9 Things You Need to Know About Renting a Party Bus for the First Time

The party bus is one of the best things ever! It is an opportunity to gather all your friends during important events and have a fun time to remember. Buses are great for such events because it can accommodate a really larger number of people than it could in smaller vehicles. This way you won’t have to single anyone out or opt for a discreet celebration. You will also be safe all the time, because you are as safe as possible in it.

It is safer than other vehicles for several reasons. They are driven by a professional driver and they are big enough. You can drink alcohol all the time while driving and don’t worry about drinking too much, because you don’t drive.

However, in order to have a really nice time and feel all the other benefits of a party bus, you need to adopt a few of our tips.

1. Date

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Of course, the first thing you need to know is the date for which you need a bus. Since there are different dates, the sooner you decide on one, the earlier you will book your date. It would be best to book at least a month in advance. If you decide on just one week before the event, you risk a lot. This is the time when reservations are confirmed, not scheduled. To be one hundred percent sure, you can book as much as a year in advance and you won’t go wrong. Why is it important to book a bus on time? Know that beautiful things do not happen exclusively to you. In that case, think of all the weddings, graduations and similar events that can take place on that bus. So, fight for your date and book at a much lower price. A certain period of the year can be more expensive than some others, and that is mostly during the holidays.

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2. Number of people

Of course, first of all you need to know exactly how many people will be on the bus with you. This is very important to know because of the company you plan to contact. Although a lot of people can fit in a bus, know that every carrier is different. So immediately inform the company about the number of people who will be on the bus. For example, if you have more people than a particular bus can support, you can always opt for a larger vehicle. In that case, expect higher prices.

3. Budget

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When it comes to pricing, look at your budget. This way you will avoid any additional costs as well as unpleasant surprises related to payment. Know that there are different companies and we are sure that some are cheaper than others. We also have to look at the size of the vehicle, the number of people, etc. Don’t let your plans suddenly fail but explore all available options to reconcile your options and desires. The fee structure may vary depending on needs. Check rates, cost of bills and anything else that can be added to your account.

4. Bus regulations

You must never lose sight of security, so it is important to check how the company regulates security. You will be able to do that by checking if it really meets some basic criteria. For example, check the interior of the vehicle, factory condition, technology, equipment, seat, etc. Also pay attention to safety rules, insurance, driving license standards, vehicle management, testing programs, record keeping and the like. Of course, we must not forget about safety procedures, training of experts, company requirements and passenger duties. Rules and laws vary, so if for example you want a Toronto Party Bus, you should read more about the rules in Ontario.

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5. Details of the event

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Our advice is to let the company know about all the details of the event, such as special surprises and similar things. We tell you this for several reasons. In that case, the company may meet your needs and help you make an even better surprise, but there is another side. Check if your idea can really be realized, because one thing is your expectations, the other is the services you can ask from the company. When we talk about details, we mean not only surprises but also other elements of your plan. It is definitely the location, driving distance, time, people, etc.

6. Vehicle

Opt for the right vehicle. This does not only apply to the size of the vehicle, which will depend on the number of people who plan to spend time with you. It is also important to consider different offers in order for your group of people to have great fun. You need to decide on the vehicle that will offer you the most flexibility. For example, it is not the same whether you have a bachelorette party or go to a concert. Depending on the event or concept, think about what your dream party bus will look like.

7. Drinks

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Drinks are served at each party, so choose the refreshments that will be on offer. However, different companies have different regulations. So consider the age of your guests and the rules of the company. For example, alcoholic beverages will probably not be allowed to be served to underage guests, etc.

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8. Stereo system

Another unavoidable element of any party is music. Check your music options, as you may not be happy with every stereo system you come across. Remember that music has a lot of influence on the atmosphere, so don’t miss your favorite playlist. You need to find a good enough stereo system that will bring the atmosphere to a glow!

9. The route

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When booking, you need to provide the company with route information. Also tell me if you want to go directly to a specific location or are in a better mood for a tour. Know that there is a big difference between these two options. Also let the company know if you want to stop along the way, as well as any other details of the plan.


When you decide on the right company, present all the details of a pre-planned plan. This way you will cover all the important items and have a guaranteed fun.