Popular Handicapping Strategies Every Bettor Should Know

You can place your bets in any bookmakers you want without considering strategies or just taking a bet out of random guesses. However, if you like to increase your chances of winning your bets, this would not help you. Indeed, you would not let your hard-earned money be placed at such a high risk, don’t you?

Hence, many bettors have handicapping strategies that work well to achieve the best winning odds and obtain huge amounts of profits. To be successful in betting like the other bettors, you should take some time to analyze your bet by researching key pieces of information from reliable resources. Here’s a reliable site for betting that you could also visit, bookmakers.eu. To get started, here are some popular handicapping strategies every bettor should know.

Public Betting

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You should take note that the public or fans likely determine which side of the game is for or against them. And sometimes, they tend to bet on their favorite teams. Thus, you would find these teams as overvalued or popular in most betting markets. However, these favored teams are not guaranteed to have the winning odds. But also, it is difficult to bet against these popular teams.

Bookmakers would want to balance the bets to minimize risk. They may place half of the bet for both teams, or they mostly move the lines. Thus, you need to watch the line in favor of the public, and if you notice that the value goes far away from this line, you should bet against the public.

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Line Movements

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This kind of handicapping strategy allows you to have the best options to pick the best price on a bet. To be able to pick at options, you have to look for lines at different bookmakers. With this, you can choose which line has the best price or would bring you great odds of winning a huge amount of profit.

However, most bookmakers intend to have the same lines with each other so that bettors can not take advantage of picking the best price. But it is not all the time. Thus, you should be observant of these kinds of opportunities in the betting market.

Trend Handicapping

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Trend handicapping is one of the most prevalent handicapping strategies. This can be simple and easy. All you have to do is consider the factors that would likely affect the performance of the teams or a player and some information that would hint about which team would likely win in the next game.

Thus, if you find that a team has good performance in the previous game and it’s been on a trend, you should bet on it. Conversely, if the condition has almost no value to bettors, you should bet against it. Also, Online Casinos would place desirable odds on them which may look like a favorite. This handicapping strategy requires you to observe the latest news and updates about the game to determine the trends.

Matchup Analysis

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Matchup analysis can be complex and requires you a lot of time. Thus, if you are willing to extend your time to execute this analysis, it is fine. In this strategy, you need to take down some relevant information such as the strengths and weaknesses of both opposing teams, edges to be noticed, offenses, and the teams’ defenses.

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In this way, you can determine the best odds in the game. On the other hand, if you do not want to make a matchup analysis on your own or don’t have enough time to make one, you can find some matchup analysis data from experts on many websites. However, if you want to rely on your analysis, you should make your own.


Handicapping strategies help bettors to determine the best odds or the team that will most likely win in the game. There are a lot of handicapping strategies. However, whether the strategies are effective or not depends on the bettor as every bettor is different. If you are a beginner in the betting market and would like to apply handicapping strategies, you should explore more strategies as you see fit.

Handicapping strategies will also require your time to gather relevant and reliable information to increase your chance of winning. However, you should also take note that handicapping strategies do not guarantee you the exact outcomes.