very popular solution for bars that have open gardens, where you can enjoy even during colder days.

Depending on the size of your garden and number of chairs and tables, you will have to determine the right model and size. In case that you have only one table and a couple of chairs, one average model will be just enough to keep you warm during winter.

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Pit Fires

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Pit fires designs have evolved. They are no longer just holes in the ground where a fire is built. You can now design your fire pit to suit your tastes. Pit fires don’t have to use wood as a fuel source. Much cleaner and straightforward to operate are gas pit fires. They invite people to gather around and enjoy the warmth and the company without contending with smoke.

Outdoor entertaining has taken on new and exciting prospects. With an abundance of options for outdoor heating, you do not have to choose between form and function. You can make use of your outdoor area while remaining confident that it looks perfect.

The main reason why you should consider this option is that it can last for a much longer time. However, it is important to hire professionals who can build this pit in the right way to have enough stability and increased lifespan. It will improve the visual features of your garden, you can have a warm place in your backyard, and even prepare food on it.

The Bottom Line

The most important is to never rush with your decision. Before choosing the preferred model, focus on its efficiency, and then on the design. For example, a gas or electric models can work all the time and provide more heat with less effort. Still, if you want to add something traditional on your patio or garden, fire pit is the most attractive solution. If you don’t have any experience in building it, be sure to hire experts. For people with no experience, the best solution is gas.