Robert Wiethoff Net Worth 2024

An important yet often overlooked art is the art of voicing characters in movies and TV shows. One such artist is Robert Allen Wiethoff who’s been in the American movie industry for several years. The Indiana native isn’t just giving his voices to action heroes and background narrations but also to several video games franchises. He’s one of the most recognizable voiceover artists currently working in Hollywood.

About Robert


As a young man, Robert dreamt of being an actor and left home to find opportunities in Los Angeles. However, it wasn’t something he planned in advance. Robert was in L.A. for a vacation where he got to meet people who were pursuing their dreams in the Hollywood capital. This prompted him to make his move permanent, join acting programs and chase his career in the industry.

Even after lots of struggles and hard work, none of his auditions earned him substantial work. This initial run put him in a state of severe disappointment, however, his perseverance paid off and he finally received a call back from a, interestingly, gaming corporation. While it seemed random, it changed his destiny & his career.

Early Life And Family

Rob Wiethoff was born on September 15th, 1976 in Seymour, Indiana. He was born in a relatively privileged family with his dad being a doctor. Robert himself was a good student and completed his education with a degree in General Studies from Indiana University.

In his very first project from 2009, Rob was a feature voiceover artist in the video game Red Dead Redemption. Following the debut, he returned to the same franchise for the motion picture version. This was truly a breakthrough, as he was voicing the protagonist John Marston. Publisher for this project was the infamous Rockstar Games Inc.

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While Rob likes to keep his life private, we do know that he’s married to Tayler Wiethoff. The two are parenting twin boys, Greyson and Clifton.

His Career And Major Milestones

Working in the Red Dead Redemption series as the voice of the lead, John Marston, was surely his biggest career highlight. Alongside the main game, he also featured in its expansion “Undead Nightmare”, before returning for Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018.

It was impossible to beat that high and proved to be. He continued working for different projects but not of the scale of the RDR franchise. On a list of the most popular voiceover artists in video games, Rob ended up getting the 4th position.

In 2013, Rob Wiethoff contributed to Codename Cygnus being the voice of Lazarus. At this moment, Rob is perceived to be practically retired at 44 but he keeps coming back for roles that he chooses.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Robert Wiethoff

The reason Rob left the entertainment industry early is that he is a dedicated family man. As a father and a husband, he felt the family had achieved financial stability. He still works in industrial construction.

As a young artist, he also rejected a few offers in acting because he didn’t feel he was a good fit.

While he was struggling to get a job in Los Angeles, he worked as a bartender to earn himself a living and maybe meet a few important people along the way.

Even after his success in the gaming industry, Robert soon turned down life in Hollywood and returned to his roots without the greed for more.

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Net Worth

Robert Wiethoff might not be an active artist as per, but he did rake in a fortune at his peak. The latest reports suggest that his net worth is somewhere between US $1 Million and US $5 Million. Rob has generated a majority of that revenue from his inclusion in the Red Dead Redemption franchise.