5 Most Popular Sports To Bet On In Australia in 2024

Betting has always been a crucial part of Australia’s culture and history. Its popularity has only increased in recent years as more and more people have started dabbling their hands in gambling. If done on a healthy basis, gambling can actually turn out to be quite a fun pastime for any Australian to enjoy.

According to www.captaingambling.com, Australians love sports betting the most, and there is no surprise why! Australia is a country with the most diverse sports. Yet, for all its diversity, almost all of them are immensely popular to a number of audiences. This makes Australia one of the best spots for sports betting.

However, with the enormous number of sports present, it can quickly become confusing to choose a select few for betting. This confusion can quickly discourage a potential gambler from betting. This website can help you, australiansportsbetting.net.

That is exactly why we are writing this article today to resolve this issue. We’ll deliver you an extensive list of popular sports you can consider betting on. Due to their popularity, these sports will always have a decent fan following, high stakes, and be more exciting in general.

1. Australian Football

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Football is one of the few sports that has separate renditions for separate countries. Australia is no exception to this rule with their own form of football that is called “Australian Rules Football”. Words can’t describe how immensely well-known Australian Football is to the average Australian household.

Thus, it is not hard to believe that this sport has an average viewership of over 35,000 spectators! That’s absolutely monumental when you put it into statistical consideration. There is no part of this country that doesn’t love this sport passionately. It has its own league called ASL which is always popular in the country throughout the season.

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This popularity culminates into a betting scene that is exciting in its very nature and thrilling for any gambler who wishes to bet on it. If you want a thrill in each of the bets you place, look nowhere else than Australian Football.

2. Cricket

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There are only a few countries on this planet that are not aware of the Australian Cricket team’s fearsome prowess and dominance. This dominance reflects in the audience as well because cricket is one of the most loved and followed sports in Australia to date. Nothing can match the sheer excitement and pride Australians feel when they watch their favorite cricket team play on the international level.

One of the key factors for the Australian Cricket’s 5-times success in the World Cup Championships has been the profound love that cricket fans have instilled in their team. Though, even if Australia is a world-class cricket team, it still has its shares of close calls and losses. That’s why the betting scenario for cricket in Australia is enormous and versatile.

Players are always actively betting on Australian cricket matches to figure out the outcome. Because of Australia’s popularity, most of the odds are in their favor. However, this presents an excellent (but risky) opportunity of winning big if you bet on the opposite team. This chance is especially coveted during the Ashes series. Even if you don’t want to play risky, Australian cricket still has decent returns for normal matches.

3. Soccer

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Many Europeans and Asians often get confused between America’s own version of football and soccer that have gained considerable popularity. This popularity has not saved the Australian land either, where soccer is one of the most well-played sports after cricket and Australian Football.

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Soccer has its own dedicated fanbase that devotedly follows the sport’s each and every move. This fanbase is the reason why soccer stakes always contain a margin of profit if you gamble wisely. The A-league (Australian league) is the league where Australia’s most professional soccer teams compete for top rankings in the leaderboards.

This league runs from winters to late summer and ends with a glorious grand finale between two of the best teams. Even New Zealand, Australia’s neighbor, participates in the league with their own professional football team. Soccer is one of the most popular betting hubs for gamblers and it always ends up giving them profits one way or the other.

4. Horse Racing

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One of the oldest betting practices in Australia was started from Horse racing, and that reality hasn’t waned over the years because it’s still quite well-known amongst gamblers for its unbeatable profit potential. It used to be a sport for the upper and richer classes of Australian societies but that reality has progressively vanished and now all sorts of gamblers and players dabble their hands in horse racing.

All the horse racing events and programs are overviewed and regulated by the horse racing association of Australia called Racing Australia. Thus, you can be assured that you are betting on a sport that is regulated by authorities. The lucrative amounts of profits you can get from horse racing are what attracts so many gamblers towards it. Gamble wisely in healthy proportions and you are sure to win big one day or the other in horse racing.

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5. Basketball

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Basketball is one of the most well-sought options for betting around the world, and such is the case for Australia too. Basketball is still a budding sport in Australia but that only serves to make the matches special and memorable. These matches are the reason why many Australians love the sport and follow it with dedication.

All matches mostly happen under the National Basketball League, or NBL as it’s popularly known. Fans have their own favorite teams and their bias sometimes creates amazing opportunities for big returns. The emotion involved in the game makes every match a nail-biting spectacle. It gets even more thrilling to watch when your money is on the line.

Every Australian basketball lover would agree that the feeling you get when you bet on your favorite team and they win spectacularly is unparalleled with anything else. It also gets you amazing returns on the way as well. That’s why the betting scene for basketball in Australia always has players betting for it religiously in hopes to hit a lucky spot.


There are several sports in Australia that gamblers love betting on, and we hope this article helped you realize which and why. If it did, please consider following our website for regular updates, as it will help us out immensely.